What Does Elderflower Taste Like

What Does Elderflower Taste Like? Mystery Unraveled!

Let’s be a little realistic now and admit some things. Most of us were not even aware of the existence of something called elderflower until the royal family announced that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding cake would be a mixture of lemon and elderflower. The announcement sparked a flurry of reactions, often from searching the internet to find out what elderflower really is and what does elderflower taste like? What everyone was thinking was that as soon as the royal family decided that the wedding cake should be made from this plant, then it must be top-notch. 

In a very short time, there was a boom that increased the search for this plant on the Internet; it also increased its demand in stores. As soon as the elderflower is good enough for the royal family, then it will surely be perfect for us ordinary mortals. Well, if you were wondering what the elderflower really is, then you have come to the right place.

A Definite Answer to the Question What Does Elderflower Taste Like

What is an Elderflower?

First things first. By some logic of order, we first need to define what the elderflower really is so that we can explain the taste it offers us. So, elderflower is a white blossom that comes from a tree called an elderberry tree. In fact, the elderberry is a small bush which, as we said, has white flowers which are called elderflowers. The elderflowers look a lot like stars; they are surrounded by beautiful green leaves. This bush also produces small, dark berries which are being used for many things. The elderberry bush has oppositely arranged leaves; it has from 5 to 9 leaflets, and each one of them is from 5 to 30 cm long.

The elderberries bushes can be mainly found near farms and homesteads, and since these bushes are nitrogen- dependent they can be found near places filled with organic waste disposals. These bushes are also treated like signs of spring because they blossom during the months of May and June. The products of these bushes also have many medical benefits. The berries are rich in antioxidants and are also being used in reducing the time in which one person suffers from the flu.

The berries often are used in treating conjunctivitis as well; they are also used as pain relievers in the case of arthritis. The elderflowers and the dark berries from the elderberry are also used in different cuisines. A lot of people make jams, sweets, and juices from them. 

What Does Elderflower Taste Like?

What has always been very difficult for me is to explain the taste of a food or a drink. But now I will try to convey in detail the taste of the elderflower. As you can guess, because it is part of a plant, the taste of the elderflower is first defined as a floral taste. It has the herbal flavor that all edible flowers give, but there is one difference. The difference is that the taste of the elderflower is much sweeter than other flowers.

People often compare this flavor with the flavor of lavender and rose; this is absolutely wrong because the flavor of the elderflower is not so strong. Many cooks who use the elderflower in their dishes and drinks say that in fact, the taste of this plant is musky and fragrant; it is subtle but at the same time very heady. The elderflower does not have an aggressive taste that will dominate all other flavors of the dish; it has a delicate and discreet taste that is often used to enhance another flavor or to mitigate the influence of one of the flavors in the dish. Therefore, it is very likely that at some point in your life you have tried foods that contain this flower, and you were not even aware of it.

What Does Elderflower Liqueur Taste Like?

As the elderflower is used in food, so it is used in making drinks. It is very likely that once you went to a bar, you ordered from the cocktail St. Germain, you enjoyed the taste of the cocktail, and you went home satisfied. And now you will surely wonder what is strange here? Well, the interesting thing is that you drank a drink that contained elderflower; you were not even aware of it. So, what does elderflower liqueur taste like? This drink is made from citrus and cane sugar.

The elderflower is added to all this. This combination has a fruity taste, and the bitterness of the citrus spills over into the sweet taste of the elderflower. The strong fruit flavor is added to the herbal and floral flavor of the elderflower; this makes it a perfect drink that can be incorporated into the preferences of every single person. Drinks made from elderflower are perfect for summer. Just imagine that you are sitting on an exotic beach, in the background you hear the sound of the ocean waves and you enjoy a subtle floral taste that completely fits into the ambiance.


The elderflower has long been used as an additive in a variety of dishes, and in a variety of beverages. It is very likely that you have actually tasted it, but you were not aware of what it really is. One thing is for sure. We owe a debt of gratitude to the royal family for making the general public aware of the elderflower’s existence, and its benefits. Therefore, if you are fond of the subtle floral and herbal, but still sweet taste, then this is the right plant for you and your dishes and drinks.

Do not be bothered by the question of what does elderflower taste like all the time; take matters into your own hands and experience the taste of this flower yourself. What we can guarantee you is that you will not regret going on an adventure called elderflower. If this flower is something great that can be used by the royal family, then I believe that you can enjoy its taste; and, at least for a moment feel as if you were part of the royal wedding.

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