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Pizza is an extremely popular comfort food option, which is why the number of people who prefer to bake pizzas at home is increasing greatly. Mastering the art of pizza-making requires a lot of time, effort and professional pizza-baking equipment. However, if you want delicious, pizzeria-style pizzas at home, then you need to buy a pizza stone. These stones are kept inside the oven before the heating process commences.

Pizza stones are probably one of the hottest kitchen equipment items today. They make baking pizzas even more fun and exciting. If you love a soft-crust pizza that is evenly cooked, then a pizza stone is just what you need.

There are many pizza stones available in the market that are made of different materials and come in various shapes and sizes. Here are some of the best pizza stones for oven that you can choose from.

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Pizza Stones for Oven Reviews

A great pizza stone to bake your favorite goodies is the Black Ceramic Pizza Stone and Pizza Cutter Wheel by Heritage. This is one of our favorites due to its quick heating ability as it heats up almost twice as fast as any other pizza stones.

This baking stone introduced by Heritage is made of a black ceramic stone, so it is a highly durable product. Many pizza stones tend to break easily even before use; however, the black coating of this ceramic stone increases its lifespan and gives it a beautiful and smooth finish.  Heritage also offers a high-quality pizza cutter for free along with this wonderful item. The poor packaging of this product can be a turn off for many, but the company’s amazing customer service will ensure that you’re content with your purchase.  

The cleanup process is extremely easy. Once you’re done baking your favorite foods, you can clean your pizza stone using just a cloth. Its smooth surface doesn’t require too much effort in cleaning. To be on the safe side, you can use parchment paper to clean it up.


  • Easy to clean because of the black top coat
  • Perfect in size
  • Highly durable product
  • Can bake a variety of items apart from pizza
  • Comes with a pizza cutter wheel
  • Ensures that the crust of the pizza remains crispy without overcooking the rest of it


  • Comes in poor packaging
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If you’re looking for a great pizza stone that guarantees a perfectly toasted pizza, then look no further than the Pizza Stone for Grill and Oven. This high-quality stone arrives in a thick foam packaging and comes with a pizza recipe e-book and a gift box with a surprise.

This pizza stone is a little thicker than other stones. Its thickness is what gives the pizza a gorgeous and crispy crust. Apart from that, it can be utilized to warm up leftovers while maintaining their taste and freshness. However, this pizza stone is quite heavy, which makes it difficult to maneuver. It’s better to leave the stone in the oven rather than moving it around too much. This pizza stone is to be used very carefully; otherwise, it can stain. While staining doesn’t affect the functionality of this product, it just doesn’t remain as pretty as it once was.

It truly is an all-rounder pizza stone as it lets you bake a variety of baked goods such as bread, pizza, and pastries. However, you cannot use it for buttery goods. This pizza stone is great not only for oven use in winters but also for grill (charcoal or gas) use in summers.


  • Thick and durable
  • Comes in a great packaging that is enforced with polyethylene foam
  • Great quality
  • Staining doesn’t affect the performance or functionality
  • Comes with a surprise gift and e-book


  • A little big in size
  • It can stain easily if you aren’t careful enough

This baking stone can be used for pizzas as well as baking bread, cookies and other baked items. This stone also offers us the opportunity to heat ready-made pizzas. One of the best qualities of this item is its amazing thermal stability as it can tolerate immensely high temperatures really well. This pizza stone by ROCKSHEAT is also officially certified and doesn’t emit any harmful substances or odor under high heat. The user manual may be a little difficult to read, but it is very helpful.

Its thickness levels are appropriate for grill or oven cooking and it doesn’t even need to be seasoned before you can start using it. If you season the stone before baking items, they might stick to it and won’t come off easily.  Despite its thickness and quality, this product doesn’t have any extra weight. All in all, this product is worth every penny and can give you a pizza that tastes just like the one at your favorite restaurant.


  • Thermal stability – cooks items by evenly distributing heat throughout
  • No needless weight
  • Appropriate thickness
  • Can be used directly without seasoning
  • Reliable and thick
  • Great size – fits most ovens perfectly


  • It takes a little extra time to preheat before initiating the cooking process

This baking stone by SOLIDO is rectangular-shaped perfection and is meant for multiple purposes. It is an extremely versatile item that is amazing for baking pizza, bread or even cookies. It is an all-rounder as it can be used in an oven and on a BBQ or grill.

