How To Eat With Lipstick

How To Eat With Lipstick – Hacks Shared!

When talking about make-up, lipsticks will not be the least to mention. Why? Lipsticks are women’s magic wand. In a swipe of it, you can make yourself bolder and bolder in an instant. There are countless different shades that you can choose from which all are made depending on the event or occasion, or simply just on the mood! However, despite how this magic wand can make you pretty in an instant, one of the main problems with this is that the transfer, or the smudge that it can bring especially when eating. 

Well, that is why we are here to share with you some tips on how to eat with lipsticks along with topics answering the questions: how to keep lipstick on, how to keep lipstick from transferring and spreading, and how to set lipstick with powder. So, sit tight and continue reading on as we roll out the discussion for you!

How To Keep Lipstick On

First and foremost, before we begin, let us discuss first why most of the lipsticks easily fade away even when you are not eating. Oftentimes, it is the low quality of lipstick but another factor could be is the wrong steps on applying lipstick, like applying the color first over the lip balm. Since some lipstick brands make your lips dry, some women apply lip balm first before applying the shade so that it can prevent their lips from cracking. Sure, it can moisturize your lips but remember those lip balms are greasy. We all know what happens when the oil touches our lips!

So going back to the question, how to keep lipstick on? When you apply lip balm, make sure you do it first before doing your makeup routine and wipe it off completely before putting your favorite shade. Also, regularly exfoliate your lips to leave them plumpy and moisturized. Do not as well forget to use a tissue to blot your lips after applying lipstick. This will help remove the excess amount of shade that your lips have not absorbed. 

How To Eat With Lipstick

Now that you know now some tips to keep your lipstick on, let us now discuss some tips on how to eat with lipstick. 

  1. When going for a casual dinner, make sure to slice the food as small as possible to avoid touching your lips. 
  2. Know the foods to avoid: since greasy foods are the enemies of lipsticks, avoid eating pizzas, noodles, tacos, burritos, and burgers as these will rub off and smudge your lipsticks no matter how hard you try. 
  3. When drinking, well, use a straw!
  4. When everything fails, just excuse yourself for a moment and re-apply!

How To Keep Lipstick From Transferring or Spreading 

Another major problem that women face when using lipstick is the lipstick spreading and the worst – transfer! We all hate to see that mark on the rim of the glass and for some instances, on our clothes. So, are any ways to prevent and keep lipsticks from doing this? Of course, here are some tips:

  1. Use Concealer As Lip Primer – Yes, this is a thing. When you have put enough shade on your lips, simply swipe a sufficient amount of concealer on the edges of your lips. This prevents the smudges around especially on this season of masks. This is a great hack for sure. 
  2. Use Lip Brush – As necessary as possible, use a lip brush when applying lipstick. To do so, start applying first on the center of your upper and bottom lips then spread out to fill the rest of your lips. To finish off, leave an X mark on the center. Doing this will help the absorption of the lipsticks, thus, resulting in better shade retention. 
  3. Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Lips – Of course, it is important to take care of your lips. Your lips stand out the most when they are in their best condition – plumpy and lively. Use lip scrub once in a while as an exfoliator. To moisturize, use petroleum jelly or lip balm every night before going to leave. You will notice more supple lips every time you wake up. 

How To Set Lipstick With Powder

Why with powder? Does it not make the color less vibrant? Does it not make it matte when lipsticks are supposed to make your lips glossy? These are just some thoughts that may have crossed your mind when we say you can set your lipstick with powder. Well, newsflash! These are all untrue because you are not directly putting the powder on your shaded lips!

First of all, have your lipstick applied to your moisturized lips properly. Next, grab a tissue and separate blot the excess shade on it by biting your lips lightly directly to it. Then, grab another tissue and use only 1 ply, and put it on top of your lips. Using your setting powder, damp your brush on it a little and lightly tap it off onto the tissue. It might not make sense for you but the powder that goes through the tissue helps to absorb the excess moisture from the lips without affecting the lipstick’s color.


Lipstick is probably the favorite makeup thing of many ladies because of how it can enhance their looks instantly. Also, lipsticks can now be versatile as ever. This can sometimes be now used as a blush and an eyeshadow. However, there will be always a downside to it – oil and greasy foods, which have become women’s worst enemy when wearing their favorite shade of lipstick. One-touch, the wrong move, and it can ruin the look. 

Hence, how to eat with lipstick? By this part, we hope you can be able to tell exactly how as have rolled out and discussed the reasons behind the shared tops with you. Nevertheless, if food is life and you wanted to dig and enjoy eating, doing a little retouch right after would not hurt, right? So, if all else fails, just stick out your lipstick and re-apply!

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