What Does Gamey Taste Like

What Does Gamey Taste Like? The Answer Will Surprise You!

We are all accustomed to consuming a certain type of food; food that is characteristic of the place where we live. We have some standards for what foods we should eat; this is especially true when it comes to meat and meat products. We are used to eating meat from animals that are classified as domestic. Pork, beef, chicken, turkey. These are the meats that are constantly on our tables. But there are also people who like to experiment with flavors and try dishes that are not every day.

This is the case with those who from time to time want to enjoy the taste of the game. The other day I met a friend who told me that he was hunting and that they then ate game meat. So, it was logical to ask him what does gamey taste like. Well in this text I will present you his answer! 

A Definite Answer to the Question What Does Gamey Taste Like

What Does Gamey Mean?

So that we can answer the question what does gamey taste like; we must first ask ourselves and give an answer to what does gamey mean? If you take a look at the many dictionaries, everyone will answer that gamey means the smell or taste of the game. This is not particularly helpful, especially if you have never smelled or tasted a game in your life. This is why many people also define gamey as an unusual smell or taste of food; i.e the smell and taste are different from the standard smell and taste you have noticed in your food. Gamey means taste and smell that is not every day, to which you are not accustomed enough in your daily life; that is why sometimes people by gamey mean spoiled food, which is not always the case. 

What is Considered to be Gamey Food?

As we have said, most people are accustomed to the meat that comes from so-called pets. We are used to the taste and smell of that meat; we consider everything that deviates from that norm to be something new and unusual. By gamey food we mean game meat, i.e meat from wild animals. The category of gamey food includes meat from deer, buffalo, elk, rabbit, wild boar, and so on.

Simply put, the meat of all those animals that are classified as wild animals fell into this category. This food is often considered a little more exotic. It is most often enjoyed by those people who enjoy going hunting. Such hunts are prepared for a long time, enjoyed in every part of the hunt, and most often what is caught is prepared as lunch. There is only wildlife in the mountains, so I think we can freely classify hunters as the biggest tasters of gamey food.

What Does Gamey Taste Like? 

We now return to the question of whose answer you started reading this text, what does gamey taste like? We have to admit that it is especially difficult to explain in words what a certain thing tastes like, but in the best possible way, I will try to convey to you the words of my friend who I met in front of someone and who started explaining to me about game meat. The most obvious difference between pet meat and game meat is that game meat has a much stronger smell and taste and also a very wild smell and taste. One word he used to explain the difference that stuck in my mind is the word metallic.

He said that the game meat has a metallic taste that can not be felt in the meat of domestic animals. Such differences between meats are due to the diet and the level of activity of the animals. Pets eat a variety of foods and have limited movement space, which makes their lifestyle much slower and lazier, which is one of the reasons for the large amounts of fat in the meat of domestic animals. On the other hand, we have wildlife that is found in the wild, have unlimited space to move and are constantly active, and also feed on natural foods that have no additives or possibly harmful substances.

Does Gamey Mean Spoiled Meat?

Many people when they hear the word, gamey, associate it with rotten meat that is not desirable to consume. And that is to some extent so, or to be more precise, it was so in the past. In the past, before there was a huge number of domesticated animals, people went far into the mountains to hunt and bring food for their families. There were no means of transportation then, so hunters traveled with their prey for hours and sometimes days.

There were no refrigerators that could maintain the temperature of the captured animal; so, due to the long journey and different weather conditions, the meat of the caught game could rot, have a strange taste and smell. But in the modern sense of the word, by gamey we mean game meat that is not spoiled; it simply has a stronger smell and taste than the meat we are used to.


You started reading this text to get the answer to the question of what does gamey taste like. Well, not only did you get the answer you wanted but you also got additional information that I believe will be useful to you someday. The important thing to remember is that you should always be open to new experiences, new food, and new smells. Do not hesitate. The difference that can be noticed between the meat of domestic animals and the meat of the game is exactly that metallic taste that indicates the healthy way of life that the game has. Stronger and wilder tastes indicate that you are an adventurer who has a taste for more specific things; it means that you are able to get out of the circle of comfort that you enjoy with your food.

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