The rectangular shape of this baking stone enables you to fit and bake various items that you would otherwise be unable to bake on a regular baking stone. Even though this item has a big surface area, it still fits easily inside all standard ovens. Not only is the stone of this item thick enough to ensure its durability, but it also has ridges at the bottom for added support and strength. Even though this product is a little heavy, it isn’t unreasonably heavy for a pizza stone.

This product also features a heat spiral that balances the heat transmitted or retained by the stone, giving you an evenly baked pizza with a crispy brown crust every time. The best part about this product is the additional features that add to its functionality.

This pizza stone by SOLIDO arrives in a well-wrapped heavy box, so you don’t have to worry about the product being damaged. The bottom line is that this item has some great features. It comes with added support underneath it, which allows easy maneuverability.


  • Features a great heat spiral
  • Good size
  • Not too heavy for a pizza stone
  • Great and well-protected packaging
  • Has an instruction manual about proper care and handling


  • You might not succeed in making a good pizza on your first try. The crust might get burned if you don’t use the product properly.

The NerdChef Steel Stone, as the name suggests, is manufactured using steel. This stands out from other pizza stones as most of them are made with either ceramic or cordierite. If you’re looking for a steel pizza baking stone, then this one by NerdChef is probably your best bet. Our favorite thing about this beautiful product is its high conductivity and increased heat capacity as compared to other products.

While most baking stones are made of other more solid materials, NerdChef took the initiative of launching a rectangular pizza stone made of steel. The steel is also pretty solid and naturally, unbreakable, enhancing its durability. Since the product is made of steel, it has 10 times higher conductivity and twice the heat capacity as compared to ceramic baking stones. The steel pizza stone also allows greater heat energy to pass on to your crust, giving it a rough texture.

This pizza stone allows you to cook at high temperatures— above 450 degrees F. The increased heat means faster cooking times. This steel baking stone features a low-friction surface that is very textured. The sides of the item, even though not too sharp, are still a little pointy. This factor, coupled with the fact that it’s manufactured using steel, increases the chances of injury when using it.

The weight of this steel stone is not something you can’t handle, but it may be annoying when you bend down to place it in the oven. The problem with having steel as the main material of this baking stone is that it doesn’t absorb moisture as well as other porous materials such as ceramic. The heat of steel stone will cause the crust to puff up and cook faster, but the outside layer will require more time to become crispy.

All in all, steel isn’t a bad option when it comes to baking stones. You can opt for this stone easily, but just make sure to handle it with care. Also, measure your pizzas to check their size as this baking stone doesn’t support large pizzas. Since there are two units of the NerdChef Steel Stone, it’s better to opt for the thinner one rather than the thicker ones.


  • Different from typical baking stones
  • High conductivity
  • High heat capacity
  • Helps cook faster


  • Steel doesn’t absorb moisture as well as other porous materials
  • Size is a little small

This specific option is the best choice for those who want to bake pizzas and other goodies in different ovens such as an RV oven. The Waykea black ceramic pizza stone will have you raving about it for days.

The best feature of this ceramic pizza stone by Waykea is that it’s multipurpose. It can be used to bake various items, such as pizzas, bread, pastries, etc., or heat frozen pizza. Since it is the perfect size, it can fit into normal ovens, toaster ovens, BBQ grills with lids, and many RV ovens.  Made using natural cordierite, this baking stone has increased durability as this material also offers fantastic resistance to thermal shocks. The best part is that it doesn’t crack despite high temperatures.

The Waykea black ceramic pizza stone helps cook mouth-watering crispy pizzas. This is due to the even and fast distribution of heat throughout the entire stone. The black ceramic glazed surface is an added bonus as it makes the cleaning process seem like a piece of cake. One small swipe down and the product looks brand new!

This is the ultimate pizza stone for those who are looking to bake tasty treats in an RV oven rather than a home oven. RV ovens are great as the food tends to burn from the bottom due to the direct heat. This makes the Waykea baking stone a very versatile item. The quality of this item is very evident. Also, it arrives in a pretty great packaging along with foam for extra support.


