How to defrost meat quickly

How to defrost meat quickly? The refrigerator is the safest method.

When you go for buying month grocery, or you get a sale, you get the meat in frozen form. You can store this frozen meat in your freezer for later user up to several months. If you properly save this frozen meat, you can always enjoy this frozen meat; otherwise, it may become a headache. Defrosting frozen meat is difficult for many amateurs. Below will discuss the various method of how to defrost meat quickly without ruining its taste or nutritional values. 

 How to defrost meat safely using a refrigerator?

There are many ways to defrost the meat, but the refrigerator is the safest and the best way. Although it takes a long time, you get the same freshness and quality of frozen without ruining its inner structure or burning outer surface. You can use other methods for defrosting your frozen meat, and they may work well but for larger pieces of frozen meat or a large quantity of frozen meat refrigerator is the best solution.  It is an effortless method—no need to care for the frozen stuff or check it from time to time. 

Put eh frozen meat in any dish or bowl jut to fit well according to size. No need to tear off the packing, it will prevent frozen meat from absorbing the fragrance of other food items present in the refrigerator. For the defrosting, the temperature of the fridge must be below five degrees centigrade. Temperature above 5 degrees may cause the growth of harmful bacteria in meat. If your refrigerator doesn’t have any thermal display, you can check the temperature using any thermometer. Place the thermometer in the fridge and close the door for five minutes.

After five minutes, open the door and check the thermostat. If it is below 5 degrees, then you can safely put your frozen meat for defrosting. Place the dish or bowl containing the frozen meat inside the fridge. This dish or bowl will prevent your fridge from the defrosting liquid. You need almost 24 hours to defrost the frozen meat thoroughly. Within this time, the fridge temperature will melt all the ice crystals inside and outside of the frozen meat. After 24 hours, you will get soft and fresh meat as packed before frosting.

Use Your Bare Hands

It would be better for you to wash your hands thoroughly before placing meat and after taking out from the fridge to avoid any food contamination. The advantage is that you can store this meat in the refrigerator for weak. You can refreeze this meat to use it later as the fridge is a sealed vessel, so there are no chances of bacteria growth during defrosting like in other methods. That’s why you do not need to cook this defrosted meat immediately. You can cook it at any time or later any other day.

How to defrost meat quickly without a microwave?

Either you don’t have any microwave or don’t want o use cause of any reason. You have a quick method for defrosting frozen meat. Hot water can defrost your frozen meat to provide the size of the cut is small. It works very well with minor meat cuts. Significant meat cuts take a long time to defrost that can cause bacteria growth while defrosting, which is harmful to foodstuff.

For this method, place the frozen meat with it packing inside a bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. Place something on the meat packet to sink it properly in this warm water. Within ten minutes, you will get your meat defrosted without any harm to bacteria growth. This short time is not enough for bacteria to grow in any foodstuff. Now cook this defrosted meat immediately to prevent and harmful bacteria growth in it.

Does saltwater thaw meat faster?

Another method of defrosting is using cold eater mixed with salt. This method quickly defrosts frozen meat. Salt tends to melt ice crystal quickly. That’s is why you get the defrosted meat from the outer surface to the inner core very rapidly. Mix one tablespoon of salt in tap water and put the frozen meat in it. Remove all the packings. Saltwater will start melting ice crystals immediately. Change the side of the meat after 30 minutes. Within an hour, you get the meat defrosted. This salt infuses in the flesh, so you have to be careful while cooking this meat. Consider the amount of salt when adding.

You can use cold water and watertight polybag to defrost the meat quickly. This method is faster than the refrigerator method. This method is risk-free of ruining the structure of meat or burning the outer surface. Place the frozen meat in a watertight polybag and  Put this polybag in a water-filled bowl or your kitchen sink. Set the timer for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, change the side of the polybag. You will need an hour to defrost five pounds of frozen meat with this cold water method. You have to cook this defrosted meat immediately for the prevention of any bacterial growth in defrosted meat.  

How to defrost meat in a microwave?

Microwave is the quickest option for defrosting any frozen meat. Just place the frozen meat inside the microwave. Choose the defrosting option and select the meat category. Turn on the microwave and enjoy your cup of tea. After a given time, the buzzer will inform you. Open the door and take out the defrosted meat. You have to cook it immediately as it is most favourable for bacteria growth.


 In the discussions above, makes you familiar with all methods of how to defrost meat quickly and safely. As a quick method, you can use cold water or hot water method. For the fastest way, you can use a microwave. The refrigerator is the safest method but takes a long time. As per your need, you can choose any of these methods to defrost meat and enjoy a delicious meal.

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