Why You Should Make The Switch To An Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker In Your Kitchen

Every good morning starts with a nice hot cup of coffee. Most people will say that their morning cup of coffee is what helps them function first thing. There are so many different types of coffee makers available you have probably heard about an automatic pour over coffee maker before.  A lot of coffee drinkers have recently made the switch to these machines and there’s some great reasons why.

Coffee snobs around the world love their automatic pour over coffee maker because it allows them to adjust every setting to customize it to get their perfect brew every tiem. It’s no wonder so many coffee drinkers forget all about their drip makers once they make the switch to pour over coffee.

What Is The Difference Between Drip and Pour Over Coffee?

For some people coffee is just coffee and they don’t put too much thought into it. What is the difference between drip and pour over coffee anyway? While physically the drip and the pour over coffee brewers may do the same thing. The coffee that ends up in your cups tells a different story. Here are a few of the differences between a drip and an automatic pour over coffee maker:


Pour over coffee always produces better results. If you make drip and pour over coffee side by side you will instantly see the quality before your eyes in the cups. Automatic pour over coffee makers will make the best of your coffee bean.


Unfortunately drip brewers don’t reach the ideal water temperature for making the perfect cup of coffee. This is why the quality just isn’t as good as pour over coffee.


The flavor of drip coffee isn’t as consistent as coffee made from an automatic pour over coffee maker because the head that the water comes out of doesn’t get all of the coffee grounds. Pour over coffee is able to get all the coffee grounds to brew the perfect cup every time.

Custom Features

An automatic pour over coffee maker has more custom features to help the coffee lover brew their perfect cup. Most drip machines only allow one or two settings.

These are some of the differences between an automatic pour over coffee maker and a drip coffee maker. This may help clear up some of the reasons why you should switch from your drip brewer to a pour over.

Why Pour Over Coffee?

There are many great reasons why pour over coffee is the better choice for coffee drinkers. Automatic pour over coffee makers are built to last. They are made out of higher quality materials that don’t wear down over time.

Their biggest competitor, the drip brewer, isn’t built to last at all. After 2-3 years they usually bite the dust and end up in a landfill somewhere. That’s not even the worst part about the drip brewer either.

Drip brewers are horrible for carrying mould and other harmful bacterias in hard to reach places. They may look clean on the outside but they are filthy once they are taken apart.

Pour over coffee makers can be cleaned much easier, so the risk of mould isn’t there. They are also built to last forever, as long as you take care of your machine.

Why Is Pour Over Coffee Better?

We’ve gone over why the automatic pour over coffee maker is better than the drip brewer. What about the coffee itself though. Why is pour over coffee better than drip coffee? Here are four reasons why pour over coffee is better:

Cleanest Coffee

Out of all the ways to make coffee, pour over always makes the purest and cleanest cup of coffee you will be able to get. You can taste the difference every morning.

Energy Efficient

If you’re the only coffee drinker in your home then pour over is the more energy efficient option since there is no sense in brewing a whole pot. You can also adjust it to make your ideal size cup of coffee,

Best Coffee Extraction

With all of the various ways to make coffee, pour over is the best method for getting the most extraction of delicious coffee flavor from those beans.No wonder coffee snobs all over the world are making the switch to automatic pour over coffee makers.

Very Affordable

On top of being energy efficient, they are also more cost efficient than drip brewers. Some of the more affordable ones start at only $25.

If you are wanting a cup of clean and flavorful java, then making the switch to an automatic pour over coffee maker is the right choice to make for you.

Final Thoughts On Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers

Coffee is one thing where you should never skip out on quality. Today we have gone over some informative reasons on why switching to an automatic pour over coffee maker is the right choice to make. Pour over coffee delivers a better tasting and cleaner cup of coffee every time. There are also no worries of harmful bacteria or mold when it comes to pouring over coffee.

It’s easy to see why you should make the switch to an automatic pour over coffee maker. Starting the day with pour over coffee is going to be part of my new wake up routine. Have you tried pour over coffee yet? Tell us about how much you liked it in the comments.

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