How You Can Microwave KFC Mashes Potatoes

How You Can Microwave KFC Mashes Potatoes!

Fast food restaurants have been around for years. It all started in the United States with a fast-food burger joint. Now, you can get more than burgers at different fast food places. You can drive-thru and get food such as tacos, seafood, salads, ice cream, and much more! One of the most popular fast food that you can get is fried chicken. You can’t resist crispy breaded chicken that’s been freshly fried. The oldest fast food restaurant that specializes in fried chicken is KFC. KFC sells delicious fried chicken that they serve with traditional sides, like mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, green beans, and biscuits. People can order large family meals at KFC to take care of lunch or dinner. KFC started selling its sides in plastic containers that make storing their leftovers easier. But are these plastic containers microwavable? Can you microwave KFC mashed potatoes or any of their other sides in these containers? Absolutely.

KFC History

Before we get into microwaving their leftovers, let’s talk a bit more about KFC. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was founded in Kentucky (obviously) in 1955. Col. Harland Sanders is the man who invented this delicious chicken fast-food chain. It started as him frying chicken out of his gas station to some customers, and lead to the opening of the first fast-food restaurant to sell fried chicken. Now, you can find KFC all over the world. You can’t go too far without having access to their delicious chicken and sides.

What lead to KFC’s popularity was really Sander’s fried chicken recipe. His initial success selling the chicken guided him to sell franchises for the recipe to local restaurants. They would pay him a portion of their sales when they sold his Kentucky Fried Chicken. His franchise business was so successful, that he sold the business to be managed by someone else. He continued to be a spokesperson for the restaurant, and it grew fast and globally.

Can You Microwave KFC Plastic Containers

KFC sells large amounts of chicken in buckets for the whole family to enjoy. They also sell smaller boxes of chicken as well. They offer sides that resemble a homemade meal. They always throw in a biscuit too. Their sides used to come in styrofoam containers. These containers weren’t eco-friendly as styrofoam has never been good for the environment. When the world started becoming more eco-friendly and earth conscious, KFC made a change. Instead of their styrofoam containers, they started using reusable plastic containers. Now, these plastic containers are safer for the environment and recyclable as well.

Can you microwave KFC plastic containers? Absolutely! They essentially made these containers out of the same material used to make microwave-safe storage containers. The plastic containers come with a lid, so you can store other foods in there too. But you don’t have to worry about the plastic melting in your microwave; like you would have to worry about styrofoam melting and making your food toxic. No danger to KFC’s new containers. Feel free to nuke their sides in the microwave, wash the container, reuse them, and microwave other stuff as well.

How to Reheat KFC Mashed Potatoes and gravy plus Other Sides

The great thing about KFC’s eco-friendly and microwavable containers is that it’s like you’re buying storage containers. You aren’t just getting a side with your meal, but you’re getting a future storage unit for anything you want to store in there. You are adding to your collection of microwavable food storage containers you already have, and don’t worry; you’ll probably lose the lids to the KFC’s containers too. I mean who can seriously keep up with those lids?

How can you microwave KFC mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, or any of their other sides? There is no science to reheating KFC sides. It really is just a matter of stirring it during the process. Also, how much of the side you have leftover. Assuming the container is full, you want to place the container in the microwave with the lid not fully closed. Leave it loose to let the steam release during the microwaving process. Microwave it on high for about 30 seconds. Then remove the lid and stir the side. If it is the mashed potatoes, you might want to add a little milk to keep them from drying out. After stirring the side, heat it up for 30 more seconds in the microwave. Once it is as hot as you want it, it is done! You don’t have to worry about getting a plate dirty when you want to reheat your KFC leftovers any more; thanks to their new side containers.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Reheated Sides

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of different fast-food restaurants. They usually wrap your food and just throw it in a bag. The fact that KFC has found a way to make a difference with their side containers is amazing. Can you microwave KFC mashed potatoes, green beans, mac n cheese, and other sides? Yes! That is awesome. Convenience is important. If it wasn’t, fast food chains wouldn’t be so successful. This is what really makes a difference with KFC. They are selling you fast food for convenience; plus a reusable container to keep using at home. They are giving you sound peace of mind; knowing that there won’t be any toxins released into your food when you heat it up. You’ll also have peace knowing that there won’t be toxins released into the environment. Remember this the next time you aren’t sure what you want to have for dinner and don’t feel like cooking. At least KFC has the health of the planet in mind.

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