Can You Buy An Air Fryer With Stainless Steel Basket? Everything You Need To Know

Air fryers have become such a popular appliance for home kitchens all over the world. These fryers allow you to cook your favorite deep fried foods at home, but with one special exception. The air fryer uses hot air instead of oil to cook your food. Your favorite foods still come out tasting crispy and delicious, with a fraction of the fat. Making a healthy change from oil to air for cooking your food may have you wondering if there is any sort of air fryer with stainless steel basket.

Most air fryers come with a non-stick basket. These are great because food comes off of them easily and they can be cleaned up very quickly. There is an issue with the non-stick baskets though. Studies have found out that the material used for non-stick surfaces has been releasing harmful toxins when heated. These toxins get stuff to your food and you end up eating them. You may not get sick right away from eating them, but they cause a lot of potential long-term damage to your body.

This has caused fans of the air fryer to be a little uneasy with continuing to make food in them. However, there is another solution to keep cooking healthy food safely in your air fryer.  Have you considered upgrading to an air fryer with stainless steel basket?

Stainless steel baskets are a safer alternative to use in your air fryer. Although most air fryer models still come with a non-stick basket, many companies are starting to realize the benefits of using stainless steel instead. The market for finding an air fryer with stainless steel basket is small now but still possible. Over the next few years expect to see more in stores.

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Can You Put Stainless Steel In An Air Fryer?

An air fryer is very easy to use and one of the safer appliances in the kitchen. Can you put stainless steel in an air fryer safely? Yes you can safely use stainless steel in the air fryer as long as it is labeled as oven safe. All stainless steel baskets that come with air fryers are safe to use.

Bigger air fryer models can often fit bowls or trays. If you want to use one that is stainless steel it is very important to make sure it has that oven safe label on it because if not there are a few dangers that could present itself. If there is any paint on the stainless steel it will melt away and the toxins will get into your food, similar to the non-stick material.

You would like to stick to only using stainless steel in your air fryer then it is a much safer decision to buy one that comes with a stainless steel basket rather than sticking your own stainless steel dish in there.

Is There An Air Fryer With A Stainless Steel Basket?

With all this talk about stainless steel you might be asking, is there an air fry with a stainless steel basket that I can buy? Yes there is, there aren’t as many as non-stick baskets available though.

One tricky thing about choosing an air fryer specifically for a stainless steel basket is that often a manufacturer will label their product as “made with stainless steel”, but won’t be specific about which part. When they say this you never know if they mean the baset, body, or chamber. It could be one or all three. This leaves a lot of customers scratching their heads. 

There is a better way to tell if the air fryer actually has a stainless steeled basket. Take a look at the basket on the floor model. Does it have a metallic or a matte finish? If it’s matte then it is non-stick material. Stainless steel baskets have a metallic finish, this is the easiest way to identify them.

How Do I Keep Food From Sticking To My Air Fryer Basket?

Stainless steel is a safer option for cooking than the non-stick material baskets. The only problem with stainless steel is that it’s not an instant clean up like non-stick, the food doesn’t slide off as easily either. How do I keep food from sticking to my air fryer basket?

When it comes to cooking with stainless steel, it’s always a good idea to lightly grease the basket even if your food doesn’t need oil to cook. You can do this by either spraying the grates with cooking oil, or lightly rubbing a bit on. It doesn’t require very much oil to grease up your basket, so you don’t have to worry about extra fat being added to your food.

Air Fryer With Stainless Steel Basket Is The Way To Go: Final Thoughts

Now that you know which features to look for in an air fryer with a stainless steeled basket you won’t have to worry about cooking with that unsafe non-stick material anymore. If you are concerned about the extra fat of adding oil to your stainless steel basket then try a healthier cooking oil such as olive or avocado oil.

When you are searching for a new air fryer with stainless steeled basket always read the reviews to see what others said when comparing models. A trusted brand will never lower the quality of their machines to make up for the cost of using a safer basket.   

Remember to always look for that metallic finish on the basket’s handle! What are some of your favorite foods to prepare in the air fryer? Let us know in the comments.

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