How to defrost lobster tails

How to defrost lobster tails? Microwave is the quickest method

Seafood is the most popular foodstuff in the whole world. Seafood is usually the most expansive cuisines in big hotels or restaurants, and People love to eat seafood all over the year. For those who live near any sea area, they get seafood fresh from the sea. Those who don’t have sea option in their surrounding, they use frozen seafood. Lobster tail is one of the favorite foods from the sea.

Lobster is frozen and sells in the market, but the lobster tail is also demanding seafood. These tail are cut off from lobster as fisher catch them. After removal, these lobster tails, f are immediately frozen to maintain its freshness and taste. You can keep frozen lobster tails for a long time in your freezer. It takes a tiny place in your freezer compartment. Lobster tail is more delicate than the lobster itself, so fisher can not take the risk of bacteria growth in this expansive seafood.

Opportunity To Eat Lobsters

This frozen lobster tail gives you the chance to enjoy this delicious dish anywhere or anytime. The only difficulty in frozen lobster tails is that you can not cook and eat it when you buy it from the market/ you have to defrost it properly so that you can enjoy the same fabulous taste and freshness as it was when froze. There are many methods for how to defrost lobster tails? We will discuss these below.

How long is thawed lobster tail good for storing in the freezer?

If the lobster tails are frozen immediately after removal from lobster, you can store it for six months. You have to maintain the freezer temperature below zero degrees centigrade for storing lobster tails.

Coldwater method for defrosting lobster tails

You can defrost the lobster tails at room temperature, but it takes too much time. You need six to eight hours to defrost lobster at room temperature. Again there are chances of bacteria growth in lobster tails if the room temperature is more than five-degree centigrade.  If you left lobster tails in that temperature for a long time,  be contaminated with bacteria, which can damage its freshness and taste. It also can cause you sickness like diarrhea or food poisoning.

The best and safe method for defrosting is cold water. Frozen lobster tails come in a protective packing. Let them in that packing. Take a top zipped plastic bag and place the frozen lobsters tail in that bag. Make a single layer of lobster tails for even defrosting. If you have more stuff, then you should use another bag. Place the frozen lobster tails in a polybag and seal the top of the zipped polybag.

Place this polybag in an open bowl. Fill the pot with fresh water. Make sure to dip the polybag in the bowl water entirely. Make sure there should be no water leakage in the bag. Any leakage may damage the juices of lobster tails,  resulting in a change in flavor. Please place it in a bowl for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, change the water of the pan. You can set the timer for thirty-minute to properly replace the water.

Time To Defrost Varies

The time for defrosting may vary with the size and number of lobster tails. Check the lobster tails with a finger. There should not be any ice crystal. Keep checking it until you get the soft lobster tails, free from all ice crystals and hardnesses. Do not try to open the polybag while checking the lobster tails when it defrosted adequately and then open it to cook immediately. Do not take a long time to wait after opening the poly bag. Lobster tails are highly delicate and sensitive seafood. It gets bacteria growth quickly.

Using refrigerator for defrosting frozen lobster tails

You either know how to cook frozen lobster tail without thawing or use a refrigerator for defrosting. A fridge is suitable for defrosting the lobster tails without any hazard of bacteria growth. But its time taking method. It takes about eight hours or overnight for defrosting the lobster tails in the refrigerator. The temperature of the fridge must be below five degrees centigrade for defrosting.

If there is no thermal indicator in your freezer, you can use a thermometer to check the temperature. Put the thermostat inside the refrigerator and close the door for fifteen minutes. Check the reading. If it is below five, then you are ready to defrost your lobster tails. Place the frozen lobster tails inside the refrigerator within its protective packing. Close the door and wait for eight hours. Make sure frozen lobster tails should be wrapped in the protective packing.

Place Lobster in Airtight Jar

If not, then put them in an airtight jar to avoid any absorption of other foods smell. Best if you do not stack the lobster tails. This may not defrost them evenly after eight hours of opening the door and checking the middle of the meat. Lobster tails should be soft and delicate. If lobster tails are not appropriately frosted, you will get chew meat when you cook it. If you don’t feel that softness, put it for six more hours to defrost adequately when appropriately defrosted, and then cook it immediately. Waiting long can grow bacteria in the lobster tails. It would be best if you do not refreeze the frosted lobster tails. 

Using microwave for defrosting frozen lobster tails

Microwave is the quick and easy method to defrost the frozen lobster tails. Place the frozen lobster inside the microwave container with its protective packing. Turn the defrosting function on and select the fish mode. It will take eight minutes to defrost it properly without any burning outer surface.


Because lobster tails are very delicate, you should accurately know how to defrost lobster tails?  Coldwater is suitable for defrosting, but it takes time. There are additional chances of bacteria growth in lobster trails if the temperature of the room is high. A refrigerator is another good option. But it takes too much time. If you have plenty of time before cooking, then you can adopt this method. Microwave is a fast and easy way. It gives you instant defrosting along with freshness and taste.

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