How to reheat Tamales

How to reheat Tamales with the best method?

Tamales are an extremely versatile type of food. They have this excellent mouth-watering taste, and more than many times, one may ask, “Can I have some more?”

Tamales are most famous in Mexico. They come in so many different flavors that describing them all may seem almost impossible. But some include pork tamales, chicken tamales, and beef tamales.

Not many people enjoy cold tamales as much as hot tamales necessitating the need for reheating your tamales. There are several ways of tamales reheating, e.g., steaming, use of a stove, use of a microwave, and an oven. Afterward, you may pair them with any of your favorite drinks. Or have it served with a combination of red beans, diced tomatoes, and onions. 

For a chilly morning, you can have your reheated tamales together with milk for the perfect breakfast.  Added toppings like guacamole, mole sauce elevate the flavor of your dish.

How to Steam Tamales

  • Heat the tamales with a steamer using medium heat.
  • Add a small portion of water into the steamer (¼ a cup).
  • Place your tamales into the steamer in an arranged manner, of course.
  • Close the lid to the steamer.  As the water boils, the steam will heat your tamales. Steam them for 15-20 minutes; remove them and serve.

Reheating by this method reduces the chances of your tamales burning or overcooking very quickly. It maintains the original flavor and texture of the tamales just like they were before. Besides, it prevents the tamales from drying up as lots of steam is involved, and also from overcooking.

It could be very tiresome as it involves opening the lid after every 15-20 minutes to check the water level and ensuring water does not spill into the tamales. Even though its procedures could seem quite a task, it is the best way to reheat your tamales. 

How to Reheat Tamales Using a Stove

  • Place your pan on a stove and heat over medium heat.
  • Add a tablespoon of oil.
  • Remove the corn husks from the tamales.
  • Place your tamales into the pan and cover it with a lid.
  • Turn over your tamales every 3 minutes until golden brown and crispy.

This technique brings out a rich flavor in the tamales. Other than the refreshing, tangy taste, you get to enjoy their crispiness. Even though many fear that the stove would be such a disappointment, it is pretty easy since you only need your pan, some cooking oil, a lid, and that is all.

Reheating Your Tamales to be Warm Once Again by a Microwave

  • Place your tamales in a microwave-proof dish that fits them all.
  • Position your tamales in the dish in an order spacing them evenly to allow them to reheat thoroughly.
  • Use a damp paper towel to wrap the tamale or place the wet paper towel above the tamales. It prevents the tamales from dehydrating. It retains its texture and flavor as well.  
  • Heat your tamales for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Remove your tamales from the microwave and allow them to cool.
  • Remove the paper towels and the corn husks too.

This method is convenient while in a hurry, or you have run out of time. It is easy to operate hence does not require any specialized experience in reheating your tamales. Uneven heating is standard; therefore, a recommendation is to change the positions of your tamales in the microwave and heat again. It reduces some parts of the tamales being hot while others remain cold.

The microwave-safe plate is small in size; therefore, only a few tamales can be reheated at a time, making it time-consuming when dealing with a larger batch.

Reheating Tamales in an Oven

  • Preheat the oven to 325⁰ Fahrenheit. (160 degrees Celsius).
  • Wrap an aluminum foil to each tamale airtightly.
  • Heat them for almost 20 minutes until they turn golden and crispy.

The disadvantage of this method is that it dries up the tamales so fast. However, a quick remedy would be to wrap your tamales with aluminum foil before putting them in the oven to trap moisture. Otherwise, it is a simple, fast, and efficient technique of reheating your tamales. It is excellent when you desire tamales that are golden and crisp. 

Pro Tips When Steaming Your Tamales

To add the right amount of water when steaming your tamales is very vital. Adding too much water ruins your dish. Neither is too little water appropriate.

When your tamales become soggy, it only means that you have heated them for too long; they should have a bit of firmness.

Also, watch out for your tamales not to get into contact with water. If so, they will end up being mushy, and you will be disgusted. It is always best to first let your water boil first then add your tamales afterward.

The seal should always be airtight; otherwise, the steam will escape.

The Bottom Line in Tamales Reheating

Tamales are very sweet when hot. Do not let the chance pass you by of reheating them. Reheating is such an essential aspect as it will save you on the cost of throwing away your leftovers.

You get to decide what method suits you best. Remember to take caution to minimize your heat while using the microwave, oven, or even the stove. When it comes to steaming, regulate your amount of water and check if it is the right amount.

Out of all the methods, the most convenient one for me would be to steam. It is quite a procedure but surely the best way of reviving your tamales into adding them flavor. When you have run short of time, the microwave reheating will come in handy.

Always be careful when following the procedures of the above methods. You may reinvent your taste by adding salads of tomatoes and onions or whatever suits you best.

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