Substitute for egg in meatballs – Mashed potatoes make the yummiest substitute.

Every culture has its traditional dishes, but meatballs are one of those that are famous all over the world. Cause of its universal popularity, every family has its recipe to make firm and delicious meatballs. Meatballs are made by the fresh mince, which can be of beef, mutton, or chicken. Mince consists of tiny pieces of meat, so it needs something that can bind these pieces together in a stable way. Usually, the egg is the best binder while making meatballs. Just below are listed some fantastic substitutes for egg in meatballs.

Egg substitute for binding

Eggs-white acts as a binder in various recipes. It helps to hold the meat pieces in a secure way to form the meatball. Again it adds moisturizer, which binds the pieces of meat to form a firm meatball. In the absence of egg, the remaining elements of meatball will fall apart during frying or cooking, and you will get the crumbled pieces of meat. Although it seems very difficult to make egg-free meatballs still you can find something to make it done. As for as the best substitute for eggs in meatballs, there is no one the best alternative. From the given below, choose the one that best suits your need for the recipe.

1. Fruit Puree as an egg substitute

In baked goods, you use fruit puree as a flavor addition, but you may not know that it is an excellent binder. Various fruits can be used as a substitute for eggs in meatballs. These include applesauce, mashed bananas, mashed avocado, and pumpkin puree. You can use these sweet purees to add flavor in your recipes of bread and cakes. You can use purees with low sweet for salads dressings and veggie burgers.  A quarter cup of fruit puree is an equivalent for every egg.

2. Egg-free meatballs with  Flax Seeds

Usually, flex seeds are considered essential for making salads. But the mixture of ground flax seeds and water is thickening and precisely like eggs. Muffins, brownies, and pancakes need plenty of nutty flavors, which can be produced by using a lot of flex seeds. This mixture of flax seeds and water gives you the best substitute for eggs in meatballs. For a perfect alternative, you should use I tablespoon of ground flax seeds with three tablespoons of warm water for every egg. If you put a mixture for one minute, it will give you the best result.

3. Nut Butters – Egg substitute for vegan meatballs

Nut butter is enriched with fats that are healthy like eggs, so they make a perfect substitute for eggs in meatballs. The nuts puree acts as a sturdy binder, which binds the ingredients very well. It has a strong flavor that you can use, and additive in peanut butter fudge, almond butter pancakes or to make some butter cookies. An egg is equivalent to three spoons of nut butter. Crunchy nut butter can change the surface of baked items. It may also affect the binding ability of this puree.

4. Sweet or non-sweet Mashed Potatoes – The best substitute

Do you ever think about the leftover mashed potatoes? Mashed potatoes give instant moisture in anything the same as the egg does. Cause of its unique structure, it provides bubbles texture in rolls and bread. You can use mashed potatoes both as vegan and no vegan. Adding butter or cream in mashed potatoes makes it not vegan. The addition of garlic makes it no vegan with a strong savory flavor. A quarter cup of mashed potatoes is equivalent to one egg. Or you can use two tablespoons of rehydrated mashed potatoes for an egg.

5. Amazing Tofu – substitute

You may not like the tofu to eat, but it can act as a good substitute for eggs in meatballs. You can get a unique surface with tofu in your dish. It is denser than the egg, so it suits well for recipes of baked chocolate items, which calls a lot of eggs. A quarter cup of tofu in mashed form is equivalent to each egg, although it is thicker n denser than an egg.

6. Water and Baking Powder mixed with oil substitute.

When you mix water with baking powder and add some oil, it becomes the best and right substitute for eggs in meatballs. Keep in mind that when three eggs are required in the recipe, then it will give you a perfect replacement for eggs.

7. Baking powder egg substitute – Baking Soda, and vinegar

If baking soda and vinegar are mixed, it creates a lot of bubbles, which acts as a binder in various recipes. This mixture can substitute eggs in any recipe. One tablespoon of baking soda mixed with one tablespoon of vinegar gives you the result of an egg. 

8. Aquafaba

When chickpeas are soaked in water for a long time, it results in a thick liquid called Aquafaba. You can also find it if you rinse down the drain when you open chickpea can. It is the best substitute for egg in meatballs with its airy texture. It gives meatballs a vegan touch with this substitute. Three tablespoons of this starch chickpea water replace an egg. When you whip it, it becomes foamy, which acts as a perfect binder in meatballs, for best results use an electric mixer to get the whippy creamy binder from this liquid.


In the above article, we discussed the perfect substitute for egg in meatballs. These are very easy and can be made at home with ease and comfort.

As the egg is a binder in meatballs, so while replacing eggs, whether your r run short of it or you want vegan, you should look for the substitute, which gives you more thickness and binding mixture. Fruit puree is good in thickness as well as in flavor. As these purees are sweet, so these help you to enhance your recipe flavor of cakes and brownies. Mashed potatoes are very thick and have excellent binding abilities.

It gives you vegan touch when you replace eggs with mashed potatoes, whereas Nut butter is more creamy and enhances the flavor of the meatballs with a  sweet aroma. Flex seeds have a nutty flavor so that it can give you a nutty flavor in your recipe. Keeping your recipes, you can choose one of these above mentioned.

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