What does alcohol taste like

What Does Alcohol Taste Like? It Depends!

Alcohol. The kind of substance some people may say they like, while others just express disgust. One of the most drank things in parties, events or other situations; no matter if they are good or bad, alcohol may be a good companion if it is taken seriously.

However, for those people that say they do not like the taste of alcohol there are not conclusive proof on why they do not like it. But that alone is not enough for exploring the different tastes and flavors some liquors could bring to the table.

Let’s find out what does alcohol taste like; if it is just a bitter thing people drink just because, or if there are in fact many variations on the flavor alcohol may have. As a bit of a disclaimer, if you are consuming alcohol, be conscious and do not overdo it. This is one of those things that deserves respect.

Do people enjoy the taste of alcohol?

In order to get an answer for what does alcohol taste like, we need to take a look on preferences. Alcohol is one of those things that you definitely do not need; however, the taste and the feeling after drinking it is what you look for. It is all about the experience. So, do people enjoy the taste of alcohol?

As most things in life, it depends! A quick check on Quora would tell you that alcohol does many things, good and bad, to your body. You need to be measured with it in order to not get “hurt” in a way. As always, all in excess is bad. 

Sometimes, the companies that produce and distill alcohol would have many products in their lineups. Some of them would be the simply most amazing thing you have ever drank in your whole life; some others would be like drinking what is left (those “piss beers” for instance).

The reason why some people like alcohol more than others is also about experience. It is easy to assume that, while most alcoholic beverage could give you nausea and vomiting on big and careless quantities, all beverages would do the same. That is not the case since all alcoholic drinks are not created equal, as noted before.

There is also the fact that we are not create equal as well. Some scientific studies have determined that the taste buds we have on our tongues are not the same from people to people. Some people would find great a bitter taste of alcohol. The others? They would be entirely disgusted by it.

Can alcohol be bitter and sweet?

Alcohol is strange in numerous ways, but more importantly in taste (that is basically why we are asking what does alcohol taste like, right?). You can get it in different forms, being vodka, whiskey, rum, beer, wine, etc. And all of those have their distinctive taste; bitter or sweet. So, can alcohol be bitter and sweet?

First up, that would be strange. But isn’t alcohol strange? Sure, you can get very sweet alcoholic drinks that would be nice from a beach party, or a meet with friends (when that happens again soon); or you can go the other way and take the strongest hit with a bitter drink to get you pumping. You can also use it to get warmer in cold; or just for showing off (because some people do after all).

The thing that dictates how bitter or how sweet an alcoholic beverage is your tongue, by using the taste buds. Depending on genetics and other factors you may encounter some particular drink of alcohol more bitter than other people would, and that is okay. 

Not only that, but any added ingredients in the mix, the time it takes to ferment; if it is cold or warm, if it was stored in certain type of container or just released from distillation; all of these could also dictate the taste of many alcoholic beverages. 

Can alcoholic drinks don’t taste like alcohol?

After having checked out what does alcohol taste like, we are giving that question a big twist and ask: Can alcoholic drinks do not taste like alcohol? Think about it: We already established that alcohol could be sweet, could be bitter and a mix of both, but what about losing that distinctive spice that alcohol has?

First of all, as implied on the question, the fact that certain alcoholic drinks do not have alcoholic taste does not mean they do not have alcohol at all. You could still be found drunk if you overdo it, especially when the magic taste disappears.

There are many liquors in the industry that are especially designed to be sweeter, and this sweetness are meant to “hide” in a way the bitterness of the alcohol. Alcohol alone (the plain form of it, ethylic alcohol) does not have any taste at all, while others like scotch whisky could taste like drinking wood, in a good way.

Some examples of alcoholic beverages that do not taste like alcohol could be the Baileys, which is one of the most well-known Irish whiskeys and taste like brewed coffee, even though it has 17 percent of alcohol on it. Another can be the Galliano, which is mostly herbs… But it has a 30% alcohol contain, and yet it tastes like something medical.


In conclusion, we have to say what does alcohol taste like: It could be anything, from sweet things you can drink with your friends and family at parties and events, to bitter ones that can make you warm in a very cold environment. It all depends.

It depends on their contain, on the way it was processed, if it has added stuff, if it was aged or distilled and sold right away, if it has certain temperature, and many other things to consider. But most importantly, it depends from person to person since two of us just are not created equal.

And finally, just because a certain alcoholic drink does not taste like alcohol it does not mean it does not have at all. In some cases, the alcohol level could be as high as in known bitter drinks. Just remember not to be excessive in alcohol consumption and, please, do not drink and drive!

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