  • Durable due to natural cordierite material
  • Delivers a crispy and crusty pizza
  • Thermal shock resistance as it can bear high temperatures without cracking
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes
  • Super-easy to clean due to black ceramic surface
  • Can be used to bake a variety of items other than pizza


  • The width of this item is thin
  • The bottom of the pizza may turn out soggy, initially, if instructions aren’t followed

Best Pizza Stones for Oven Buyers Guide

Now that all the top picks and best pizza stones for oven have been discussed, let’s discuss the key factors that will aid you in selecting a pizza stone that meets all your needs and requirements.

Size of the Pizza Stones

One of the main factors that matter when choosing a pizza stone is the size of the stone. Pizza stones are available in various sizes— some big and some small. The size of the pizza stones depends on the size of the oven you currently have. If you have a big oven, purchase a bigger pizza stone. On the other hand, if you have a tiny oven, choose a small pizza stone. This way, the pizza stone will fit perfectly in the oven, offering the most effective heat for baking purposes.

Shape of the Pizza Stones

When choosing a pizza stone, another significant factor that can affect your decision is the shape of the stone. Pizza stones come in multiple styles and shapes. While some may be round, others are square or even rectangular. The shape of the stones you purchase will mostly rely on the shape of the oven and the space it can support. If you have a rectangular oven, opt for rectangular stones. This way, the pizza stone will fit perfectly in the oven.


The three basic materials that pizza stones are typically made out of are fibrament, firebrick and cordierite.

Fibrament is a mixture of conductive and heat-resistant resources. This material can endure up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cordierite cannot bear temperatures more than 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. This material is still a great choice for manufacturing pizza stones as it has the ability to absorb moisture, which means that you’ll never have to make do with a soggy crust again!

Another material that is commonly used to manufacture pizza stones is firebrick, which is also referred to as ceramic. Ceramic pizza stones are great at trapping and conducting heat and can be used to bake your pizza evenly without putting in any extra effort. Ceramic stones are made by baking clay in a kiln and can withstand temperatures up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Every pizza stone material comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. While cordierite is comparatively heavier than the other two materials, it is also long-lasting and reliable. Even though fibrament is great for making crispy pizzas, the stone has to be cured before it’s used.

While firebrick or ceramic pizza stones can be used to bake great-tasting pizzas, many people complain that this material releases an odd smell that sticks to the food.


Pizza stones are created using earth or other ceramic components that can make the pizza stone pretty heavy. This extra weight is mostly due to the structure of the stone.

It’s obvious that no one would prefer purchasing a pizza stone that is difficult to carry or take out of the oven. So, before purchasing a pizza stone, see how much it weighs and if it’s super easy to lift without any extra effort. Also, you have to remember that it’s a bad idea to go for lightweight pizza stones as they can crack or break if they are overused.

Trouble-Free Cleaning and Maintenance

Pizza stone materials are meant to be cleaned in a specific manner. Pizza stones that are made of fibrament can’t be cleaned with anything other than water. Many pizza stone manufacturers also recommend not washing the product at all. If this seems really gross or disgusting to you, you should opt for another material.

Many other pizza stones that are made of porous materials allow moisture to penetrate through the stone. Due to this, these types of stones are uber-easy to clean and maintain.

A significant amount of effort is needed if you want to extend the lifespan of your pizza stone. Therefore, you should definitely take into account the cleaning process when searching for the ideal pizza stone.


The resourcefulness or versatility of the pizza stone is a special factor to consider, especially if you’re someone who likes experimenting with food. If you’re interested in baking other items too, then this is an important factor for you to consider. You can check whether the pizza stone is multi-purpose or not. For instance, you can check if it can be used to make other foods such as bread and cookies. Also, you can check if it can be used as a warm serving plate so that you can serve your pizza directly.

A square-shaped pizza stone has more space for other dishes as compared to a round pizza stone. A round pizza stone is only good for baking breads or warming up quesadillas apart from being used to bake pizzas

Stockpots are round pots that are tall and come with fitted glass lids. These pots are mostly used for cooking soups, corn on the cob, stews or even pasta. These pots are big, so make sure you can handle the weight before carrying them. An 8-quart stockpot is big enough for a family of four and is included in most cookware sets.


Here are some frequently asked questions about best pizza stones for baking.

1) Can pizza stones crack?

Pizza stones can crack.

Here is a list of factors that explain how a pizza stone can crack.

