What Do Rocky Mountain Oysters Taste Like

What Do Rocky Mountain Oysters Taste Like?

Have you just encountered some weird and strange food names that are quite intriguing so you dig deeper into it? Well, you have just found another one. Rocky mountain oysters are not like the ones you commonly know that live along the saltwater area; in fact, they all live inland! These are not real oysters or any kind of shellfishes but are particularly bull’s testicles. Yes, we know what you are thinking but you read that right!

Frequently, you see them fried on the plate looking like common fried meatballs that are covered with seasonings and flour. So, they can look pretty the same, and chances are you will just grab a bite of it without asking questions. How about the taste? What does rocky mountain oysters taste like? Why are they even called rocky mountain oysters in the first place? Consider yourself lucky because we will discuss these things with you!

Rocky Mountain Oysters – What and Why They Are Called Like That?

As mentioned, rocky mountain oysters are bull’s testicles although sheep, pigs, and bison can also be used. They are sometimes known and called as meatballs, prairie oysters in Canada, cowboy oysters, or calf fries in Oklahoma and Texas. Way back a thousand years before, people started to look for inexpensive sources of food where they realized and experimented with various cuts of meat and discovered not to waste a mammal’s testicles.

However, you may think how strange it is to be called rocky mountain oysters. Why are they called rocky mountain oysters? Apparently, bull’s testicles will not be so appealing to see on a restaurant’s menu. If bull’s testicles were listed on it, would you still want to order something like that? No one would ever dare, I guess! Thus, history has decided to make it more sound appealing by naming it after how it looks when it’s raw. Like oysters, rocky mountain oysters look really slimy.

What Does Rocky Mountain Oysters Taste Like?

Unlike what you are expecting, these are surprisingly juicy and firmer in texture. They are often compared to a taste of venison and chicken, except that rocky mountain oysters have more unique and wilder flavors in them. It is quite gamey and a little rubbery too.

Well, if you are an exotic food enthusiast, we highly suggest you try tasting this particular type of meat. They often come in a deep-fried style dish, sliced into like thick-cut fries, almost not really looking at a bull’s testicles. Hence, find a restaurant that sells rocky mountain oysters and find out the taste yourself. Don’t worry, they do not taste anything bitter if that is what holding you back!

Rocky Mountain Oysters Nutrition and Health Facts!

Eating these types of foods will not only bring you achievement as an exotic food enthusiast but will also bring you extra health benefits. It may be hard to think how can this be possible knowing it is bull’s testicles but rocky mountain oysters are dense in nutrition. We have rolled out a couple of benefits that lies inside the unique tasting bull’s testicle and hopefully can help you to decide to try one out in case you are still skeptical.

  1. Rich in Protein – Of course, rocky mountain oysters are still meat. However, unlike the main flesh of a bull, the testicles contain way more protein content. Protein is made up of building blocks called amino acids that promote building body tissue and body muscles. Thus, consuming this food will help you to get fit!
  2. Excellent Source of Vitamins – According to a previous study, rocky mountain oysters are rich in vitamins A, B2, D, E, and K. These micronutrients are responsible for keeping your body healthy and functioning normally. Being deficient in one of these essentials will make various and noticeable changes to your body.
  3. Contains Good Source of Iron – Unlike the main flesh of a bull, rocky mountain oysters contain a higher amount of iron that is essential for growth and development. Being deficient particularly in this mineral will lead to anemia and other fatal diseases. Consuming one now does not sound bad, right? Iron has a synergistic effect with vitamin c that makes the absorption more effective. So how about a fried rocky mountain oysters with fresh orange juice?
  4. Promotes Good Metabolism – Now that we know that bull’s testicles are rich in vitamins and minerals, consuming this will lead to boosting body metabolism that efficiently maximizes your energy.

Rocky Mountain Oysters Recipe

In case there are no near restaurant that sells one, we have come prepared so you can make your own version of rocky mountain oyster!


  • 1 kg. bull’s testicles
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cups of bread crumbs
  • Thyme
  • Salt and pepper
  • Cloves of garlic
  • Cayenne ppepper
  • Oil


While boiling a large pot of salted water, wash the testicles, remove the skin, and slice it lengthwise. Once the salted water is boiling, put the sliced testicles and leave to simmer until 10 minutes. While waiting, mix the other dry ingredients all together. Once 10 minutes is over, remove the testicles from the pot and let them dry. In a separate bowl, crack the eggs then dip the testicles then to the breadcrumbs mix and fry it on a heated pan with oil that’s enough to properly cook the testicles. Flip over once golden brown and you’re done!


Some things are really just strange and weird, just like how people can serve and eat rocky mountain oysters. These bull’s testicles are not just an ordinary exotic food but also contain a surprising amount of nutrition to keep your body system in shape and healthy.

“What does rocky mountain oysters taste like?” – hopefully at this part of the article, you can now tell your friends about it and probably accompany you on tasting it for the first time. We assure you, it will not taste awful. Instead, you might actually get delighted on it if you are a fan of fried foods. The flavors of the seasonings and the natural peculiar and meaty taste of bull’s testicle give out a just-right balance in the intensity of flavors. Thus, head out now and try for yourself!

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