What Does Scotch Taste Like

What Does Scotch Taste Like? Brands And Process Of Making Scotch

Scotch is made in Scotland, normally from malted grain or normal grain. The province where it originated usually identifies it such as Speyside, Highlands and Islay. So, what does scotch taste like?  Have you ever tasted scotch before? Well, the truth is the taste differs depending on certain factors; for example, the type of water used, the place distillate is reserved, the kind of barrels used the skills of the individual operating equipment, etc.

Scotland’s weather also contributes to the peculiar and specific taste of each scotch whiskey besides the factors we have mentioned. You may be wondering why it is called scotch whiskey.  The truth is, in case you make the whiskey in a different place, you name it simply whiskey or after the region/country, it is produced.  This article will let you learn and understand the taste of scotch whiskey.

Different Scotch Brands and Their Distinct Taste

The following are different scotch brands and their distinct taste.

1. Ardbeg 10 Year Old

What does scotch taste like especially ardbeg scotch? It tastes like tobacco, licorice and coffee with a smoky flavor. This flavor is because of the peat used in dehydrating the malt. Other factors are the soil where the scotch did mature and the water used in distillation as well.

2. Chivas Regal 12 year old

This scotch has a blended taste drinkers appreciate it. Chivas Regal utilizes Speyside malt which produces a combination of herbs, ripe apple, honey, and vanilla flavor.

3. Robert Burns Single Malt

This scotch whiskey originates from Isle of Arran in Scotland. The taste of this scotch is honey and fruit. You can season it on the rocks or not.

4Ballantine’s Scotch whisky

This Scotch whisky is smoothly blended and tastes just like vanilla. 

5. Glenlivet 15 year old

This scotch originates from Scotland northeastern part. It tastes like spice and sweet almond.

6. Johnnie Walker

The scotch whiskey with the gold-label reserve is a creamy and smooth. It originates from speyside regions and Highlands. It has a dark fruit and delightful vanilla taste.

7. Lagavulin 16 year old

This scotch is distilled in Islay southern island. The place is rich in peat therefore the scotch acquires a strong Smokey taste.

8. Macallan Single Malt 

Macallan is from Scotland, northeast. It has a creamy taste with aroma of wood spice and dried fruits.

9. Highland Park 18 Year Old

Highland Park 18 year old has an oil and smoky flavor. Some people describe the flavor as a tasty fruit salad blended with sweet honey. What does scotch taste like to you?

10. Kilchoman Sauternes Cask Finish 2012

Kilchoman Distillery goes down in history as the only farm distillery to plant and grow its barley in Islay. It has buttery essences and smokey taste.  Kilchoman is 100% malted.

Making Scotch; The General Process

Step 1: Get Together the Barley

Select the finest barley and put it in water, then spread it on a mat for malting. Make sure you turn the barley regularly to allow them germinate. Repeat this act for 7 days.

Step 2: Dehydrate the Green Malt 

Transfer the germinated barley to the furnace to dry. Ensure the temperature is constantly below 70°C to preserve the present natural enzymes. If you want your scotch to have peaty taste, then you have to dry the malt with peat.

Step 3: Paste the Preparation

After the malt is dry, you can now mash it into a powder state, top up hot water thrice stirring the paste thoroughly to enable conversion of starch. You will obtain sweet wort.

Step 4: Fermenting Process

After you have obtained the wort, transfer it into a proper container after cooling it at 20°C then fermentation will begin. You can add living yeast to speed up the process. The yeast will metabolize the wort in order to produce alcohol. The process will take two days where congeners and carbon dioxide will be produced too. Eliminate the carbon dioxide.

Step 5: Distilling Process

Under this stage, the liquid is purified by distillation. There is need for special equipment so that you can extract the gasified alcohol and later condense it into liquid state again. The initial distillation process will separate the alcohol directly from the yeast or any other products. The second part of distillation, the formed solution is purified further to produce approximately 68% volume of alcohol. A spirit safe, which is a set apart container, is used to collect the distillate. The government agency appoint by the Scotland government must approve the safety of the scotch whiskey.

Step 6: Maturity of the Distillate

After the government agency accepts the distillate, the distiller machine transports it to oak casts to enable maturation. The government agency of Scotland allows minimum of 3 years for maturation. However, single malts are allowed minimum of 8 years. 2% of the whiskey is allowed to evaporate from the distillery each year. This stage allows the conversion of alcohols into esters and other products to improve the aroma and flavor of scotch. This is the taste of scotch, which you will enjoy.


Scotch whiskey is made in Scotland. Whiskey is named according to the region or country. if  a whiskey is made in England, then the whiskey can be named as England whiskey.  What does scotch taste like? The taste varies with the brand, you can taste Ardbeg 10-year-old, Chivas Regal 12 year old, or John Walker and you will realize that their taste are far different. In conclusion, the taste is affected by the Scotland’s weather among other factors like the kind of water used, the place distillate is reserved, the kind of barrels used the skills of the individual operating equipment, etc.

John walker is one of my favorite whiskey because of it has a dark fruit and delightful vanilla taste. Vanilla is actually my favorite flavor. This article has gone through the brand and process of making scotch whiskey in order for you to understand the taste of Scotland whiskey.

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