Can You Microwave Cup Noodles

Can You Microwave Cup Noodles?

Cup noodles – would it be safe to say that they are every college kid’s best friend? Most likely, yes! They are quick and easy to make, usually come with their own seasoning or even with some dried vegetables too, so at a first glance, it looks like a complete meal!

But after eating it for one or two weeks, they start getting a bit boring and bland. So is there a handy solution to this – can we elevate the taste of something so simple and can we do it fast? Can you microwave cup noodles?

This article is just about that! We will answer the question can you microwave cup noodles. Not only that, we will also explain why it is not safe to microwave your cup noodles and how you can not only reheat them safely, but also elevate them.

Can you microwave cup noodles?

YES! But is it safe? Read on.

Should you microwave cup noodles?

Here is the answer as to why the cup noodles should not be microwaved, in more depth.

Plastic Packaging

Generally, there are two types of noodles, that people like to microwave – those that come in a plastic package and the travel-friendly ones, that come in a cup.

It is understandable how you prepare those in plastic package – you peel it, put the noodles with some water in a bowl and boil them for 3-5 minutes. Obviously, you will not put them with the package inside the microwave because firstly, they cannot actually cook and secondly – it will melt down!

You Should Not Cook Anyting In The Cup

Now that we know that there is no controversy around the plastic-wrapped noodles, what about those in a cup? Are they not supposed to be prepared and eaten straight away from it?

The cup can hold the water and the noodles inside it, but we do not recommend you to actually cook anything in it. Speaking from a common sense point of view, if we do not put plastic wrap in the microwave, why would we put in something made out of styrofoam, which essentially is a type of plastic?

The cups, containing the noodles are made of styrofoam which is usually utilized in the building industry for isolation. It is made out of polystyrene and carbon dioxide gas. Does not sound very appetizing, does it?

What happen when you microwave cup noodles?

When the water inside any container gets heated up, it transfers heat to the vessel as well – in this case, the cup. Once the styrofoam cup gets heated, it releases dangerous chemicals and fumes such as styrene gas, which is known for affecting the upper respiratory tract, but it can also irritate the eyes and skin

How to microwave cup noodles safely?

So in this case, how are we supposed to microwave the noodles that come in a cup? It is very simple – put them in a glass bowl, along with the seasoning package and some water; microwave for 3-5 minutes, just like those that come in a regular plastic wrap.

Or even better – you can transform this simple dish into something tastier with just a few more simple steps.

Spice Up Your Cup Noodle While Microwaving It

Look around your fridge – do you have any leftovers in there, for example, some cooked veggies, some chicken. Let’s put those to a good use – microwave the noodles in the glass bowl with some broth or water, right before they are done add the leftovers and stir. Microwave for 30 more seconds to 1 minute and you are all set with a beautiful meal!

If you have some heavy cream, you can even make a sauce with 2 or 3 mushrooms. Toast the mushrooms in a pan with some garlic and butter, add the cream about 5 minutes after you have started cooking them. Stir for 2-3 minutes and top your microwaved noodles with this new sauce! Who needs package seasoning anyways? So outdated!

Let’s say it is a Friday night – why not impress your friends by pulling out an amazing curry noodles dish!

You can make a quick curry sauce on the stove by heating some butter, adding ginger and red curry paste, then garlic and additional spices like cayenne or chilli. Reduce the spiciness with some coconut milk. If you have any tomato puree, which you have no idea for what else to use, you can add it too for extra flavour.

Boil your noodles in the trusty microwave and top them off with the incredible sauce. We guarantee that your friends will be impressed!

To Sum This Up

Do not boil or cook cup noodles in their cup as the heat makes it release fumes which are dangerous for your health and will also affect the flavour. Instead what we recommend is to use a microwave-safe glass bowl.

Look through what you have and try to use more creativity with this dish – it is a very forgiving item and even if you put too much of something, you can always add another spice or some lime juice, to compensate for the taste.

Did you find this article interesting? We hope that with our tips we managed to inspire you! We are sure that next time you buy some cup noodles, you will create a mesmerizing dish.

Stay safe while cooking and beware as more articles are on their way!

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