How to Cook Millet

How to Cook Millet? – Different Delicious Ways Millet Can be Cooked

Millet is a cereal grain widely produced and consumed in the Asian and African arid and semiarid regions. Gluten-free and packed with vitamin B, calcium and iron, millet is prepared by many people all around the world as a staple food. Because of its nutritious value, millet has been popular in Western countries too. Millet is usually served as a breakfast cereal with milk and sugar or honey. Hand-rolled flatbread which is a staple in Indian cuisine is produced using millet flour. Porridge and confectionery are also prepared using millet.

Millet has become a popular staple mainly because of its versatility, easy and quick preparation, light and smooth texture and amazing taste. Despite its popularity, many people will wonder how to cook millet preserving its authentic taste and nutritional value. That is why after careful research, we compiled this guide reviewing the different ways in which you can prepare a delicious dish using millet.

Health Benefits of Eating Millet

Millet is gluten-free and rich in protein, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium. Calcium in millet ensures the proper functioning of your skeletal and nervous systems and health of the blood vessels. Antioxidants in millet are good for your skin whereas fibres control the blood sugar level and the cholesterol level.

How to Cook Fluffy Millet?

For this recipe, you just need millet, water or broth, salt and butter. First, raw millet should be toasted over medium heat until grains turn into golden brown. Then, add roasted millet, water or broth and salt to a pan and bring the mixture to a boil. After that, add some butter to the boiled mixture and let it simmer for a while. Make sure that you don’t stir too much because it can break the millet seeds. Finally, remove the pan from the stove and fluff it with a fork. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, add some salt and serve warm.

How to Cook Delicious Millet Porridge?

If you are looking to try out a different dish for breakfast, make this delicious and creamy millet porridge once and you will forever stick to this recipe. First, strawberries should be roasted in the oven with maple syrup and cardamom until strawberries become tender and juicy. Then, grind millet in a blender until its consistency becomes grainy and powdered at the same time. Next, put some butter to a pan and toast ground millet with butter. After that, add milk and water to the pan, bring the mixture to a boil and let it simmer for around 20 minutes. Stir the dish continuously until grains become tender. Serve the millet porridge hot with strawberries roasted in maple syrup. A little bit of heavy cream on top will make the dish tastier. You can also make creative alterations to the original recipe of millet porridge by serving it with your favourite fruits, nuts and seeds.

How to Cook Soaked Millet?

Even though millet can be prepared without pre-soaking, soaking millet overnight for around 8 hours before cooking makes it easy for digestion and allows your body to absorb more nutrients. After soaking it overnight, wash the millet thoroughly. Then in a pot, mix soaked and rinsed millet with water or vegetable broth and salt. Bring the mixture to a boil and simmer for around 10 minutes. Finally, remove the pan from heat, fluff using a fork and serve hot.

Delicious Millet Recipes

Millet Gratin with Cauliflower

This is a delicious and creamy casserole-type dish prepared with cooked millet and roasted cauliflower. This can be consumed as either a main or a side dish. First, chopped cauliflower and minced shallot are placed in a pan and roasted with some olive oil until cauliflower becomes golden brown. Then, in a separate pan, make a white sauce by melting butter and mixing flour, milk and shredded cheese with it. When cauliflower is roasted, add cooked millet and the sauce into it and combine well. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top of the dish and bake it until cheese becomes golden brown.

Millet with Brussels sprouts

This scrumptious dish is a healthy substitute for fried rice. First, stir-fry Brussels sprouts and garlic with some olive oil until Brussels sprouts turn into brown. Then, add cooked millet into it. After that, add eggs and stir the mixture well until eggs are perfectly cooked and mixed with the millet and Brussels sprouts mixture. Finally, season it with some soy sauce, vinegar and garnish with sesame seeds and serve warm.

Millet with Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes and millet is a great combination for a side dish. First, cooked millet mixed with fresh herbs, salt and pepper should be stir-fried with some olive oil. Then, add the millet mixture on the top of perfectly ripe tomatoes cut into wedges, sprinkle it with some cheese and serve.

Millet with Roasted Vegetables

This is a perfect side dish you can prepare with leftover vegetables. Roasted vegetables cut into small chunks are first baked with some olive oil until vegetables become tender. Then, combine roasted vegetables with cooked millet and spinach in a large bowl. Finally, make a salad dressing by mixing vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic, coat the vegetable and millet mixture with the salad dressing and serve.


Millet is a delicious and nutritious food considered as a staple in some culinary cultures. But, its taste and nutritious value depend on how you prepare it. Millet should be cooked preserving its naturally rich flavour and the nutritious value. Millet can be cooked easily, but to enhance its taste, you need to try out more creative recipes. This review we compiled after extensive research will guide you on basic millet recipes as well as how to be innovative and creative with this rich gluten-free grain.

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