Substitute For Cake Flour

Substitute For Cake Flour – Self-Rising Flour is Going To Leave You Amazed

Cake flour is a flor which is used for making cakes.  The Cake flour contains around eight to nine percent proteins. All-purpose flour contains about 11 percent.  Caked made by all-purpose flour is somewhat rough and dense texture. Light and finer texture and the smaller crumb are the advantages of cake flour. The great examples of cake flour are chiffon and angel food cake, which shine. As the protein content which becomes gluten is lower in cake flour, so it is less sticky. It bakes well in time. It gives a shiny look and even texture.

Cake flour is suitable for baking cakes, but it is not the only essential ingredient as most chefs say. from old times, home cake makers are using the all-purpose flour for cakes. And it can be used these days. It tastes the same. Baking time is almost identical. Just the all-purpose flour crumb is slightly bigger than the cake flour. You can make a substitute for cake flour with all-purpose flour and corn flour. Very easy to substitute it. There may be more substitute which r given below;

Cake flour substitute without cornstarch.

Cake flour is different from all-purpose flour because of less quantity of protein in it. In cake flour, protein is around 8 to 11 percent, whereas it is about 13 percent in all-purpose flour. When you add water with this cake flour, the protein inside the cake floor combine with water and results in gluten. Gluten is a sticky element. It makes your cake a more viscous and vibrant look with gluten your cake flour results in soft, shiny, and tasty looking cakes.

If you don’t have any corn starch and you want to make all-purpose flour as a substitute for cake flour. Then use one tablespoon of all-purpose flour, less two tablespoon form it, and mix it with cake flour. Mix the mixture properly before using it.

Substitute all-purpose flour for cake flour.

All-purpose flour contains around 13 percent of protein, which is a high amount of the protein present in cake flour. When this protein mix with water, it converts into gluten, which is very useful for sticky cakes. So all-purpose flour can be used as the best substitute for cake flour. For a better alternative, take a cup of all-purpose flour and mix two tablespoons of cake flour. Mix it well. The alternative is ready for making vibrant cakes

Pastry flour – An amazing substitute for cake flour

Pastry flour contains slightly less protein than cake flour. It contains around 6 to 8 percent. The amount of protein does play an essential role in cake making. More Amounts of protein means you will get more gluten. Which will give your cake a vibrant look and fluffy touch. Dense protein gives you thicker and chewier baked items. For a light and airy baked goods, use the pastry flour as a substitute for cake flour. To measure the ingredients, use the spoon and scoop flour into the measuring cup. Remember to level up it before adding it to your recipe. This pure skill can turn a good baker into a professional baker.

Homemade substitute for cake flour.

For the making of this substitute, you will need all-purpose flour, cornstarch. Take one cup of all-purpose flour. For better results, remove two tablespoons from this cup. Now take two tablespoons of cornstarch. Mix it with all-purpose flour. As cornstarch contains less amount of gluten as compares to flour, so it acts as a beautiful tenderizing ingredient for making cake flour. Mix this combination in a bowl. Sift it two-three times in a bowl. Sifting will aerate the mixture, which makes it similar to cake flour. Measure one cup from this mixture and prepare your recipe.

Substitute for cake flour vs. self-rising flour.

Self-rising flour is mainly used in biscuits and cobblers. It is a traditional southern recipe. It consists of three essential ingredients, which are all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt. You can make it by yourself. Very easy to make it at home. Those you buy from stores have a drawback. Those self-rising flours are milled from wheat, which has low protein. Low protein produces low gluten when mixed with water. As a result, your baked items will be less tender. But you will get the same delicious taste that you get from cake flour.

The amount of all-purpose flour and salt in this combination gives a unique taste to the items baked by this flour. For a bit of saltish taste, you can increase the amount of salt a little bit. An increase in the amount of all-purpose flour will result in more delicious baked items.

How to Make Self-Rising Flour Out of All-Purpose Flour at home?

For a cup of self-rising flour, you will need a cup of all-purpose flour. You will need 1 1/2 teas spoon of baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon of salt. With this recipe, you can make your chocolate chips cookies entirely different. Or you can bake a beautiful bundt cake at your home with this substitute for cake flour.


In this article, we discussed the various substitute for cake flour. These are rich in protein, easy to make, and almost the same delicious as of cake flour. 

Above, we give you insights concerning the different substitutes for cake flour. Picking the correct one will provide you with the exact results of your recipe as cornstarch makes less gluten than the flour. So it would be best if you chose the substitute where you do not need much gluten. All-purpose flour is high in protein, so it results in high gluten. It would be best if you used the all-purpose flour substitute for cake flour when your requirement is not much gluten. Self-rising flour includes salt as its ingredients, so you should take into account if you want to present the baked item to one who is suffering from hypertension. The included salt may increase the bp. Keeping these facts, you can choose any of these substitutes for cake flour to add taste in your baked items.

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