Can i eat mushrooms while pregnant

Can I Eat Mushrooms While Pregnant?

Is it advisable for pregnant women to eat mushrooms while pregnant? During pregnancy, you must be careful what goes down your throat lest you face problems. Eat typical food you know they are safe for your condition or if unsure, seek advice from your gynecologist before ingesting uncommon food. While pregnant, be extra careful with what you eat. Even if you were a mushroom fan before pregnancy, seek advice before you eat them while pregnant. Every woman is different during this period, and not every pregnancy in a woman is the same.

Traditionally, people had myths and misconceptions about eating mushrooms, saying they are healthy, while others believe they are not suitable for pregnant mothers. So, can I eat mushrooms while pregnant? Yes, with some caveats. But some women can eat mushrooms without issues.  

Nutritionally, eating mushrooms is right for your health. It contains some vital vitamins and minerals that help develop the bundle you are carrying inside. You can eat mushrooms when pregnant, but some varieties may cause allergies, which leads to some side effects. Magic and wild mushrooms may cause stomach problems such as; vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea, but this depends on your body’s reactions towards these mushrooms. So, start with low quantities to know how your body reacts to mushrooms. If everything turns out fine, increase your intake until full servings. 

You may be asking yourself which varieties to consume and are safe to eat during pregnancy. Continue eating mushroom varieties that cause you no issues before to be on the safe side. But if you want to test other varieties, start with low quantities to monitor how your body is receptive or non-receptive. Eat common types of mushrooms while pregnant such as cremini, oyster, and button.  

Mushrooms can also be frozen or processed but must be consumed before expiry dates to be safe during pregnancy.

If you want to purchase your mushrooms, ensure they are fresh, with no bruising, and be clean. I advise you not to eat raw mushrooms, especially when pregnant; wash and cook them thoroughly to prevent the harmful fungi and germs from destroying your digestive system. If you doubt the above side effects, eat small quantities and monitor how your body responds. If there are any reactions, see your nutritionist for further advice. 

Apart from the natural mushroom fungi, other medicinal mushroom varieties have potent antioxidants, which are more beneficial to pregnant mothers’ health. A few examples of these medicinal mushrooms include; maitake, shiitake, turkey, and reishi mushrooms. Some mushrooms are not advisable for pregnant mothers to eat; you know what makes your mushroom unsafe.

Raw mushrooms

Mushrooms are indigestible if eaten raw; this is because they contain rigid cell walls, so you must cook them properly before eating them, and this makes its nutrients bioavailable.

Magic mushrooms and wild mushrooms may cause problems when eaten raw. Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, which may lead to hallucinations, drowsiness, vomiting, and nausea. It may also cause ataxia, which can lead to death. 

Precautions to take while eating mushrooms

If you eat mushrooms and realize that it has no allergic reactions on your body, you may not experience any side effects, and you must maintain the same variety.  Anyhow, follow the following precautions:

Purchase and consume while fresh; skip eating mushrooms raw. Check the structure and texture to ensure no bruises or decay spots, and then wash them thoroughly before cooking. Steer far away from processed mushrooms or reduce the servings per day. If you have been feasting with mushrooms along and you are deep-rooted into this diet, avoid medicinal mushrooms during pregnancy only; you can eat the rest. Your body is like a temple during pregnancy; not everything gets along.

Nutritional value of mushrooms

Mushrooms contain many nutrients essential for pregnant mothers; these nutrients include; proteins, carbohydrates, energy, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, sodium, vitamin D, copper, folate potassium, niacin, and many others.

Benefits of eating mushrooms

Mushrooms make other foods taste good; also, they add small quantities of fat, carbohydrates, or low amounts of calories. If you eat mushrooms, your body will benefit from the vitamin B complex, including compounds such as; thiamine B1, riboflavin B2, niacin B3, and pantothenic acid B5. Riboflavin helps in nerve development, good eyesight, healthy skin, and strong muscles and bones. Niacin helps maintain cholesterols levels and is very good for the heart and circulatory system’s health to both mother and the unborn. Thiamine, responsible for developing a baby’s brain, also boasts a good source of energy your body needs. Pantothenic acids prevent digestive disorders by increasing metabolism inside the gut.

Eating mushrooms enrich your body with proteins that aid in developing the placenta and supports the fetus. It also contains fiber, either insoluble or soluble, for proper digestion. Soluble fiber helps modulate the amount of sugar absorbed into the body and helps maintain blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Mushrooms contain antioxidants that help pregnant mothers stay healthy and disease-free by boosting the immune system. It contains potassium and zinc minerals, which allow the growth and healthy development of the unborn. It would be best if you had a lot of blood during pregnancy; iron available in mushrooms is essential for hemoglobin and oxygen-carrying protein. 


So, can I eat mushrooms while pregnant? Yes, you can eat mushrooms because they contain a lot of nutrients that supplement other foods. Mushrooms exist in many varieties, so choose the ones that have no allergy reactions to your body. I advise you not to eat mushrooms when raw because cell walls are rigid and hard to break. Don’t eat magic or wild mushrooms because they may cause issues. Magic contains psilocybin, which causes people to hallucinate, feel drowsy, vomit, nausea, and ataxia.

Mushrooms also contain insoluble and soluble fiber essential for proper digestion. Soluble fiber helps to moderate the amount of sugar absorbed into the body, maintaining blood pressure and cholesterols’ level. When you go to the market for mushrooms, buy fresh ones and watch for bruises or decay spots.

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