Substitute For Heavy Cream Non-Dairy

Substitute For Heavy Cream Non-Dairy. Cashew Cream Will Be a Surprise!

Heavy cream has many names in dairy products like heavy whipping cream, full cream. It is obtained from whole milk. When milk is left for a long time, a layer is formed at the top of the milk. Which is collected; this layer is called the heavy cream. It is always made from fresh and whole milk. It contains a high amount of fat as compared to the milk which is left beneath this cream. The amount of fat is around 36 to 40 per cent in heavy cream, for the curdling dairy product should have low fat, as heavy cream contains a high amount of fat so you can use it various creamy items like icecream, in soups etc. Its whipping ability makes it an essential ingredient for baking items. If you are watching for fat intake, then you can not use the heavy cream in your recipes. For fat conscious people luckily there are many substitutes for heavy cream non-dairy. Some of these are listed below.

Substitute # 1: Vegan heavy cream recipe with Soy and Olive

There are many vegans substitute for heavy cream. When stir well olive oil gives you whipping effect. Soy milk gives you thickness when you pass it through the processor. The combination of soy milk and olive oil gives you the best substitute for heavy cream non-dairy. This whipped combination adds a fresh taste in your recipes, including cooking and baking. How to make heavy cream? The ingredients you need to prepare this substitute are:

A two-third cup of soy milk. One-third cup of olive oil.

Put these two in your processor and turn on blender at high speed. After one minute you will get the whipping combination of these two in a creamy form. This mixture will substitute one cup of heavy cream. This substitute will give your cooking and baking a vegan taste along with creamy texture.

Substitute # 2: Coconut Cream

Coconut is one of the non-dairy items which is heavily used in many dairy recipes, giving you the best alternatives for many dairy items when you are watching for fat intake. It contains no dairy, no gluten and no soy at all. But if you buy it from any store carefully read the ingredients as there are many products which contain soy or gluten or some other preservatives.

Coconut has a naturally sweet flavour. As it contains coconut oil, so it gives you a whipping effect when you use it in your recipes. So you can use it as best substitute when your recipe requires whipping cream along with vegan.  If you buy coconut cream from the store, usually it contains a high amount of fat which is suitable for recipes which require fat richness. Coconut itself has a sharp taste, but coconut creams are not severe in flavour, so it works well with recipes which require sweetness. Coconut cream can be made at home easily. For this, you need a coconut cream can. Put this can in the refrigerator overnight. Open the can when it is thoroughly chilled. Drain out the top liquid. The leftover in the bottom is the coconut cream. Extract from the can, and it is ready to use as a substitute of heavy cream non-dairy in your recipe—one thing you should consider that this coconut cream contains the flavour of coconut. Be careful to use it in those recipes which requires coconut flavour. You can use it in one to one ratio to heavy cream.

Substitute # 3: Silken Tofu

Many products are made of soy milk. Again many products are derived when soy milk is condensed form. Silken tofu is one of the items that is derived from soy milk from its condensed form. It has a solid block shape in white colour. Silken tofu has a soft and mild texture so it can be processed for making a substitute for heavy cream. It produces the thickness recipes.  When it combines with any plant milk or soy milk, it gives you the thickness and whipping effect like heavy cream.

For preparing silken tofu cream at home, you need silken tofu and soy milk or any other plant milk in equal quantity. Put these two in your blender and process it at high speed till you get the smooth, shiny texture. This mixture is now ready to be used, and you can whip it like heavy cream so you can use it for dressing your salads and topping your deserts. During the process, you can add any essence to add flavour to this cream and sugar for sweet taste.

Substitute # 4. Cashews cream.

Cashew is enriched with many vitamin and nutritions. Cashew also contains a high amount of plant oil which can be used for whipping when cashew is processed. Cashew creme is a good substitute for the heavy cream cause of its thickness and oil-based texture. It has a sweet taste as well so can be used in baking recipes. To prepare cashew cream, you need cashews, water and a pinch of salt. Soak well one cup of cashew for two hours before process. Now put this soaked cup of cashew in a blender. Put three-quarters of cup water in a blender and a pinch of salt. Now turn on the mixer at high speed until you get the creamy texture. Your whipped cashew crème is ready to serve as the substitute of heavy cream with non-dairy touch. 


heavy cream is full of fat in a massive amount. Those who are restricted to fat intake can not use this yummy dairy product. They look for the non-dairy substitute for heavy cream. In this article, we discussed the formation of heavy cream with its nutritional values. And some substitutes for heavy cream non-dairy for those who either don’t like dairy products or can not take because of health issues. These substitutes are equally good in taste and usage but with no fat and no gluten advantage. You can choose one from these mentioned products as a substitute for heavy cream non-dairy.

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