How to defrost bacon

How to defrost bacon? The microwave is the best.

Bacon is a slice of prepared meat. It comes mainly from pork. There are various religions where pork meat is prohibited. So there come bacon other versions like beef bacon, chicken bacon, and goat bacon. It’s a good meal delicious and tasty as well. When talking about pork bacon, it comes from various cuts, From belly cut and the back cut. Frozen bacon takes a long time to defrost. You can store frozen bacon for six months in the freezer. Once you defrost it, then you should use it as soon a possible. Refreeze the defrost bacon is not as good as food safety measurements. To avoid that mess, you should make smaller parts of the bacon when you buy it. Then freeze those smaller packets when you need to take one pack out and defrost it. Bacon is hard to defrost. Below we will discuss the various methods about how to defrost bacon?

How long to defrost bacon in microwave?

Microwave is the best and quick option for defrosting the frozen bacon. You can microwave frozen bacon for quick and easy defrosting. Frozen Bacon is full of fats and ice crystals. So you will need some paper towels while defrosting in the microwave. The paper towel will absorb all the liquid that leaks when defrosting.

Additionally, a paper towel can avoid the microwave from any oil which spits while defrosting the bacon. Take two-three paper towels and place the frozen bacon in those paper towels. Wrap fresh paper towels around bacon and Place this wrapped frozen bacon in a microwave dish. Close the door. Select eh defrost option from the menu. Select meat under the defrost menu if the microwave asks about the weight. Weigh the bacon on the scale and input the correct weight. The microwave processor will determine the right defrosting time for the given weight of bacon. Turn on the microwave. Usually, most of the microwave takes 5 to 6 minutes for one pound bacon. When ting the stop bell, carefully open the door and place bacon in your dish. Defrosted bacon is a perfect place for bacteria growth. So try to manage it as soon as possible. Either you want to fry it, or cook it, do it immediately. If there’s some bacon left after the meal and you want to store it in the fridge. Then use an airtight jar to store bacon in the refrigerator. Defrosted bacon should not be store for more than five days in the fridge. Eat healthily, stay healthy.

How to defrost bacon quickly without a microwave? Coldwater method

using cold water to defrost the frozen bacon is the best method, although it takes much time. The cold water method is very safe. Frozen bacon defrost and come to the average temperature naturally, taking the time. You can use the protective packing of frozen bacon. If you removed it, then you can use a watertight polybag. Put the frozen bacon in a waterproof poly bag. Lock the polybag from the upper side and place it in an open bowl or your sink. Fill the sink or basin with tap water till the polybag sink in water. It is the natural way of defrosting. Water absorbs heat from the atmosphere, and frozen bacon absorbs heat from this water. So frozen bacon starts defrosting without any physical contact with surroundings. After the thirty-minutes, water becomes warm. Replace the water and change the side of the polybag. Repeat it after every thirty minutes interval. You can set a timer for the proper changing of water. Usually, one pound frozen bacon takes an hour to defrost. Keep checking the bacon, when bacon gives you a soft and delicate touch, no stiffness, defrosting done. Put the polybag out of water and bacon out of polybags. Bacon is ready to cook or fry what you want. Do not stay long after defrosting to cook the bacon. Defrosted bacon plays well with bacteria. If you’re going to store your cooked leftover, place it in an airtight jar and store it in your fridge for five days. You can save the cooked leftover in your freezer for a maximum of three months. Do not eat the stored, cooked leftover if you feel any change in taste.  

How long is thawed bacon good for in the fridge UK?

Storing the defrost or thaw bacon in your fridge is not good as per food safety measures. It would be best if you cook the defrost bacon as soon as possible to avoid bacteria growth. After cooking, you can store up to five days in your fridge in an airtight jar. If you want to store it for a long time, store it in an airtight jar in the freezer compartment for three months.

Defrost bacon on the counter, defrosting at room temperature

you can defrost the frozen bacon at room temperature. It is time taking method. One pond of frozen bacon needs almost 6 to 8 hours to defrost thoroughly. As you can not control the room temperature so there are always chances to grow bacteria in the outer side of bacon, as it defrosts earlier than the core. You can not adopt this method if you are in a hurry to prepare your meal.


Bacon is a saltish meal that you can buy from any store in frozen form. If you correctly stack the frozen bacon, then defrosting is not very difficult. For the appropriate frosting, first, make the packet of the right amount of bacon.  Then you can defrost the right amount of bacon that you need for cooking. You can use the cold water method. The cold water method is useful if you have plenty of time before your kitchen. You can defrost at room temperature effortlessly. But you can get the bacteria growth in defrosted bacon very soon. Using a refrigerator is also an excellent method. It requires at least 24 hours to defrost the bacon. Although the quality of defrosted bacon is almost the same, it needs a long time waiting. The best and quick method is the microwave. You can defrost the frozen bacon within eight minutes in the microwave. It would be best if you have the aluminum foil to restrain the oil spits from bacon.

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