Substitute for Manchego Cheese

Substitute for Manchego Cheese. Pecorino is the Yummiest Substitute.

Spain is famous for many things, and cheese is one of those. Manchego cheese is a famous cheese from Spain. Several types of cheese are made in Spain, but manchego is specially made from manchego sheep, a renowned breed of sheep in Spain. As sheep’s milk is milder than cows milk, so the manchego cheese contains all the characteristics of sheep’s milk. The fresh and younger manchego cheese is soft and fruity flavored. Manchego cheese of age two months is called Fresco manchego cheese. Up to one year aged manchego cheese is sold as “manchego curado” cheese. Anejo is the name of manchego cheese when it reaches the age of two years. At the age of 2 years, manchego cheese becomes hard in texture. The manchego cheese taste is sweet rather than saltish. Cause of sheep’s milk it doesn’t get too hard even at the age of 2 years. If you don’t find manchego cheese, then there can be many substitutes of manchego cheese, which are listed below:

What is Manchego curado ?

Manchego curado is the form of manchego cheese at the age of one year. It is semi-hard and soft in flavor. It does not have a tangy flavor like other cheese.

How does manchego cheese taste?

Manchego taste varies with age.Initially, fresh manchego cheese is a fruity flavor cause of sheep’s milk. Also, a grassy taste is present in this cheese. At the age of 2 years, its taste becomes sweeter rather than tangy.

How well pecorino substitutes the manchego cheese?

Pecorino cheese is also known as pecorino romano cheese. After the city of its production Rome. From ancient times this cheese is being produced and sold all over the world. Legally, only those cheese made in Grosseto or Lazio islands can be called pecorino romano cheese. It is initially created by the sheep’s milk although some of its version sold in America doesn’t qualify this rule.

Pecorino cheese is made by using salt in dry form. Its wheel is coated with salt many times and results in a dry saltish cheese. It takes up to one year to make it hard and sharp, tasty cheese. The fresh pecorino cheese is less saltish and close to sweetness so that it can be a good substitute for manchego cheese. It has the same grating abilities. The aged pecorino romano cheese is saltish in taste. It can be used in one to one ratio considering the saltish behavior of this cheese in your recipe.

Mozzarella as a substitute for manchego cheese

From ancient times mozzarella cheese is made in Italy. It was migrated to Australia after world war 2. It has now become the most famous cuisine of australis. Cows or buffalos milk is used to produce mozzarella cheese. Therefore its structure is not that much hard but semi-hard. It is not suitable for grating. Its melting ability makes it an ideal ingredient of baking items like pizza. It has elasticity in nature, so it is found in loaf form. 

Asiago cheese as a substitute for manchego cheese

Another popular cheese product of Italy made in Veneto city. Like other cheese, it is made from cows milk, but whole milk is used in its production. Its texture and taste vary with age. Fresh Asiago cheese is called as asiago pressato. It is soft and smooth in structure: milky taste and less saltish in flavor. With time, its structure becomes hard. Its taste grows more saltish. At this stage, it is called asiago d’allevo.

Its age varies for up to 18 months. With age, it develops holes in its structure. With age, it gains the pungent fragrance. It has the ability of gratin and melting as well. So it Is equally good in baking or slicing for burgers.

English cheddar as a substitute for manchego cheese

It is the most used cheese in England and is famous as a cheddar. From ancient times it is made in villages of England. This cheese required special humidity conditions and temperature to grow. That is why it is strictly made in its original places. It is made with fresh milk of cows. It comes in yellow and white colors depending upon the grass . with age, it develops a sharp and tangy taste. It can be used as a good substitute for manchego cheese cause of its aroma and flavor.

Parmesan as a substitute for manchego cheese

It is made of cows milk, and  It is the most famous cheese all over the world. It has a hard and dense structure. It has a strong aroma, which makes it the best substitute for manchego cheese. It is suitable for grating, slicing, and melting. Equally useful for baking, salads, and soups. 

Zamorano as substitute for manchego cheese.

It is Spanish cheese. It is made by a special breed of sheep, which are Castilian sheep. Its color is yellow. It has a hard structure and pungent flavor.  Cause of its character and color, it can be used as the best substitute for manchego cheese.


In the above article, we discussed the origin, flavor, and texture of the manchego cheese. You have the perfect knowledge about this cheese, so you are in a better position to find the best substitute for manchego cheese according to your recipe. Pecorino Romano cheese is hard in texture, tangy in flavor, and saltish in taste. Suitable for grating and melting as well. Mozzarella cheese is white and yellow in colors. Not much hard in texture and usually sold in loaf form. Milky in taste and saltish flavor. Asiago cheese made from cows milk. It has a hard surface and saltish flavor, just like manchego cheese, and comes in white or brown colors. English cheddar is made of cows, milk, and white. It has a tangy flavor. Parmesan cheese is again a cow milk production and has a very similar characteristic as of manchego cheese. Parmesan can be the best substitute for manchego cheese, both in texture and flavor.

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