Can I eat Vienna sausages while pregnant

Can I Eat Vienna Sausages While Pregnant? You Can, But You Shouldn’t

There are many, many strange choices when women get pregnant and crave something they want to eat. Raw meat, sand, lots of chocolate, and others could be some of those strange cravings that can appear in their wish lists during expectancy.

One of those popular cravings is meat, but more specifically the one from sausages. You could see them salivating when they think or talk about hot dogs, grilled sausages, or the several varieties of sausages that exist. 

So today let’s talk about another of those popular choices, the Vienna sausages. We would be exploring this question: Can I eat Vienna sausages while pregnant? And see if it is really bad for you and your baby, or if there is actually more to it. So, let’s dive right into these questions and more related to this interesting topic.

Can pregnant women eat sausage?

Before starting talking about the answer to “Can I eat Vienna sausages while pregnant?”, we need to take a look at sausages and pregnancy in general. It is not like all sausages are bad, aren’t they? Well, let’s find out! Can pregnant women eat sausage?

In theory, sausages are not the world’s healthiest food you can eat, not only for pregnant women but everyone else. They are normally prepared with lots of oil, fried, grilled, baked, etc. Sometimes they are not cooked entirely, with some juices dripping out. Some people like it, some do not. Preferences.

But if you are expecting a baby, the consumption of sausages, in general, should be kept to a minimum. They are not that healthy and, if they are not well cooked, they could lead to complications and issues ranging from a really bad food poisoning event to worse outcomes.

Similar to other kinds of meat, sausages could be the home of a great number of parasites and bacteria if they are not well manipulated or well cooked. It is not like every single sausage in the world is infected or badly prepared, but are you willing to take a gamble when you do not need to?

Are Vienna sausages good for pregnant women?

We already about if it is good for pregnant women to eat sausages in general during expectancy, but what about the ones that are the topic of today? Are Vienna sausages good for pregnant women?

In a similar way to the Can I eat Vienna sausages while pregnant question, you need to know that there is not anything wrong with eating a Vienna sausage or two during pregnancy. They have some nutrients that are pretty good for you and your baby. The issue is about other things.

When you are eating Vienna sausages, you may get lots of iron, vitamin B12, and several amino acids. These are pretty good elements for you, and especially the creature growing inside you, but… The ways these sausages are prepared are not the healthiest.

Sometimes, having them fried to put inside hot dogs makes them not as healthy as eating them baked; and even then, these are no healthier than red meat, since they are composed of these. Also, since these are normally sold at rapid food establishments, hygiene may also be a concern.

When is ok to eat sausages during pregnancy?

We already established that, while the answer to Can I eat Vienna sausages while pregnant is a yes, there is a catch. And that gotcha is going to be answered with the next question: When is OK to eat sausages during pregnancy? As you may have guessed, this applies to all types of sausages, including Vienna sausages.

For starters, the secret of a safe sausage for consumption is its internal temperature and the way is cooked. In the case of temperature, it depends of the type of meat used to encase the sausage. If it is made from pork, veal, beef or lamb, this temp is around 71 degrees Celsius, or 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, in the case of the ones made with chicken or turkey meat, the recommended internal temperature is a little bit warmer, at around 73 degrees Celsius, or 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Quite simply, keeping them well cooked is the way to go.

You got to remember that these sausages would need to be consumed before they get cold, and reheating them to the recommended temperatures if needed. This is a way to avoid bacteria proliferation, and their nasty illnesses. 

Cured sausages and why you should avoid them

The things you would need to avoid is to consume the kinds of sausages that are known as cured; such as prosciutto, pepperoni, salami, among others. Before you run scared, remember that in the case of pizza, these are probably well prepared and cooked inside a very warm oven. 

You should also need to avoid those kinds of sausages that can be consumed as they are; such the ones in hot dogs. It may look very tempting to eat one or two, but it is a risky endeavor. Also, these and many other sausages are rich in salt and fat; this does not help with the healthy lifestyle you should be aiming when pregnant.


Finally, we need to answer Can I eat Vienna sausages while pregnant in a good way. Sure, you can eat as many sausages as you want, but you got to remember that these foods are not the healthiest of food there are, and could pose a risk when they are not well cooked.

They also may be risky in the way temperature dictates their level of safety. A safe Vienna sausage could be consumed when its internal temperature is around 71 to 73 degrees Celsius or 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

All this means that you should avoid undercooked sausages (and meats in general) when you are expecting a baby. And, as explained above, while these may have some good nutrients for both of you, they also have lots of salt and fat that do no help you at all.

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