What does Blood Taste Like

What Does Blood Taste like? What People Say

Blood is found in a human beings body or other animals; it is red in color. What does blood taste like? Metallic, that is what most of us interpret the blood taste in your mouth, but is it true? In science class, we have learned a lot about this body fluid; also, most of us know how it looks like using a microscope lens. Surprisingly, most of us have tasted the body fluid after being cut and they know the taste although each one of us can have a different taste.

The body fluid is essential to human beings for proper functioning of their system. Blood is used to transport essential materials to your body and from the body as well. An adult weight has 8% blood normally, which is 5 liters of the body fluid. Continue reading to know what blood taste like.

Reasons Why Your Mouth Tastes Blood

What does blood taste like after all and why do you fell the taste in your mouth? Some of the reasons, which are not limited to the following, can cause the taste of blood in your mouth. 

·       Dry mouth

Dryness is one of the reasons why your mouth tastes blood. Your saliva enable you recognize any taste in your mouth, so the dryness due to mouth breathing, severe asthma, dehydration causes the oral cavity in your mouth to lose the capability to sense  the taste. This may make you feel like some substances in your mouth taste like blood.

·       Bleeding gums

Your gum can bleed due to poor oral hygiene or infected tooth.  Bacteria may enter to your tooth grow up to your gum which is irritating and this may cause your gum to bleed. You should brush your teeth at least twice per day to maintain teeth health also brush your tongue. Consult the dentist in case you have some dental problems.

·       Nasal congestion

Smell and taste are related senses. In case you are having sinus problem, stuffy nose, strep throat and flu, you will find yourself incapable of smelling the food you are eating. It is possible that you will also feel the blood-like-taste during that time. Sometimes we feel the same taste when coughing.

·       Medication side effects

Some medicine leaves a metallic taste in your mouth due to the iron chemical formula in the drug. This taste fade away eventually. The medication may include steroids, antihistamines, chemotherapy, etc. The metallic taste is always interpreted as blood taste.

·       Surgery 

Some surgery leaves a blood taste in your mouth especially surgeries involving the sinuses and the mouth.

·       Stomach problems

Stomach problems are one of the reasons why your mouth tastes blood. Problems with peptic ulcers and digestion might cause odor smell and blood tastes. 

·       Biting or burning the tongue

When you hurt your tongue, you are likely to feel the blood taste in your mouth.

There are other minor reasons why your mouth tastes blood which includes;

  • Exposure to chemicals like mercury may make you feel the blood taste in your mouth.
  • In case you have a dyspepsia condition
  • Early stage of pregnancy
  • Anxiety
  • Iron overdose

Solutions to Blood Taste in the Mouth

What does blood taste like from a cut? The answer to the question is still metallic taste. Try and taste it and maybe you will have the same conclusion. Let us look at the solutions to blood taste in the mouth.

1.     Do stomach check up

In case you feel you have stomach problems which may be causing your mouth have the blood-like-taste, consult a doctor immediately. A check will help you know whether the problem is a bad sign or not. In case the problem is not much serious, the taste may be cleared by simply buying a medicine from a chemist.

2.     Oral hygiene 

Observe the hygiene of your mouth to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases which may make you feel the blood like taste. Brush properly and time to time make a visit to the dentist for check-ups. You can brush with baking soda in order to neutralize the metallic taste that you feel in your mouth.

3.     Counter check your medication 

Another solution to blood taste in the mouth. Problem is by counter checking the medicines that you are prescribed. You may like to re-examine the medication that you are given by your doctor; maybe they contain a lot of iron that may make you have the blood-like-taste.

4.     Put cinnamon and cloves in your food

5.     Change your utensils

Which Metal Does Blood Taste Like?

People say that blood taste like a metal, but what does blood taste like exactly? We agree it taste like metal but which metal does blood taste like? Blood contains hemoglobin which also contain iron. So, in case anything contains a thing in them, then it is presumed to taste more like the thing inside. So blood taste like iron, although some books say copper because iron and copper tastes almost the same. You should try and come up with a valid conclusion.


We have come across blood in our lives but some of us may not have tasted it. For those who have tasted it we can agree that blood tastes like metal. The difference in our taste is what makes us have a different answer with determining the type of metal. Since the blood contain iron, we tend to conclude that blood taste like iron. You should try tasting your blood and find out whether it is a valid answer.

Sometimes when you have a blood-like-taste in your mouth, ask yourself whether it is due to the reasons that we have listed above, if not, you are advised to visit a doctor immediately to avoid bigger problems associated to your mouth. You should brush your teeth and maintain general oral hygiene to avoid the blood taste in your mouth. Thank you for reading the article, we hope it is helpful.

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