How to cook a tomahawk steak

How to cook a tomahawk steak? Garlic and butter make it more delicious.

Tomahawk is one of the most famous cuts of beef. Because of its ax shape, people call it as tomahawk steak. Another well-known name of this steak is “cowboy steak.” The meat part of this steak resembles an eye; that is why people call it “ribeye.” In some tomahawk steaks, bones butcher may expand it to around twenty inches. Its different shape makes it a hot item for posh restaurants and chefs. Its unique form has become a  trendy cow cut. It attracts the customer’s attraction, which is why very popular in restaurants and hotels.  Its size varies from the size of the cow, but it is usually about two-inch thick and around 5 pounds. People think that the extra-long bone adds more flavor to the recipe, and it may be true in some recipes. Other than beef, there are many tomahawk steak versions, like a pork chop, which is cheaper than beef tomahawk—listed below some methods of how to cook tomahawk steak?

Method # 1. Reverse sear method

Tomahawk steak is a brilliant cut, so there are many ways to cook it worldwide.  Regardless of the method, it would be best if you considered some things while cooking tomahawk steak. You should rest the meat at least 15 minutes before cooking. It spreads the liquid in the flesh to all skirting of the piece. Resting makes the meat tender and juicy.

In the reverse sear method, you start cooking st low temperature, and you use high temperature for the final touch. It is the reverse of the traditional cooking method, which begins with high temperatures and ends with minimum heat. This method may burn the outer part of the steak but left the inner part to uncook. The reverse sear method works well on big and thick pieces of tomahawk steak. It cooks the inner and outer surface of the steak uniformly. It gives you the best well cooked, tender, and juicy tomahawk steak.

Method # 3 grilling tomahawk steak

The natural way of cooking tomahawk steak is the grilling method. It means cooking on top of the flame. Flame may be of gas or charcoal. As a result, you get a smokey, piece of meat with outer crust dry and hard and inner layer soft and tender.

The ingredients you need to cook with this method are:

Two tomahawk steaks, two-inch-thick. Salt. Well, ground black pepper—some pieces of butter.

For an evenly cook tomahawk steak, take the steak out of the refrigerator and put it at room temperature for fifteen-minute. It will spread the liquid inside steak in the whole meat piece. If you are using a two-part grill, then better turn on one part.  Use the salt and black pepper to season the steak properly. It would be best if you seasoned the coat thick and even as it will fall during the grilling process. 

Place the steak on the heated part of the grill over the flame and let it grill till you get t dark brown crest on its outer surface. When you get that dark brown and hard crust, garnish it with some salads and serve after five minutes rest.

Method # 3 cooking in cast iron skillet

Cast iron is the metal that transfers heat evenly. So it is the best pan to cook tomahawks steak as it gives a big surface for the steak to cook. Initially, it provides warmth towards the inner part, and then it forms the hard brown crust on the outer surface.

The ingredients you need for cooking by these methods are:

Two tomahawk steaks. Salt.  Well, ground black pepper. Few cloves of garlic.  A cup of olive oil. A piece of butter or ghee. Two sprigs of thyme.

For this method, you will use both the cast iron skillet and an over. Set the oven to heat up at 350 Fahrenheit. Take steaks out of the refrigerator and ret them at room temperature for 15 minutes. Coat the steak with salt and pepper. Must be a heavy coat of these. Put some oil on the skillet and heat the garlic at high heat till it gets dark brown. Take the garlic out from skillet. Now put some oil on the skillet and turn high heat on. When the oil reaches its boiling point, put steaks in the skillet. Sear the steak while changing its side. Cook steak at medium heat for seven minutes while changing its sides constantly. Now put the steak into the baking sheet and bake it for ten minutes. Put the butter and garlic in the skillet and heat it. Also, add thyme to it. Now take out the steak from the oven and put it in a skillet with melted butter and garlic. During the cooking, you should change the sides so that both sides get the even coating of butter and garlic. Within ten minutes You hot tomahawk steak is ready. The dark brown color and smoky aroma create temptations. Rest it for five to ten minutes and then Serve it with some salads and chili garlic ketchup.


In the above article, we discussed the tomahawk steak. Its structure and its characteristics. Also where you can buy it. You can cook it on the grill. Or in the oven too. When you cook steak on a charcoal grill, it gives you a smoky flavor and a dark brown hard crust. This method is somewhat tricky as you have to change the sides all the time. But the result is fantastic in taste. The oven is much effortless. You grill the steak in skillet and then put it in the oven for ten minutes. After ten minute bake, you put ist in skillet and cook ti with butter and garlic, which adds a delicious flavor in steaks. These steaks will be more tender, juicier. Now you know how to cook tomahawk steak with these methods, and you can choose the best suits your mood or flavor.

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