Substitute for Romano Cheese

Substitute for Romano Cheese. No.3 is the Yummiest.

Rome is famous for many things. One of Rome’s most famous products is the cheese, which is called romano after its origin city name. Its structure is hard. Its structure is more than crystalline. It has a nutty flavor, which often is called umami. It’s a traditional cheese of Rome, and it is called by various names in Rome. Pecorino romano is one of its titles in Rome.  The cheese, which is produced in Lazio orsardinia cities of Rome, is called pecorino romano cheese. It should meet some basic standards for this title. Sheep’s milk is used to prepare this pecorino romano cheese.  In the united states, romano cheese is made by cows milk and is called just romano cheese. It is used in various bakery items to enhance the richness of baked items. It can be grated more easily . its taste is sharp and salty. The old romano cheese becomes harder and is commonly used in baking and grating. The versions found in Rome are younger and soft, which is why grating is not very good for these. There are several substitutes for Romano cheese, as it is hard to find so that you can choose one from below.

Substitute #1 Asiago cheese

It is a product of Italy. Asiago cheese is made of fresh cows milk. Like other traditional cheese, asiago is also stock for a long time to gain a nutty flavor. With age it flavor becomes somewhat pungent that enhances its grating ability. Being aged cheese can be grated quickly to melt in any recipe. Its flavor is very mild when it is fresh. Fresh Asiago cheese has a very smooth surface, which becomes harder with age. Its taste is nuttier than that or romano cheese, but its structure is almost the same. That’s why it can be the best substitute for Romano cheese in various recipes. Asiago cheese is as dense as romano so that it can be used in one to one ratio to romano cheese.

Substitute #2 Manchego cheese from the span

Manchego cheese is made by fresh cows milk of span. It is not hard like romano, but it has semi hardness as of romano cheese. Its flavor is almost like the romano, the tangy taste. It is a product of Spain and is called manchego cheese as it is produced by the manchego sheep’s milk.

Actual manchego cheese is classified in various categories according to age. At a young age, manchego cheese is soft, Smooth structured and fruity flavored,  cause of sheeps diet. This fresh cheese is also called as “semi curado ” cause of its softness and flavor. With age, its taste changes to sharp and sweet. As romano cheese is aged cheese, so manchego cheese must be at least a year in age to substitute the romano cheese. Manchego cheese is high in sweetness as of Romano cheese.

There are several types of Manchego, which are classified by the age of the cheese. Younger cheese, labeled “semi curado,” is soft with a fruity, grassy flavor. As it ages, it becomes flaky with a sharp and slightly sweet taste. With the same age and weight, manchego cheese can be used in one to one ratio to romano cheese.

Substitute #3 Parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese is made from cows milk like the romano cheese and is hard in structure and much dried. It is made in Italian province parma and is called Parmesan after its production city. Like romano cheese, it is also aged cheese. Parmesan cheese must be at least two years of age to match the flavor of Romano cheese. It has a sweet flavor than romano cheese. As “Parmesan: is not registered in America, you can get fresh cheese under the label of parmesan cheese. Cause of its age, it grates excellent and sharp. It has an intense flavor, although not much slaty like romano cheese. Parmesan cheese can be substituted in one to one ratio with romano cheese. For substitution, you have to add some salt in the recipe when using Parmesan.

There is an important question, can you substitute Parmesan for pecorino romano? The answer is yes. Just go for a one to one ratio and don’t forget to sprinkle a little more salt as Parmesan cheese is a little less salty than the Romano. Along with grating ability, parmesan cheese melts very well, so it’s a good option for baking recipes. 

Substitute # 4 Piave cheese.

Like other cheese, Italy is famous for Piave cheese also. It is made in Belluno city in Italy. Belluno city has a renowned river Piave river, and this cheese is called Piave after that famous river of Belluno. Piave cheese is a hard cause of its age. Aged Piave cheese comes with a strong flavor, just like parmesan cheese. Although fresh, younger cheese is sweet and not that much hard in texture. It can be used in one to one ration with romano cheese. As it has low salt so you should add some salt to adjust your recipe taste.


In this article, we told you about the origin and characteristics of romano cheese. Now you can better decide a substitute for Romano cheese in your recipe. Parmesan cheese has a hard texture. A sharp and nutty flavor. Its substitution is one to one with romano cheese. It is less saltish than romano cheese. Asiago cheese is aged like romano cheese. Its flavor is not that tangy as romano cheese. It is soft and not suitable for grating as romano cheese. Piave cheese has sweet taste other than romano cheese. Same hard and grating ability like romano cheese and can be substituted in one to one ratio. Manchego cheese is again slightly sweet than romano cheese. Its hard texture and grating ability make it the best substitute for Romano cheese.

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