What Can I Use Instead? Parchment Paper Substitute

Parchment paper has two main uses around the house. One is to line your baking trays so you have a stick proof surface. It’s easier to retrieve a cookie if it’s not stuck to a pan. The other main purpose of parchment paper is to wrap or separate food. So what can you use as a parchment paper substitute if you run out?

What you choose as a parchment paper substitute depends on what you need the parchment paper for. There are quite a few parchment paper substitutes out there that can help you out if you don’t want to run back to the store to get another roll. Before we get to those, there are a few things you should know first.

What Is Parchment Paper Coated With?

Finding out what parchment paper could help you determine what could be a good substitute when you run out. What is parchment paper coated with that makes it able to handle high heats without melting? Parchment paper is coated in silicone which is why it’s able to handle being in the high temperatures of the oven.

Is Parchment Paper Safe To Put In The Oven?

Is parchment paper safe to get heated up with our food on it? Yes it is. The silicone coating stops the paper from burning. Unlike wax or plastic coatings, the silicone doesn’t melt onto your food. There will be no bits of plastic on your cookies if you bake them with a sheet of parchment paper lining the baking tray.

What Is The Best Alternative To Parchment Paper?

When it comes to our baking needs, what is the best alternative to parchment paper? Since parchment paper is lined with silicone to prevent the paper from burning, it makes sense that the best parchment paper substitute would be something made out of silicone.

The best parchment paper substitute you can get is a silicone baking tray. Unlike parchment paper, silicone baking trays are reusable so you never have to worry about running out. They are a more environmentally friendly substitute for one use only parchment paper.

These are very easy to use, just like parchment paper you lay it out on your baking tray and let your goodies cook on top of it. It prevents sticking and allows your food to come off the tray easily every time (no matter how sticky the food is).

Silicone baking trays are one silicon option, but they don’t stop there. There are also silicone molds to make easy cakes and muffins that never stick.

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What Are Some Other Parchment Paper Substitutes For Baking?

When it comes to substituting parchment paper for baking you need to make sure whatever you choose will not melt or burn in high heats. If you were to put down something plastic on your baking tray it may melt onto your food causing you to eat bits of plastic that could make you really sick.

Here are some other great parchment paper substitutes for baking:


If you’re using parchment paper to prevent food from sticking then consider using something more natural that’s probably already in your kitchen. Grease your pan up with oil or butter to keep food from sticking.


Sprinkling your pan with flour before placing dough on it is another great way to prevent food from sticking. It also doesn’t affect the taste.

Aluminum Foil

If you love the way parchment paper keeps your pan tidy for an easy clean up, then aluminum foil could be the right parchment paper substitute for you. It can be used for either baking or wrapping food too. If you use it for baking just remember to grease it up (or sprinkle flour on it) first.

Cooking Spray

A quick spray of cooking spray is another really easy and affordable way to keep food off your pan when you run out of parchment paper.

Next time you run out of parchment paper while baking, or if you are looking to be more environmentally friendly with your cooking habits, consider some of the options listed above for a great parchment paper substitute.

What Are Some Parchment Paper Substitutes For Food Wrapping?

Parchment paper has become a popular item for food wrapping because it’s easy to work with and moisture proof. Next time you’re making a sandwich to take on the go and realize you are out of paper consider some of these great parchment paper substitutes for food wrapping:

Wax Paper

Wax paper is the best parchment paper substitute for food wrapping. It’s very similar in texture so it’s just as easy to work with. It’s a more affordable option as well. Wax paper is coated with wax so it will melt if it goes in the oven. Only use it for wrapping or separating food.

Paper Bag

Paper bags are also a good substitute for parchment paper to wrap your food up. They are more environmentally friendly than plastic wrap or aluminum foil because most paper bags can be composted after use.

Reusable Containers

If you’re looking for the most environmentally friendly parchment paper substitute for wrapping your food up, use a reusable container. It may not be perfectly snug but it can be used over and over again to cover your food when you need to bring it along. It will also keep your food from getting squished.

Next time you run out of parchment paper while packing your lunch to go, just look around for any of the substitutes listed above.

Final Thoughts: Parchment Paper Substitutes

If you ever run out of parchment paper those were some easy solutions for finding a great substitute. Investing in a silicone baking tray is both budget friendly and environmentally friendly parchment paper substitute. You won’t have to worry about cookies sticking to the pan if you use any of the ideas above!

What do you use when you run out of parchment paper? Let us know in the comments.

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