Can You Microwave Eggnog

Can You Microwave Eggnog for a Fast and Delicious Holiday Treat!

I love the holiday season! The cool weather, holiday music, shopping for loved ones, decorative lights everywhere, and best of all, good food! There are so many foods we eat around the holiday season that have become traditions over time. One of my go-to ultimate favorite drinks during the holiday season is eggnog. I love eggnog!

Now, you’re probably nodding your head in approval, because you love eggnog too. It is sweet, creamy, spicy, and sometimes spiked! What is not to love? However, there is a portion of you that are shaking your head in disapproval; wondering how someone is capable of drinking an egg cocktail. When it comes to eggnog, you either love it or you hate it. It is either one of your absolute favorites or it’s repulsive. Eggnog lovers know that it can be made hot or cold.

If you like your eggnog cold, you can just throw it on the rocks. If you like it hot, you might need to warm it up in a sauce-pan; unless of course, you want to warm it in the microwave. Can you microwave eggnog though? Absolutely! You can heat up your store-bought eggnog in the microwave or cook delicious homemade eggnog in the microwave too!

Homemade Microwaved Eggnog Recipe

The only thing better than eggnog is homemade from scratch eggnog! Everything tastes better when it’s homemade. A lot of people just go to the store to buy eggnog when the holiday season kicks in, but many others decide to make themselves delicious eggnog at home. Yum! Homemade eggnog isn’t difficult to make.

In fact, you can easily make it from the comfort of your own microwave. That’s right! Microwaved homemade eggnog is a thing! How can you microwave eggnog? Easy. If you want to make yourself a cup of warm homemade eggnog, all you need to do is get an egg, vanilla extract, sugar, and cinnamon or nutmeg.

Put the egg with about 2 tablespoons of vanilla and 2 and ¼ teaspoons of sugar in a mug. Then, add an egg and about a cup of milk. Mix well using a whisk. Afterward, microwave it on high for about 2-3 minutes in 30-second increments. Stir it every 30 seconds and make sure it doesn’t start to boil. Once it’s done you can add a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg or both!

Enjoy a delicious warm microwaved homemade eggnog, or let it get cold and add ice.

Does Eggnog Have Alcohol? – To Spike or Not to Spike

Does eggnog have alcohol in it? That is really up to you! Spiking your eggnog makes the eggnog even more traditional! This is what it originally was. Eggnog has been an alcoholic beverage since it’s beginning. It originally was made with ale.

Then, people started mixing it with wine. After some time, eggnog and rum became a thing, and then people starting replacing the rum with whiskey. Nowadays, your traditional spiked eggnog is made with rum, whiskey, brandy, or bourbon. People get creative, honestly. You can choose what you prefer and throw it in there! Some people spike their eggnog to make it safer to drink! What? Well, because eggnog is made with raw egg, there is always a risk of getting a Salmonella infection.

The eggnog sold in stores is made with pasteurized eggs. Pasteurized eggs are eggs that have been heated enough to kill bacteria, like Salmonella. You don’t have to worry about Salmonella from store-bought eggnog. Now, if you make homemade eggnog, you have to make sure to heat it up to kill any harmful bacteria.

A lot of people do this and then add the alcohol as plan B. Alcohol has some properties in it that help to kill bacteria as well! So, once you’ve heated up your eggnog, you can always spike it just to be even safer. Either way, as long as you heat it up, you will be fine. Eggnog has become a holiday tradition for parties and nightcaps. The great thing is that it tastes delicious whether you spike it or not!

You can make some for alcohol-free eggnog for the kids and make some spiked eggnog for the adults in the family! Whatever you choose, the eggnog is going to taste deliciously festive.

Does Eggnog Have Any Benefits?

You normally don’t buy or make eggnog, if you are thinking about being healthy during the holiday season. In fact, you should know that eggnog isn’t what you want to drink a lot of if you are trying to watch your weight. That is the beauty of the holiday season! The holiday season is packed full of holiday treats, such as festive meals, cookies, pies, chocolates, eggnog, and more chocolate!

Nobody is really worried too much about losing weight. I think mostly everyone just tries not to gain too much weight during the holiday season! But if you’re wondering about eggnog, there are actual health benefits to it! Since eggnog is made mostly of eggs and milk, it does offer some benefits. Milk, as you may know, provides calcium that is great for our body.

Milk benefits our bones, teeth, nails, and hair. Eggs are also beneficial to us! Eggs are packed full of protein which is great for our bodies. However, even though the ingredients do offer some benefits, you would be better off getting those benefits from a class of plain milk and a boiled egg.

Unfortunately, eggnog has too much sugar and fat to be considered even remotely healthy. You should only drink it in moderation, or you will watch your weight increase!

Let Your Microwave Spread Some Holiday Cheer

Can you microwave eggnog? Yes, you can! Microwaves are one of the most impressive inventions out there! You can make so many things in them! It takes away the hassle of having to use a saucepan, wait for it to heat up, and stand there over a stove making homemade eggnog.

You can easily and more quickly pop it in the microwave and relax! That’s the magic of microwaves. You push a button and walk away! Cooking up some of your holiday favorites can be a breeze using your microwave!

Now, when the time comes and you start feeling festive, you know how to quickly make yourself eggnog. As long as you’ve got some milk, eggs, and sugar, you are good to go! No need to run to the store anymore! This holiday, make yourself microwaved homemade eggnog. You will see that it tastes absolutely delicious. This will be another way for you to spread that holiday cheer!

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