What Size of Air Fryer Is Right For You? A Guide To All Of The Air Fryer Sizes

When it comes to an air fryer, it’s an easy yes to add to the list of much needed kitchen appliances. If you love eating deep fried food but know that you need to be eating healthier meals then an air fryer is just what you need. With so many different air fryer sizes available, it’s a tough decision to know which is right for you.

Eliminating the use of oil and providing hot air circulation helps the air fryer cook foods to have that same crispy brown texture your favorite deep fried foods have. You won’t be disappointed at how tasty your favourite foods are when cooked in an air fryer.

French fries are no longer considered a junk food when they are done in an air fryer. They still taste delicious like a french fry would, only they’re a lot better for you. Air fryers aren’t only for deep fried foods. Almost any meal that you would cook in a conventional oven can also be done in the air fryer (with the exception of a few). They are one of the best small kitchen appliances to buy.

If deep fried foods are something you enjoy, then do your heart a favor and get an air fryer. We are going to go over all the different air fryer sizes today so you have the information you need to select the right one.

Air Fryer Sizes: What Air Fryer Size Is Best For A Family?

If you recently got an air fryer then cooking for the whole family just got a lot easier and faster, if you chose one of the right air fryer sizes that is. What air fryer size is best for a family? That will depend on how many people you have to cook for. Take a look at this air fryer sizes list to see which one is best suited for your household:

  • Single person or couple, 2-3 quart
  • Persons of 3, 3-5 quart
  • Family of 4, 5-5.8 quart
  • Family of 5 or larger, 5.8 quart or larger

When you choose the right air fryer size it becomes easy to find meals that the whole family will love. It is also recommended to choose a size slightly bigger than called for because your food will cook even faster. No more waiting around for those delicious fries.

Air Fryer Sizes: What Is The Size Of An Air Fryer Basket?

Before spending any money on a new appliance you need to make sure it is the right fit for you. One thing you may be wondering is what is the size of an air fryer basket? If this appliance is going to take up room on the countertop then it best be capable of performing cooking wonders.

To give you a better idea of the basket size for your new air fryer, let’s talk about some examples of what they can hold. Creating this visual image for you may help you determine which air fryer you want.

A smaller 2 quart basket is enough to hold a piece of meat and a side of vegetables. That’s great for solo dinners, but once you add more people to your pack you may want something more. The 3 quart basket is perfect size for any special date night dinner you have planned. If you’re wanting something on the bigger side, the air fryer baskets that are between 6-10 quart are the ones that can hold pizzas and whole chickens.

What you plan on making in that air fryer should have the biggest impact on the air fryer sizes that are right for your house.

Air Fryer Sizes: What Is A Quart Air Fryer?

There are so many different air fryer sizes and ways to determine which size is right for your household. If you’re reading the list to determine which list is right, you may be asking what is a quart fryer? A quart is a measurement used to determine how much food can fit into the air fryer basket. A quart is one quarter of a gallon. Hopefully this helps you determine how much food can fit in your air fryer basket.

Even though a 2 quart air basket can hold a little more than 2 lbs of food, doesn’t mean you should fill it all the way. To ensure that your food is cooked to perfection every time then make sure you only fill it part way.

Air Fryer Sizes: Tips To Pick Out The right Air Fryer

Now that you know about picking out the right size of air fryer for your home, here are some other tips that will help you pick out the right model.

  • The better quality brands have either an LCD digital or manual analog control and displays.
  • Check out the various temperature settings and pre-settings available
  • Automatic on and off controls are a must so you don’t have to babysit your food
  • Some models have multiple compartments, making it easier for you to cook multiple things at once.
  • Check out which other cooking features the air fryer model you’re looking at comes with. They can do more than just fry food.

Hopefully this helps make picking out the perfect size air fryer easier for you. Remember these tips to make sure you bring home the best one.

Air Fryer Sizes: Final Thoughts

It’s important that you select the proper size of air fryer so you can get the best tasting food every time. Eating healthier versions of your favorite deep fried snacks can be so much better for you with an air fryer. Who knew that air was capable of cooking food just as delicious as oil does.

Have you tried cooking with an air fryer yet? What is your favorite thing to make in one? Let us know in the comments.

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