Substitutes For Butter

Substitutes For Butter – No.12 Will Leave You Startled!

Butter, made from churned milk or cream, is a dairy product. The churning process separates the milk fat from the liquid. The remaining fat is then converted into butter.

Butter is a commercial spread and baking ingredient. It is the most used ingredient in food recipes. Butter sort of gives a boost to every dish it is deployed in.

It has a number of uses. Be it baking, cooking, sautéing, or merely deploying it as a spread, it not only gives off an incredible taste but a creamy texture as well.

However nutritious or beneficial it may be, some people tend to avoid it for health reasons, dietary restrictions, or because they are lactose intolerant.

12 Substitutes for Butter

Below are listed some of the substitutes for butter that will be handy in time of need. Whether you are allergic to butter or you happen to run out of it, these options will solve your issue.

We’ve listed some substitutes for butter that will surely prove to be useful in baking as well as cooking.


For this substitute, you need:

1/2 cup yogurt per cup of butter

For best results, deploy half amount of yogurt as the amount of butter. As yogurt offers a velvety texture, it is excellent to be used as a substitute for butter in cakes.

Coconut Oil

For this substitute, you need:

1 cup coconut oil per cup of butter

Coconut is an expedient substitute for butter, primarily when used for recipes like cake, cookies, and muffins. It doesn’t have a robust coconutty flavor, but you might notice a slight difference in sweetness.


For this substitute, you need:

1 cup applesauce per cup of butter

Applesauce works best for cakes and quick bread. As applesauce is exposed to natural sweetness, one ought to lessen the number of other sweeteners included in the recipe.


For this substitute, you need:

5 tbsp avocado per cup of butter

Avocado can increase the overall nutritional value of baked good or a meal. It is best for dark-colored brownies, cookies, quick bread, or muffins due to its creamy texture and neutral flavor.


For this substitute, you need:

5 tbsp ghee per cup of butter

Ghee is known to have a nutty taste and aroma. It is clarified butter. However, in contrast to butter, ghee must be used in less amount as it contains more moisture.

Olive Oil

For this substitute, you need:

3/4 cup olive oil per cup of butter

Undoubtedly, olive oil is one of the best substitutes for butter, but when sautéing meat and vegetables, one should use it in as little amount as possible.

Mashed Bananas

For this substitute, you need:

1 cup mashed bananas per cup of butter

Banana can add a sort of distinct flavor and sweetness to a recipe, so it must be used in a small amount. It gives the finished product a banana-y and fruity taste.

Pumpkin Puree

For this substitute, you need:

3/4 cup pumpkin puree per cup of butter

Butter can be replaced by pumpkin puree in most recipes. Use only three-quarters of the amount of pumpkin puree you would use for butter as it can be slightly waterier than butter.

Nut Butter

For this substitute, you need:

1.2 cup nut butter per cup of butter

1/2 oil

Nut butter tends to make baked goods dense and heavy. It can infuse a strong nutty taste. It works best for cookies, cakes, muffins, brownies, bars, and quick bread.


For this substitute, you need:

4 tbsp hummus per cup of butter

Hummus is yet another alternative for butter and is ideal for dipping or spreading. It is similar to butter in the sense that it has similar nutritional value and benefits.


For this substitute, you need:

1/4 cup cheese per cup of butter

Cheese has several varieties, varying from cream cheese to cottage cheese. But be warned that it is not suitable for lactose-intolerant people.

Black Beans

For this substitute, you need:

1 cup black beans per cup of butter

Yes, legumes are used for baking. Any bean can be used, but black beans work well for brownies and chocolate cakes, whereas cannellini beans are used for lighter-colored baked goods.

Prune Puree

For this substitute, you need:

1 cup prune puree per cup of butter

Prune puree is a good substitute for butter but can give off a reddish-purplish tone. It is best for brownies and cakes.

Vegetable Oil

For this substitute, you need:

3/4 cup vegetable oil per cup of butter

Vegetable oil has worked well as a substitute for butter in all manners of baking recipes to date.


For this substitute, you need:

1/2 cup buttermilk per cup of butter

Buttermilk is an excellent substitute for butter.


Butter holds the value of a critical ingredient in any recipe, be it baking or cooking. It is being used since the start of time until now. No doubt, butter has many advantages as well as disadvantages.

It has many health benefits as it is exceptionally nutritious, but sadly, not everyone can avail of these benefits due to various reasons. Some avoid it due to dietary restrictions or health reasons while others due to waistline issues or because of lactose intolerance.

But that’s not a problem anymore, for we’ve listed these substitutes for butter above that will work just right for you.

Therefore, the next time you run out of butter or come across someone who is allergic to dairy products, you know what to do.

Try any of these substitutes for butter and rock your dish.

FUN FACT: Butter incurs a melting point of 98.6°F, the exact same temperature inside our mouth. This is what gives butter its creamy, rich feel on our tongue.

Have a nice day ahead!

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