What Does Breast Milk Taste Like

What Does Breast Milk Taste Like: Sweet Liquid Gold?


Breast milk comes from the breasts of a mother. It is a source of food for a baby. The body of a woman creates the breast milk in reaction to pregnancy also the suckling of the born child. So, what does breast milk taste like? The taste is normally considered creamy and sweet with a pleasing flavor. Even so, when it happens to decide the flavors you do like and you do not, almost everyone has a varying experience. The taste is evolved over a period relying on your culture, your genetics and the diet that you are liable to in your life.

In case you spend time around lactating babies, or in case you are expecting a new baby born, it is all right to be peculiar about the breast milk taste. Continue reading so that you can have an idea of how breast milk taste like.

Factors Affecting Breast Milk Flavor

The factors affecting breast milk flavor may end up affecting your child breastfeeding habits. The child may nurse less or stop nursing at all. By understanding these factors, you may end up breastfeeding your child for longer period.


Strenuous exercise causes the accumulating of lactic acid along with perspiration saltiness on your busts. Try keeping your exercise moderate in order to reduce the effects on the milk from the breasts. In addition, ensure you wash your busts before feeding your baby to get rid of the salty taste.


Some medications may end up changing the breast milk taste. In case you start medication and realize that, your child breastfeeding habit has changes dramatically. Consult your doctor for guidance as soon as possible.

Body Products

Soaps, oils or any lotions that you apply on your busts can add contrasting flavors to the breast milk. In case you use such products on your busts, ensure you wash them before nursing your baby.


What does breast milk taste like, when you have monthly periods or pregnant again? Your baby will note a change in the taste of the breast milk but you should keep nursing him unless when the pregnancy is high risk.


What does breast milk taste like, when you have mastitis? The mastitis infection brings about salty taste to the breast milk. In case suspect you have mastitis, continue nursing your baby although he may decline to breastfeed. Consult your doctor immediately for antibiotics. 


 Smoking is one of the factors affecting breast milk flavor. Research has shown that breast milk from a person smoking cigarettes take the flavor and smell of the smoke. Avoid smoking for at least two or three hours prior to breastfeeding again.


Breast milk taste is affected by drinking alcohol. Two hours is the minimum time the alcohol takes to disappear from your body and from your busts.  You should wait for the alcohol to disappear before you start nursing your baby. Alcohol changes the taste of your breast milk.

Preserved Breast Milk

When you preserve your breast milk in a freezer, sometimes the breast milk will acquire an odor smell and a soapy taste. It is still secure to offer to your kid, but there is a possibility he will decline feeding on the milk because of the different taste.

Breast Milk Benefits to Baby

Breast milk has everything that your baby requires to grow, that is proteins, fat and vitamins. It is more digestible than any infant formula. It contains antibodies, which help in fighting off bacteria and viruses. When you breastfed your baby, the chances of having allergies or asthma are reduced.

There are lower chances of having respiratory illnesses, bout of diarrhea, and ear infections. That is if the baby is breastfed for 6 month initially without any other food. 

Another breast milk benefits to baby is the IQ scores. The child has higher IQ level later while schooling. The physical intimacy between the mother and the baby, eye contact and skin touching help your child feel secure and bond together. A well breastfed child gains the proper weight as he grows instead of gaining overweight.

Breastfeeding prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes and some type of cancers too, although the research is not yet verified.

Things to Eat So That Breast Milk Can Be much Tasty For the Baby

The following are things to eat so that breast milk can be much tasty for your baby. The following is not limited to other things that you think can add taste to breast milk.

Carrot juice

You can take carrot juice with smoothies or alone. Your baby will be getting the taste from breastfeeding.

Dried or fresh Mint

When a nursing mother eats fresh mint, the baby tastes it in the milk. Although mint does not affect the milk too much, the flavor is present after six hours immediately after absorption.

Garlic bread

Brush garlic on a toasted bread and when you are enjoying it, the infant will still enjoy it when breastfeeding.

After eating these things, what does breast milk taste like? Of course, the taste will depend on the meal.


You can try to taste breast milk. Well, what does breast milk taste like? Its normal taste is sweet and creamy but the taste may vary depending to some factors. It is advisable and very recommendable to breast-feed your infant for the first 6 months without any other infant formula. This help the baby grow health and with a high IQ level.

You should avoid doing drugs at all cost while breastfeeding because this will affect the baby. You can note the change of behavior baby, maybe declining to breastfeed or reducing the amount of suckling. You are supposed to consult the doctor immediately if the behavior persists.

Enjoy sweet meals and drinks because at last your baby will be enjoying the same sweet flavor during breastfeeding. The taste of breast milk is sweet and creamy but you have the ability to flavor it for your baby to enjoy.


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