Substitute For Chickpea Flour

Substitute For Chickpea Flour – Whole Wheat Flour Is The Best

Every flour has its characteristics, depending on its original grain. There is various kind of flour available in the market. Some are with a specific ratio of gluten, and some are gluten-free. One of such flours is chickpea flour. Chickpea flour is made with selected milled chickpeas. It is gluten-free, so rich in protein. Due to its gluten-free quality,  it is getting popularity. Chickpea is becoming the right choice for various recipes and cooking styles like baking and frying.

Chickpea flour is made with the famous chickpeas. You can make it at home. Take dry chickpeas and process these in your processor. Remove the chunks, and the ground flour is ready to be used in your recipes. Chickpea flour is very nutritious. Chickpea flour is much nutritious than the famous whole wheat flour. Chickpea flour has fewer carbohydrates and contains significantly protein. Calcium and potassium are available in chickpea flour in large quantities, which is very necessary for a healthy diet. Lets take a look into some surprising substitutes for chickpea flour.

How to make chickpea flour from canned chickpeas?

You need not worry about where to buy chickpea flour, and you can use canned chickpeas to get the chickpea flour. For this, you roast the canned chickpeas for half an hour. This roasting will dry the water available in the canned chickpeas. Now you can use these roasted chickpeas to make flour. Just process these roasted chickpeas in your processor, and the chickpea flour is ready for your is also called as roasted chickpeas flour

3 Substitutes for chickpea flour

The best substitute for chickpea flour is listed below:

Substitute # 1. Whole wheat flour

Pure wheat is used to make the whole wheat flour as there is various kind of grain, so the whole wheat flour contains multiple types according to the grain used to make it. There is white wheat, which you get in the winter season, and it is also known as white spring wheat. The whole wheat flour made by this white wheat is a usually pale color. Also, it has a milder flavor, but it contains all the nutritious values of whole grain. There is another wheat, which is called hard red spring wheat. The flour which comes from this red wheat is reddish in clour. It also contains all the nutritious values of red spring wheat and a nutty flavor. Whole wheat flour is the best substitute for chickpeas flour.

Keeping in view the nutritional values of whole wheat flour, you can substitute it for chickpeas flour as a gram per gram ratio. Both are equally nutritional. Both flours are relatively heavy and have the same nutty flavor. Whole wheat flour has a nuttier flavor than all-purpose flour . also it has more nutritional values than all-purpose flour.

The only back draw of whole wheat flour is that it contains gluten. Those who avoid taking gluten in their foods will not be the right choice for them. Also, cause of its massive feature, you shouldn’t use it more than 25 % of your recipe of bread. It will not be the right choice for substituting a chickpea flour bread recipe.

Substitute # 2. Quinoa flour – Best substitute for chickpea flour bread recipes.

Many grains are used these days, but quinoa is one of the most ancient grain that is being used. Quinoa is trendy in various recipes. The best feature of quinoa is that it is gluten-free. Similar to chickpea flour. So it is the best substitute for chickpea flour recipes. It is the same in nutritional values as of chickpea flour . as it is as more massive as chickpea flour, so you can use it a gram per gram substitute for chickpea flour. You can make it easily in your kitchen. Take the quinoa and grind it in your processor till you get the required consistency. It is ready to be substitute as one to one substitute for chickpea flour.

Quinoa is not only gluten-free, but it also contains many benefits that make it the best substitute for chickpea flour. Being gluten-free is a complete protein. It contains all the essential amino acids that are required by your body. It includes a bit more amount of calcium, the same amount of carbohydrates as present in chickpea flour. It is used as a thickener for sauces and soups. Due to its nutty flavor, it can be used in various recipes of muffin, pizza, and pancakes.

Some people find that its taste s slightly bitter than that of chickpea flour. So you can not make it the only open substitute for chickpeas flour for you along with its not easy availability.

Substitute # 3: Millet flour

Millet is the grain that is being used from ancient times. Millet grain contains a large amount of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Containing a large amount of protein makes it gluten-free. Those recipes like muffin, porridges which need gluten-free flour, it is the best substitute for chickpea flour. 

Copper, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium are contained in quinoa in large quantities, and these all make it essential for body take as it contains only two amino acids. Hence, its flavor is different from chickpea flour. The texture is also somewhat varied. It goes closer to corn, as many people say this.


We discussed various substitutes for chickpea flour above. As chickpea flour is gluten-free so, these are the best option for those who are looking for gluten-free flour. Some flour described above is more nutritious than chickpea flour. Some have the same nutty flavor as of chickpea flour. Some are the same heavy like chickpea flour. The number of amino acids, the number of minerals, and the protein also comparable. Keeping gluten-free in mind, then whole wheat flour and millet flour or quinoa are the best substitutes for chickpea flour. There is a slight difference in flavors with chickpea flour with these flours. So it depends on your recipe that what you need, nutrition, taste, or weight equivalence. Keeping these facts in your mind, you can choose anyone as a substitute for chickpea flour for your recipe.

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