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Substitute for Onion Soup Mix No. 4 is Unique in Taste

Onion soup is a famous recipe being used from ancient times in all over the world. It consists of dry onions, cornstarch, and some seasonings. This soup is served almost in every event as a dish and as an appetizer. It comes in packets when you buy from the market. You have to pour this packet is hot water and mix some sour cream for additional taste, and soup is ready to serve. For taste enhancement, you can add meat pieces or chicken meat. Its ingredients are prevalent and available in every kitchen. These include flakes of onions well dried, parsley seed ground, cerely seed ground, black pepper powder, and paprika powder. These are the simple ingredients, mix all these, and mix it in hot water. Your soup is ready to serve. Onion soup mix has become a necessary dish in every house. It has become an essential item when you grocery from any store. To cut down the cost of your bills, you can make many substitute for the onion soup mix at home, which are listed below.

The first healthy substitute for onion soup mix made at home

                To cut down your grocery bill, you can make the onion soup mix at home with simple ingredients available in your kitchen. For this onion soup mix, you will need these ingredients.

Quarte cup of onion well-dried flakes. Two  Tablespoons of beef mince. A quarter teaspoon of ground onion. Quarter teaspoon parsley. Half quarter teaspoon celery. A half quarter teaspoon of paprika powder. A half quarter teaspoon of black pepper powder.

Put all ingredients in a jar, shale well to mix all ingredients uniformly. It is now equivalent to one packet of onion soup mix which you buy from any store. You can add some sour cream to use it as a dip.

The second substitute is the Lipton Onion Soup Mix.

There may be two reasons for finding a substitute, and one is to cut the grocery bill and save the money. Another is to avoid all those ingredients which are not suitable for your health like monosodium glutamate or any other additives. You can make vegan by avoiding meat or eggs. Also, it will be free from gluten. It gives you an option if you are looking for some dietary intake and still want flavor in your food. This substitute for onion soup mix is effortless, and it needs the ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Half cup of well-crushed onion flakes. One tablespoon of ground onion. One tablespoon of garlic in powder form. Half teaspoon of ground celery seed. Half teaspoon of pepper powder. One teaspoon of parsley powder and salt as you required.

Mix all these ingredients in an airtight jar, shake well to mix all uniformly. For the best taste, you shouldn’t store it for more than three months. This mixture is equivalent to two packets of onion soup mix.

You can use this recipe in various ways. You can add one or two tablespoons while cooking rice, and it will give you a fabulous aroma and a unique flavor in your rice. You can use it with olive oil and vinegar to marinate beef or meat. It gives you s spicy flavor if you add it to meat or beef before roasting.

The third substitute is  Dry Onion Soup Mix.

If you are short of onion soup mix or you want to change the flavor, you can use this substitute for onion soup mix. The ingredients you will need are:

Three tablespoons of well-crushed onion flakes. Two tablespoons of beef powder. Half teaspoon of onion powder. A quarter teaspoon of parsley. A half quarter teaspoon of celery seeds. You can add black pepper minimal amount. Add paprika and salt as per your need. This is equivalent to one packet of onion soup mix.

The fourth substitute is an easy vegan french onion soup mix recipe.

This recipe gives you the best substitute for onion soup mix and control over monosodium glutamate and gluten. When you buy onion soup mix packets from the market, those are not gluten-free mostly.

The ingredients you need for this recipe are:

Well crushed onion flakes. Beef granules free from sodium. Onion in powder form. Crushed flakes of parsley. Cerely powder. Paprika powder and freshly prepared black pepper powder.

To prepare this recipe, mix all the ingredients well in an open bowl. Shake well to combine all ingredients uniformly. Use an airtight jar for fresh taste and best aroma. To prepare the soup, take 4 cups of water and boil it. Add the seasoning and heat till three and a half cup left. You can use sour cream to make a dip. This substitute for the onion soup mix can be used as a soup and as a dip. For the best result, you should not store it for more than three months. You can control the amount of salt if you are watching the sodium intake. You can add extra paprika if your family loves the spicy flavor.


 As soups are becoming an essential part of our meals, and onion soup mix is one of the favorites. Onion soup mix is available in ready-made from grocery shops. It is also served as a dish in markets and restaurants. With a slight change in the ingredients, you can get the taste according to your mood. It can be sour and cheesy as well. We mention above four substitutes of onion soup mix, which can be made easily in your kitchen within a short time. Although all of the mentions above have great taste, we think the last one vegan French onion soup mix has the same great taste like onion soup mix. Preparing at home gives you the option to modify it according to your liking. For a veg option, you can add some granule of cheese. It is fantastic in taste to look very tempting during servings. 

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