Can you freeze cake batter

Can you freeze cake batter? Learn how to save a lot of time!

It is more than known, that cakes and cupcakes can be frozen to increase their shelf-life and consumed later in order to avoid food waste. But is not popularly known that you can freeze the cake batter.

This way, you can plan ahead to have ready to bake cakes or made too much cake batter in the first place.

You can save store it in the fridge. It is nice to have a dessert in hand, when you do not have time to cook it from the scratch or do not feel like making it.

By following the tips mention below, your frozen cake batter will turn into a delicious cake that you taste just like a freshly prepared one.

In this article we will show you easy ways to freeze cake batter. You can make them all at once and save some precious time later.

Important things you should know before freezing cake batter

The first thing you need ensure is that you are freezing a newly prepared cake batter. It is recommended to freeze it within 24 hours after preparing it.

This way, you will have a cake with the taste and texture of a fresh baked one. The cake batter will last in your freezer for around 3 months.

Another thing you should be careful is not to freeze cake batter with whipped eggs in it, since the freezing process will take the airy texture out of it and the cake will not work well after it gets defrosted since it will get the same texture of a sponge.

The oil-based cake batter will be the best ones to freeze, defrost and bake afterwards.

How to freeze cake batter

While making it, be sure that all the ingredients of the cake batter are completely mixed and well blended. They do not freeze apart from each other and ruin the baking process later. 

Another thing you should be careful, is to add all the ingredients you need in the cake batter before freezing it.

After defrosting it will not be possible to add other ingredients before baking. The cake batter has to be baked, as it was in the freezer or the ingredients will not blend and will ruin each other.

It is important to freeze the cake batter in smaller portions. So you can defrost and use just the quantity you will need to bake later.

This way, you will avoid defrosting everything, using just a small amount of it and freeze everything again. The freezing process should only happen once.

If you have a muffin tray, this will be a good method to freeze the cake batter. Fill the cups of the muffin tray with the cake batter and, cover it tightly with plastic and freeze.

After 4 hours or after they are frozen. Remove it from the tray and place frozen cake batter into freezing plastic bags or in an airtight compartment. It is important to squeeze all the air out – and place the bags in the freezer.

If you do not have a muffin tray you can use smaller compartments, that can be well closed sealed and taken to the freezer.

Just separate them according to size and amount of cake you will need afterwards.

Do not forget the write down the date you prepared and froze the cake batter. So you can track for how long they can be in the fridge and avoid food waste.

How to defrost cake batter

The defrosting process of the cake batter is as simple as the freezing one and can be done easily.

If you already planned ahead, you will need to use the cake batter and have enough time for it. You can take the portion of the cake batter you need from the freezer and let it defrost overnight sitting in the fridge or it can be left in room temperature for a few hours. After the cake batter is completely defrosted you can go on with the normal baking process.

But, if you had a last minute need to bake the cake batter sitting in your fridge. You can put it in the oven straight away and it will defrost and bake normally.

Be careful with the size of the portion and the place you are baking it to make sure it will fit (remember that the cake will grow!). Make sure to add more time in the total baking time. So the batter can defrost first and then bake – if you add from 5 to 7 minutes it will be enough.

Remember that you can not add any other ingredients into the blended and mixed cake batter. It needs to be baked as it was frozen.

After the cake is done you can decorate and add as many things as your imagination allows.


As mentioned in the article above, you can freeze cake batter when needed. It as very simple process and can be done up to 24 hours after the cake batter was made. This way, you will have cakes that taste like freshly made anytime you need!

The most popular cake batters can be frozen. It will work just fine after the defrosting process like vanilla, carrot and chocolate cakes.

The only ones that will not work well are the cake batters that have whipped eggs in it. Since the freezing process will take the air texture out and the cake will not work after it.

After the cake is baked you can add all the decorations and toppings you want. It will make them taste even better.

So, if you liked to know that you can freeze cake batter and enjoyed the tips we gave in this article. Please let us know.

Also, reach out if you have other great methods of freezing cake batter perfectly so that the cake will taste fresh after baking.

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