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What Does Snake Taste Like? All You Need To Know!

There are many unusual dishes people like to eat, and in some cases, yes, even Snakes are eaten and served. This isn’t a traditional dish to eat. For the most part, most people will be puzzled at the mere suggestion of eating an animal like that. But, say that you are curious and are asking, “what does a snake taste like?” Well, as you would expect, it is pretty complicated, and varies.

Now, another thing people wonder, is where exactly is the snake eaten? Well, Snake is actually consumed in China and is quite popular. It is claimed to improve the health of the person eating it; it also has other nutrients that can reduce fatigue and make you stronger. The validity of that is always in question, but it’s a fairly common dish in China, and some parts of the USA.

What does Snake taste like?

So, you’re wondering what does snake tastes like. You probably think it tastes bad or something, right? Well, the truth is, snakes don’t exactly have a remarkable flavor at all. It is neither bad nor is it anything special. For most people that have tried it, it is somewhere between a chicken and a fish. This means that it is rich in protein, and the general flavor isn’t all that different from what you tried before. The rattlesnake is actually eaten in many parts of the USA. It is grilled and served. There are meat stores that will actually sell you Snake meat; it is usually pretty expensive, and not really something anyone recommends.

However, in some parts of the USA that have swamps in the region, you will see that people actually cook snakes at various community fairs. Many people actually enjoy it in the form of barbeque. Still tho, it is always best to make sure that the snake is properly cooked; it is honestly better to avoid eating the snake at all. There’s nothing special about it. You can rather spend your time and money munching on some chicken instead.

It is obviously understandable if you are curious and want to try it out; but, for the most part, you aren’t going to get something very special out of this, and it’s very overrated. Now, there are some people that think there is some sort of symbolic value to eating a snake, but that’s a subjective thing. Scientifically speaking, this just a protein high dish.

What does crocodile taste like? – Another reptile!

Now that we are discussing reptiles, let’s discuss both alligators and crocodiles as well. First, let’s talk answer the question, what does crocodile taste like? Well, you guessed it right, it tastes a lot like chicken. This is not a joke, but yes, there are some differences too. First, the meat is a bit chewy and takes some effort to really break down. The texture of the meat is hard, and it might take a while to fully cook too. Now, compared to snakes, the crocodile meat is actually pretty good, and while not as good as chicken, there is some value in eating it.

Again, reptile meat is extremely overrated, and the hassle of finding a place that serves it, and where you can eat it, is a lot. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t try, or if it is unsafe to eat. It is completely safe to eat, given it is cooked properly, and the place you are eating it from serves it well. Just like snake meat, if you are interested in buying this for yourself, it is available at some meat stores as well, though it might be hard to find a shop that has it. However, again, this is expensive if you choose to buy it from a meat shop, and might be cheaper to eat at some fair or a restaurant that actually serves it.

What does alligator taste like? – The last one!

Lastly, anyone interested in reptiles has probably also wondered, what does alligator taste like? And quite frankly, based on what most people who had the opportunity to eat it, can’t really tell the difference between both reptiles. It is a high protein food and has a lot of chewy bits that will take you a while to eat if it isn’t cooked properly. Though, one difference is that there are smaller alligators too, and you will find them in quite an abundance in the swampy areas of the USA. People still hunt these, and the meat is sold locally, and at various meat shops.

However, again, it should be noted that alligator meat isn’t cheap either, and can sell for around $22 a pound in many markets. That isn’t economical at all, and if you are already hungry for some good meat, you can simply go for chicken or beef; both are cheaper, and have far more variety when it comes to the dishes it can be used for.


So, now that we have looked over multiple reptiles, what does a snake taste like? And the answer is simple, nothing remarkable. It has qualities that can be found somewhere between chicken and fish, and the price and effort that goes into finding and buying snake meat just aren’t worth it. It is rich in protein and has a chewy texture that might actually be a bit off-putting for some people. Snakes are eaten in some parts of the USA, but mainly in China, where it is considered a dish of importance, and supposedly provides strength to the eater.

Now, similar to snakes, there are other reptiles that people consume too, including both alligators and crocodiles. The taste in both these isn’t quite special either, and the price is quite high. The availability of their meat isn’t that easy either; you will need to visit very specific meat stores that sell it. This is why snake meat doesn’t come highly recommended even though it has seemed to attain a cult-like status.

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