Substitutes for Caster Sugar

Substitutes for Caster Sugar – No.6 Will Leave You Stunned!

Below are stated some of the many substitutes for caster sugar that can be deployed if you run out of caster sugar or forgot to buy it at the grocery store. These substitutes might already be residing in your pantry.

Caster sugar, also known as berry sugar, castor sugar or superfine sugar, is used in everyday life. It is frequently used in British baking. Caster sugar melts and assimilates quicker in contrast to granulated sugar, excluding the powdered sugar cornstarch.

Caster sugar is quite common in baking due to its ability to dissolve quickly.

It works best for sponge cakes, souffles, mousses, cocktail recipes, and baking. It is widespread because of its dissolving powers.

Although there are many substitutes available for caster sugar, however; the best option is to prepare your caster sugar from the comfort of home. It is easy and quick to make, for it does not require any extra ingredients.

Substitutes for Caster Sugar

This article states ten feasible substitutes for caster sugar.

1. Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar has another name, i.e., icing sugar or confectioner’s sugar is distinct from caste sugar in the sense that it is more finely grounded. It typically consists of an anti-cake agent, similar to cornstarch, that gives off 3-5% sugar. 

Moreover, to prevent it from clumping, cornstarch is added to it. It is typically used for baking purposes and can be dissolved easily and quickly. Although it is not to be eaten raw, however; it tastes good. 

2. Brown Sugar

Brown sugar possesses a distinctive brown color as it contains molasses. This sugar can be used in baking where the intensity of sugar is trivial, as it causes a slight difference in the color of the final product.

However, deploying it will not cause any change to the taste of the dish. Its flavor is the same as that of caster sugar; therefore, its taste remains intact, and so does its texture.

3. Granulated Sugar

Granulated sugar is often referred to as white sugar or table sugar. It is a highly refined beet or cane sugar.

Granulated sugar is ideal for baking due to the beautiful crystals it infuses. It works magnificently amazing for baking and cooking bread, cakes, cookies, pies, pastries, and brownies.

If you wish to make something with berries, try deploying regular granulated sugar. Only allow the berries to stir for a few extra minutes.

4. Demerara Sugar

Demerara sugar is a finely grounded form of sugar cane. It is quite similar to brown sugar and works in the same way. Moreover, it has a neutral taste, which doesn’t differentiate the taste of the final dish.

Demerara is a kind of raw cane sugar. It possesses a crunchy texture, giant crystals, and a light brown color. With a golden hue to it, it is a tropical version of white sugar.

5. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup can work yet as another substitute for caster sugar. But be careful for it works well only in pies, pastries, and puddings.

As is evident, Maple syrup does not have the same texture or flavor as that of caster sugar. However, they both are sweet and are mutually used for flavoring purposes.

However, maple syrup dissolves easily and delivers an excellent taste as it is a liquid.

6. Corn Syrup

Corn syrup made using corn is similar to maple syrup and can be used as a substitute for caster sugar. It is okay to wonder how one can use corn syrup for caster sugar. It is possible, but it is used explicitly for puddings and pies, etc. 

As it has a liquid consistency, it can easily be assimilated well with other ingredients and delivers a delicious taste.

7. Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweetener works the best for caster sugar as it offers the same variety of flavor, texture, and body. It contains the somewhat same level of sweetness; therefore, it can work well as a substitute for caster sugar.

However, it tends to have a drawback that it is not readily available everywhere and might not be the right choice if you need immediate replacement.

8. Honey

Honey is obtained from the bees as they collect the nectar of flowers and then form honey. You can use honey as a substitute for caster sugar but only good quality honey.

Honey itself has many benefits; however,

remember to use it in as little quantity as possible, for it can make the baked product moister and chewier and might even cause a slight change in the color of the final dish.

9. Muscovado Sugar

As the name suggests, muscovado sugar is primarily derived from avocados and is then refined into powder form for easy use.

Muscovado sugar is not as famous as other substitutes, for it can bring intense flavors to whichever dish it is added to. It works better for golden caster sugar as it has a dark color, and muscovado sugar might cause a slight change in color.

10. Home-Made Caster Sugar

The best option of all is to make your caster sugar at home! All you need is a blender or food processor and granulated sugar.

Grind sugar in the blender or food processor and wait a few minutes before opening the lid. And you are done!


Whether or not you cite with these critics and substitute for caster sugar, you can’t deny the importance of sugar in everyday routine.

It is not guaranteed if all of the substitutes stated above will work for you or not, Afterall, it depends on the recipe you’re trying and the texture or taste you desire.

However, most of them are excellent for daily use. In my personal opinion, granulated sugar is the best substitute for caster sugar in a matter of immediate use, for it is easily accessible to everyone. 

Therefore, the next time you run out of caster sugar or merely averse to its taste, don’t fret for you know what to do.

Try any of the above-stated substitutes for caster sugar and rock your dish. ‘

CAUTION: Castersugar can lead to heart disease as it can increase chronic inflammation and raise your blood pressure.

Have a good day ahead!

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