What to do with Juice Pulp

What to do with Juice Pulp?

Juicing has gained popularity as a way for people who don’t like eating fruits and vegetables to simply gulp them down with their favorite meal or it’s the fastest way to incorporate those natural vitamins without too much preparation or cooking. Some even go on a juicing diet where they only consume juice from selected fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

The most famous fruits that get juiced together are: Apple-Carrot-Ginger, Apple-Orange-Carrot or Beets-Carrot-Apple, or Zucchini-Carrot, and many other yummy combinations.

In case you don’t know, juice pulp is actually what’s left in your juicer after you put fruits and vegetables through it to extract their juice

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A Healthy Byproduct That deserves a second look

You may be wondering why a byproduct is getting its own article.  Although juicing does allow us to get some nutrients from fruits and vegetables we miss out on the fiber that’s left in the pulp.  So the byproduct, is actually as important as the juice. 

Juice pulp although edible doesn’t really look appetizing even though it still packs a lot of fiber and nutrients. So do no fret, we’ll give you ideas on how to squeeze the most out of these pulps. You will never look at them the same way and you’ll think twice before putting them in the bin.

Have your juice and eat it too! You’ll be surprised at the creative ways you can use juice pulp. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Guilt-Free Veggie Fritters that are good for you

Juice pulp of zucchini and carrots can be turned into a fritters by adding some flour, garlic, all-purpose flour, eggs, scallions, then add your favorite spices. Pan fry them with olive oil and you’ll have a guilt-free snack or lunch. Use your favorite dip and enjoy! You can also turn these into veggie burgers!   For moms out there, this can be a good way to make your kids eat veggies.

Pulp Up your favorite burger recipe

Fruit and veggie pulps can be added to your favorite burger to make it healthier and could also act as an extender, this way you make burgers and you make them healthier for you and your family.  You may find the fruit pulp a bit weird but fruits add a nice tangy or sweet taste to meats so try it out, who knows you might like it but you can also stick to veggie pulps for this one.

Make your pancakes fruitylicious

Make fruity pancakes by mixing fruit pulp in your pancake batter – that way you get fruity goodness in every bite.  You can even add some spices to your pancake like cinnamon and nutmeg to really fancy up that pancake.  Move over Ihop!

Level-up your Egg Game

Add veggie pulp to your eggs, add some milk, butter, other veggies, chopped bacon or sausages and make a mean omelette that will surely give you that energy in the morning.  With the veggie pulp, you also have added more fiber to your usual breakfast staple.  Okay, this one made me hungry.

If you want something fancier, add veggie pulp to your quiche recipe, pop it in the oven. It’s yummy, good for you, and will impress your lunch buddies. Guys, you want to taste some of my quiche?

Make a compote and use them for whatever

Go all sassy chef and make a compote out of fruit pulps.  Simply cook them with water and sugar or honey.  Once cooled, store them in a clean tightly closed and put them in the ref.  Use them on your pancakes, butter cakes, as jam for your toast, or even as your contribution to the office breakfast or afternoon tea pot luck.

Make Bread Not War

Add fruit pulp or veggie pulp in your bread recipe depending on whether you want sweet or savory bread.  You can have these as toast with your eggs or pasta, as breads for your favorite homemade sandwich, or maybe even for French toast.

Bake Cakes or Cookies

Make ordinary cakes your own by adding fruit or veggie pulps to your favorite cake or cookie recipe.  We suggest using banana cake recipe or chocolate chip cookie recipe and simply add your pulps to the recipe or you can also tweak the case recipe to your liking. You can even add into your cookie dough. Don’t be afraid to experiment, who knows, you could be the star of the next Bake Fair!

Stir-fry Healthy Fried Rice

Cook you own Chinese take-out by adding veggie pulp to any fried rice recipe.  My mom’s classic fried rice recipe usually has shrimps, Chinese sausage, and finishes it up beaten egg so that the rice is covered with eggy yumminess. If you want to cut carbs, use cauliflower rice, Quinoa, or Adlai instead of white rice to make a filling meal minus the guilt.

Roll them up and Fry them

Mix veggie pulp with the filling of your shrimp or pork spring roll recipe.  Serve this with fried rice and you got yourself a healthy Chinese dinner or you can also have these as appetizers or snack.  Kids will love these and you fooled them into eating veggies.

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Make healthy broths or creamy hearty soups

Add them to any hearty soup recipes like clam or corn chowder.  Or turn them into creamy soups for those rainy days at home.  Cook them in a bit of water to soften them, then add in chicken or beef broth, fresh mushrooms, and cream.  Season and blend them with a hand-blender.

Turn them into Frozen delights

Add fruit pulps to any home-made ice cream or creamsicle recipe.  You’ll get real fruits with every bite just in time for summer!

So, have your juice and eat it too!  With these tips, enjoy the juice with pulp-filled snacks, meals, or desserts and reap the complete fruit or veggie benefits in creative ways.

Juice do it! We hope you’ll try some of these pulp tips the next time you juice.

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