Placing a Baking Stone That Is Cold into a Hot Oven

This is one of the main reasons why pizza stones crack. As you place a cold pizza stone in a hot oven, it experiences a thermal shock. This means that your pizza stone isn’t able to handle extreme temperature changes, especially if it is made out of ceramic. Huge temperature changes can cause the stone to ‘fracture.’ While sometimes the crack is immediately visible, there are other times when it isn’t obvious until the next baking session.

Allowing Moisture to Penetrate the Pizza Stone

Some pizza stones can’t be washed. The problem doesn’t lie in the washing part, but rather in the drying part of the process. So, if you don’t dry or allow your pizza stone to dry appropriately before initiating your next pizza-baking session, it can cause the stone to weaken. Also, never oil your pizza as that will reduce the life span of your pizza stone.

Placing Cool or Cold Food onto the Pizza Stone

The pizza-baking process initiates by pre-heating the pizza stone. Even if your pizza stone is hot, you might want to be cautious about placing cold pizza dough on the stone. You should be even more careful about placing frozen pizza dough on it. Placing cold food onto a pizza stone cracks the surface immediately.

Handling the Stone Too Much

While you may expect your pizza stone to be really tough, it’s actually extremely fragile. Handling the pizza stone a little too much can wreak havoc and weaken its internal strength over time. And, of course, you won’t even notice the crack until you’re in the midst of a perfect pizza-baking session!

Removing the Stone Too Soon From a Hot Oven

Just like placing a cold pizza onto a hot stone can crack the surface, pulling the pizza stone out of a hot oven and setting it on the stove to cool down can have more or less the same effect. In short, your pizza stone can’t handle the extreme temperature change.

Using Too Much Heat

This is somewhat unfortunate because the hotter the oven is, the quicker your pizzas will bake. Plus, how else will you get that perfect pizza crust, right? While wood fire ovens can help you get the perfect pizza with its uber-high temperatures, this is unfortunate news for your pizza stone. If you increase the heat of your oven too much, your pizza stone will shatter into multiple pieces.

2) Which is the best pizza stone material?

Pizza stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. The main materials that pizza stones feature are ceramic, cordierite and steel. To know which is the best pizza stone material,  you’ll have to learn the difference between the three materials.

Ceramic Pizza Stones

If you’re looking for a cost-effective pizza stone, the most budget-friendly choice is ceramic pizza stones. Manufactured from clay, these stones are a great option as they ensure that the pizza is evenly cooked. They are good heat conductors but aren’t very resistant to thermal shocks. Ceramic pizza stones are considered to be highly durable as they can last for many years.

Cordierite Baking Stones

Cordierite is probably the most popular material used to make baking stones. It is a little more expensive than other materials such as ceramic. Cordierite stones are the most durable pizza stones due to their thermal shock resistance. This material is also highly resilient as this mineral is famous for its ability to handle extremely high temperatures. Cordierite can handle the heat of your oven for years without giving up. Hence, it is the best baking stone material.

The Baking Steel Stone

Steel pizza stones have gained popularity recently. Steel pizza stones are a great option as they can withstand very high temperatures. However, they radiate heat less evenly in comparison to other materials, such as ceramic or cordierite. Steel baking stones can also be used in combination with other pizza stones. Perhaps the best part about using steel baking stones is that they’re almost indestructible. However, baking steel requires a little more extra care than other baking stone materials as it can rust very quickly.

There’s no ‘perfect’ material when it comes to choosing a baking stone. Every baking stone material comes with its own pros and cons. You should pick the baking material that is best suited for your specific needs. Perhaps, if you’re searching for the most convenient and cheapest option, a ceramic baking stone will be your best bet.

In case you’re looking for a highly durable and a little more expensive option, then a cordierite baking stone should be your go-to option. If you’re looking for something that won’t crack, then baking steel will be your perfect choice. However, the only way to ensure the durability of any of these materials is by taking good care of them.

Final Words

Your home oven can be used for a variety of purposes such as braising, broiling and roasting. However, the one dish that requires a significant amount of your effort and attention is – pizza. Home ovens downright aren’t cut out for making the perfect pizza mainly due to the lack of appropriate heat. So, if you want to enjoy the perfect pizza at home, you’ll need a hotter surface –a pizza baking stone!

We have discussed some of the best pizza stones for oven in 2019. All these materials have certain pros and cons. You can make your choice depending on the material you want and the kind of pizza crust you like best!

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