Best Cookware for Electric Glass Top Stove

Glass top stoves are extremely popular nowadays mainly because of their great aesthetics and general ease-of-use. They not only make the kitchen more appealing but also allow you to cook delicious meals for your family with ease. The biggest challenge that comes with glass top stoves is that they can be hard to maintain since the glass top surface is sensitive and may get scratched or damaged.

That means it will require regular cleaning and using the right type of cookware for your electric glass top stove. Using bad cookware may damage the stove, as it may get cracked or damaged. To compound matters, glass top stoves are expensive and a simple repair job may cost you hundreds of dollars.

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Best Cookware for Electric Glass Top Stove Comparison Table

Cookware for Electric Glass Top Stove Reviews

The Pioneer Woman Vintage Speckle 24-piece cookware combo set is ideal for outfitting your kitchen with everything you would need to prep, bake, or cook any meal you want. It comes with a 1-quart saucepan with lid, a 2.5-quart saucepan with lid, a 5.5-inch Dutch oven with lid, a 9.5-inch fry pan, a 12-inch skillet, 4 ceramic measuring bowls, 4 ceramic measuring spoons, an 8-inch cast-iron skillet, 2 mini au gratins, 2 silicone sleeves, Acacia wood-turner, Acacia wood spoon, and a Nylon spatula.

This stunning cookware set comes in two signature shades, red and turquoise, with each ceramic piece in the set exquisitely complementing each shade and adding a touch of class to the design. It’s the ideal cookware set for anyone who wants to cook on an electric glass top stove.  


  • Cast-iron, safe on electric induction stovetops
  • Enameled aluminum
  • Hand wash recommended


  • Some users have complained about the color of the set fading
  • Complaints about staining on the set

This 18-piece cookware set from Kitchenware cooking is another great choice for cooking on an electric glass top stove. The best part about this cookware set is that you get all cooking essentials in one package and its pots and pans come with a patterned interior that has a nonstick coating for easier cooking and cleanup. The lids have heat and shatter-resistant tempered glass and are transparent so you can watch your meal and monitor its progress.

The cookware set is ideal for college students and is perfect for recreational vehicles or lake house. Its color is attractive, and the durable aluminum construction offers you great value for money. It is compatible with gas, ceramic, and glass cooktops and is also dishwasher safe.


  • 18-piece nonstick pots and pans
  • Great starter set for a college student
  • Aluminum cookware construction
  • All cooking essentials included in one package


  • Some users have complained about the size of the cookware
  • Complaints about staining on the set

The Cook N Home 12-piece nonstick cookware set is a great choice for an electric glass top stove. It has a marble red pattern and the complete cookware set includes a 1.5-quart and 2.5-quart saucepans with lids, 3-quart casserole pan with lid, a 5-quart Dutch oven/stockpot with lid, an 8-inch and 9.5-inch fry pan, and a nylon spoon and spatula.

The cookware set is made from thick gauge aluminum that offers even/quick heat conduction and prevents hot spots. The nonstick coating on the cookware allows for healthy cooking and easier cleaning. The tempered glass lids come with steam vents so you can view your cooking and it also retains heat and moisture. The soft-touch handles stay cool and comfortable and have a wide hole so they can be hanged easily.


  • Made of thick gauge aluminum for quick/even heat induction
  • Nonstick for easy food release/clean and healthy cooking
  • Tempered glass lids with steam vent
  • Works on electric glass top stoves


  • Some users have complained that the set isn’t dishwasher safe

The AmazonBasics Pre-seasoned cast iron 5-piece kitchen cookware set is an amazing choice for cooking on electric glass top stoves. The set includes a 10.5-inch griddle, an 8-inch skillet, a 10.25-inch Dutch oven with matching lid, and a 10.25-inch skillet. The griddle is great for breakfast foods, grilled sandwiches, and grilled quesadillas.

The skillets are versatile and are great for searing, sautéing, broiling, baking, roasting, pan-frying, and more. The Dutch Oven is great for all-in-one meals and the cookware moves smoothly from the refrigerator to the glass top stove or oven for easier serving. The great thing about this cookware set is that it is safe for use on all types of cooking surfaces.


  • 5-piece cast-iron cookware set comes pre-seasoned and ready to use
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron construction for optimal heat retention
  • Oven-safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Backed with a limited 1-year warranty


  • Some users have complained about the cast-iron quality

The Lightning Deal Induction Cookware set is another top choice for cooking on an electric glass top stove as it features durable stainless-steel construction. The stainless-steel pan sets have super-strong aluminum infused between two layers of stainless steel for quicker cooking and even heat distribution. The handles of the cookware are ergonomically designed with anti-slippery satin finish with stainless-steel rivets and self-blasting for a comfortable and tight-fitting lid.

The cookware set is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, but the metal handles may get hot, so you need to be cautious when handling cookware during cooking. It features nonstick coating on the interior for easier cleaning and is dishwasher safe as well. The aluminum core of the cookware heats evenly and quickly without any hot spots. It is compatible for use with electric glass top stoves.


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Tri-ply impact, bonded bottom
  • Ergonomic handles pan set
  • 8-piece kitchen cookware set
  • All heat sources compatible


  • Some users have complained about rusting problems with the cookware

Best Cookware for Electric Glass Top Stove Buyers Guide

Induction cooktops or electric glass top stoves work by creating a magnetic field, which means that the cookware sits on top and sticks to the stove. It stays in one place as the magnetic force keeps it from moving about so you don’t need to worry about knocking your stockpot over during cooking.

