Can you freeze cranberry sauce

Can you freeze cranberry sauce? Learn how to freeze the homemade and canned versions!

If you made too much cranberry sauce in your holidays baking, has too many leftovers or is trying to plan ahead by preparing it before to save up some time and it is know wondering if you can freeze cranberry sauce, we will tell you in this article.

No thanksgiving dinner is complete without cranberry sauce. This delicious sauce is extremely popular, and you cannot go wrong with it.

Some people may prefer to just buy the canned cranberry sauce at the closest grocery store not to have the trouble to cook it, while some may prefer to make the homemade version of it, which is very simple, either way they can be frozen to increase its shelf life and avoid any food waste from all the holiday cooking’s.

So, below we will tell you the best tips on how to properly freeze cranberry sauce.

How to freeze homemade cranberry sauce

The homemade cranberry sauce freezes very well without losing its flavor, texture, and delicious smell.

Just be careful not to freeze it too long after they were made or after they were left in room temperature for a long period of time. The exposed cranberry sauce can go bad earlier than expected since bacteria could have formed in it.

So, if you saw that there will be too much leftovers of it, freeze them as soon as you can.

The easiest and best method to freeze the cranberry sauce is by placing it in small portions into airtight freezable compartments or zip-top bags. It is important to freeze them in separated portions. So you can control later what will be defrosted to be consumed, since the freezing process should only be done once.

This method will make your homemade cranberry sauce last for around 4 months. So do not forget to write down the date they were made and frozen so you can track down the time. But, if you notice that there were changes in the color or texture, do not consume it!

How to freeze canned cranberry sauce

As mentioned above, you can also freeze canned cranberry sauce. Even though this recipe is super easy to be made, some people prefer not to do it. They just buy it at the closest supermarket or grocery store.

The canned cranberry sauce cannot be frozen in its original compartment. They normally come in glass jars or plastic jars – but those do not hold the air out very well and will make the cranberry sauce to go bad sooner.

It is also dangerous to freeze it in glass compartments. Since the sauce expand after frozen, which may cause the glass to break.

Instead remove the cranberry sauce from its original compartment and add in airtight ones or in zip-top freezing plastic bags.

In this case, write down the date you opened the can of cranberry sauce and the date you froze it. This way, you will track how long they have been stored.

The canned cranberry sauce will last from 2 to 3 months. But again, if you notice any visible changes in the color, smell, or texture, do not consume it. When freezing the cranberry sauce in zip-top bags. Be careful not to let it touch or come in contact with other ingredients or foods in your freezer or they can absorb the flavors and smells.

How to defrost cranberry sauce

The defrost process of the cranberry sauce is as simple as freezing it in the first place. Both homemade and canned cranberry sauce can be defrosted the same way.

The most recommended method is to take the portion you will need from the freezer. Let it overnight or for a few hours in the fridge. After the cranberry is completely defrosted you can go one and use it as you wish.

By letting it defrost in the refrigerator you can later use your cranberry sauce in delicious sandwiches, or in you breakfast recipes, like oatmeal and yogurt bowls and as the top of toasts.

If you use your cranberry sauce in recipes that require reheating it, then you can use it straight out of the freezer and add it in the recipe. Just make sure to add a few more minutes of cooking time to let the cranberry sauce defrost completely.

Be careful with the canned cranberry and this second process. Since the canned cranberry may come out from the freezer a little more watery than before. If this happens you will need to control the other liquid ingredients of your recipe and it will turn out good.

Do not defrost the cranberry sauce in room temperature or exposed to the air and oxygen. This will increase the chances of bacteria growing in it, which will make the sauce go bad sooner.


Thanksgiving is a magical time and the baking process of it is what makes it even more special. But sometimes all that baking does not get consumed right when they were made, so it is always important to learn how to properly store any recipes and food leftovers.

In this article we taught the best ways you can freeze cranberry sauce. It is specially important part of the thanksgiving dinners. Either they are homemade cranberry sauce or canned ones. They both can be frozen to increase their duration and be consumed later.

The process of freezing is extremely simple and can be done easily and fast. You just need to leave all the air out from the packages.

Defrosting is also easy; you just need to take into consideration for what you will use the cranberry sauce later. If It will be consumed alone, thawing in the fridge may be the best option. If you add in a recipe that requires heating, you can take straight out of the freezer and use it. The cranberry will last from 2 to 4 months if stored correctly.

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