How long after a filling can I eat

How Long After A Filling Can I Eat?

Many people do not visit the dentist unless they got any problem with their mouth. This behavior should be changed, as regular teeth checkups and dentist appointments give one confidence and a healthy mouth. Either it, scaling, grinding, filling, veneers, bridge, crown, or implant, teeth maintenance is an essential daily life treatment. Take me a while to understand this but better. 

I got my tooth damaged a little few months ago. I felt the crack while eating dinner but did not give it any importance as it did not hurt much. Busy life made me forget about it, but one day out of nowhere I felt minor pain in my mouth. one of my friends insisted me to visit a dentist and thanks to him as I damaged my tooth badly. 

The dentist told me that your need to be filled with a filling material so it may not get worst. He guided me about the type of fillings he offers and the material used for filling; or, you may say, recovering the damaged or decayed tooth. So, I chose the one which was good for my teeth and pocket friendly too. Being a foodie the very first thing I asked my dentist was, how long after a filling can I eat. He guided me so well while answering it which I have written down as it is for you. Read on to learn more.

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Eat After A Cavity Filling?

As I questioned him before my filling treatment started, my dentist told me that it depends on the type of filling you chose and vary from person to person; not all individuals’ tooth situation is the same. But if any random person asks how long do you have to wait to eat after a cavity filling then the answer will be a maximum of 24 hours. But you can intake liquids like healthy juices and shakes. 

Foods You Can Eat After A Cavity Filling

After guiding me on how long after a filling can I eat, the second question which clicked my mind was which food items I can have after it’s done. To my surprise, before I utter this question, he, himself said that; “now, I am going to tell you about the foods you can eat after a cavity filling.”

So he asked me to avoid the hard foods as it will cause pain and pressure to the teeth which aren’t good for it. Then there come the sticky food items, try to avoid it for a few days as in some cases it gets stick to the teeth and may dislodge the new filling, also avoid having sweet dishes and sugary liquids as it will cause bacteria, which is absolutely not good for the long run. He also guided me to do not have very cold or very hot drinks because this can cause sensitivity and might leave you for longer pain. 

Other than guiding me about the food items after filling, the dentist also gave me a few tips on how should one have to eat after his/her filling which I’ll tell you in a note later before let me tell you about the two answers which he gave me when I questioned me out of curiosity about the coffee and smoking. So here we go;

First Question: Can I Drink Coffee After A Filling?

Being an office worker I am addicted to coffee. My day does not start without a single sip of coffee. So, I asked my dentist if can I drink coffee after a filling; to this he reminds me of the very hot and very cold food items. This may cause unwanted expansion, pain or contraction to teeth. 

He advised me to not have coffee for almost 24hours, but also it depends on the type of filling you have. Also, he advised me to take very good care in the first hour of filling; it is compulsory to make it for a day. 

Second Question: How Long After A Filling Can You Smoke?

Well, I tried to make this question a bit nice by adding ‘you’ in the question to avoid the awkwardness. But my dentist was sweet enough to answer me briefly without making it sound silly. I asked him, how long after a filling can you smoke?

To this, he answered me that let the first 24 hours of your filling pass; once you get back to your hard foods eating routine you can smoke. But smoking badly discolors your teeth and causes cancer too. 

Note: Call it a bonus part, as I already mentioned about the precautions he gave me about eating food, so he asked me to not bite or chew your food very hard so it may not cause pressure or pain and also try to chew food while keeping your mouth closed because of the cold air will come in, it will cause discomfort to your sensitive teeth. 


Painful the toothache, harder the decision to make to see the dentist, as not everyone (mostly) comes happy from their dentist. Indeed, choosing a dentist is as hard as picking an outfit for a special event. Therefore, try to choose a dentist who patiently answers your all queries and guide you well enough just like mine did. I simply asked him how long after a filling can I eat, and he made sure that no doubts make the place. 

So, if you are nervous before taking any services from the dentist, don’t worry as it is normal. Taking care of teeth and their hygiene is as important as any part of the body. Just like we keep the same one doctor for our regular checkup, this is keeping one dentist is also very important. Just ask all the questions you have in your head and then go for the treatment, educating yourself is never wrong.

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