However, there are some cookware materials that are considered to work better when used with an electric glass top stove, and these are as follows:



Titanium is the best material for use on electric glass top stoves, but titanium cookware sets are expensive. The reason why it’s held in such high regard is due to titanium cookware sets being responsive, durable, nonstick, anti-bacterial, and lightweight. That makes it the clear champion when it comes to using cookware on an electric glass top stove.


The most popular cookware choice currently for cooking on any kind of stove must be stainless-steel, and with good reason as it is not only affordable and durable but looks great as well. However, the only problem with stainless-steel is that it is a poor heat conductor, but you can solve that problem easily.

All you need to do is attach a copper core at the bottom of the cookware and you won’t need to worry about heating problems with your stainless-steel cookware on an electric glass top stove.

Lined Copper

Most people have heard that you shouldn’t cook with copper cookware as it is bad for your health, but you shouldn’t make the same assumption with lined copper cookware. It only uses copper as a heat-conducting element and is attached at the bottom of the pots and pans.

Copper is very responsive especially on electric glass top stoves and gets cold and hot quickly so you can cook perfectly without worrying about burning or undercooking your dishes. The only negative with lined copper cookware is that it is delicate and warps easily, which is something you don’t want to happen to your cookware on an electric glass top stove.

Other Things to Consider

Electric glass top stoves use high-powered, high-frequency electromagnets that generate heat by generating a magnetic field, which heats up the pan while the cooktop surface remains at room temperature. That’s one of its biggest advantages and the reason why so many people like them. If you’re shopping for the best cookware for an electric glass top stove, here’s what you should know:


You’ll need to look for a cookware set that sets oven-friendly and check the temperature settings that it can withstand in the oven. Most cookware sets have different cooking temperature settings depending on whether you use them with a lid or without a lid.

The lids

The lid of your cooking pan is very important as it circulates the oils, flavors, and aromas of the food being cooked. You want to find a lid that sits perfectly on the cooking pot and is sturdy, but you can also buy pans with vented glass lids so that you can monitor the food as it cooks.

Electrical wiring

You should consult with your electrician first before you buy an electric glass top stove, so they can set up the wirings in the correct manner.


If you’ve got small children in the home, you should look to buy cookware that comes with safety features for children like, timers and safety locks. That ensures you get the very best cookware set with special features that are designed to meet your domestic requirements.


You must prepare the space where you will be keeping your cookware, and if you don’t have much space, you’ll need to find cookware that is easy to store and multifunctional.


We know that there are always going to be questions asked by users about cookware sets, as not everyone has great experience in buying cookware sets. We’ve made things easier by highlighting some of the frequently asked questions by people looking for cookware for electric glass top stoves.

If you’ve got any questions we haven’t answered, please let us know in the comments, or reach out to us through our email. Here are the frequently asked questions about the best cookware for electric glass top stoves:

When should I cook in a pot vs. a frying pan?

You can easily identify which piece of cookware to cook in with a quick-look. In general, pots are preferred for liquids or foods that need liquids to cook in like, pasta, soups, rice, and sauces. Frying pans in comparison are suited for cooking foods that don’t need much space and frying like, meats, eggs, bacon, etc.

How many pieces of cookware do I need?

This depends on how many people you’re cooking for and the amount of cooking you do in your home. In general, you would only need 2 frying pans in different sizes along with a stockpot and a saucepan. That is enough to cover your basic needs whether you’re cooking for a small family or yourself. You can add more pieces of cookware as you go to complete your kitchen cookware set.

Should I put nonstick pots and pans in the dishwasher?

Most nonstick pots and pans are marketed as dishwasher safe but it’s good practice to wash them by hand to avoid scratching on the cookware. The fewer scratches on your nonstick cookware the better for you because some nonstick cookware has a Teflon covering, which can wash off easily.

Are nonstick pans safe?

Yes, nonstick pans are safe for use in any type of cooking, but it also depends on what kind of pan you’re using. The most affordable and common are the Teflon nonstick pans but some people consider them to be dangerous.

Teflon is only dangerous if you’re using it at extreme temperatures or if you’re exposing the pan directly to an open flame. To be on the safe side you should start using ceramic or stainless-steel cookware.

Are glass frying pans better than metal ones?

A lot of people are considering buying glass frying pans as don’t have any chemical coatings, easily handle hot and cold temperatures, look great and are simple to clean. However, they are also very delicate and may be dangerous if you’re cooking at high temperatures that could shatter the glass.

Some people consider glass frying pans to be better than metal frying pans but it’s a matter of opinion and your preference. Metal pans are the sturdier option and the ones we stand by

What’s the maximum temperature of an electric glass top stove?

The maximum temperature of a glass top electric stove will depend on the brand but most of them can easily reach 450 degrees Fahrenheit. For a more in-depth answer, you should check out the model of the electric glass top stove and check out its specifications.

Final Words

Considering all the above-mentioned factors and after going through all the reviews, we stand by our top pick, the Kitchenware 18-Piece Nonstick Pots & Pans Cookware Set. It is a pretty good deal in terms of value for money and the quality of the cookware products in this set.

You’ll find that this is the perfect 18-piece cookware set, as it comes with all the essentials needed for cooking your favorite dishes on an electric glass top stove at home. As always, check out all reviews and details about any cookware set you’re buying and only buy it after you feel like you’re well-informed and can safely spend money on a cookware set without regrets.

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