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Sides for Thanksgiving List: 3 Delicious Recipes To Try

Are you looking out to host a Thanksgiving Day in your backyard? Have you already sorted out the dishes and sides that steal the show and make everything worthwhile? Well, if that is the case, we have got you covered with these 3 delicious recipes of sides for your thanksgiving list.

Thanksgiving Day is a great way to have all your friends, family and relatives gathered at your place, and the last thing you’d want is not having a jaw-dropping, mouth-watering menu for thanksgiving that has your guests drooling.

3 Delicious Sides To Add to Your Thanksgiving List

We have it for you, whether you are planning on making sweet or salty stuffed potatoes, lightly grilled bacon, sautéed vegetables, fried rice, or a light and fluffy bow-tie mac salad, we have it for you. Regardless of the season or the prime course, these dishes are sure to end as showstoppers.

We have gathered a thanksgiving list of dishes that will delightfully accompany your Thanksgiving Day. These are easy to make while they are sure to impress your guests.

1. On the top spot of sides for Thanksgiving list – Sweet Potatoes

Number one on this thanksgiving list is ‘Sweet Potatoes’. This dish deserves to be on top, not merely because it wins in taste but in ease too. You will see how amazingly simple to make sides like this and how wonderful it tastes.

To begin with, you need to grab a sack of potatoes, peel them off, and cut them. There is just no rule for having these potatoes cut, you can cut them into cubes, peel them into little thin flakes, or slice them thick and juicy.

The best one, however, is slicing them as it preserves the taste, looks well, and retains the juicy flavor. The next step to perform is slicing a piece of butter into your skillet or pan and watch it churn. Add the sliced potatoes and walk to the spice corner.

Be very mindful of your taste preferences before you begin to add in the sugar and spices. Add sugar, nutmeg, half a spoon honey and some nutmeg powder in a separate bowl and whisk well together.

Give it a good stir till everything is pretty folded after adding the sweet powder mix with the potatoes. Cover the skillet to trap the steam inside and toss it over a low flame stove. Observe it on and off for an hour, till the potatoes are tender to bite and juicy. However, avoid taking off the lid now and then to keep steam from escaping.

Serve them well on your Thanksgiving table, and be ready in no time for recipe-requests and lots of praises.

2. Because you can’t set this aside from your list – Corn Side Dish

There could barely exist a person on Earth who doesn’t love corn. Being one of the best and most adaptable vegetables, it goes with almost everything and anything. Whether you are preparing rice for dinner and you sprinkle in some, or you add a handful of corn into macaroni, or to your keto-salad.

They enrich every dish in color, taste, and nutrition. You can add a corn stuffed dish to your Thanksgiving table, and it will win the title of the most vibrant and eye-catching dish from the table. To start with one very easy dish, you can go for sautéed corn; loved by everyone, everywhere and the easiest to cook with minimal effort.

Just grab on a sauté pan or a skillet and melt a piece of butter or use olive oil, to pack in more nutrition. Then, add two cups of corn seeds into your pan. You can get them from fresh maize, or you can go for the packed frozen corn seeds available anywhere around. Stir them in well for 5 minutes. Later, add in the grated tomato puree and some lime juice (vinegar can be used too, however, lime gives a more natural taste). Stir it to fry for a further 5 minutes and load it off the stove. Sprinkle over cilantro and give it a good mix.

Voila! it’s ready to serve and win a pocketful of compliments.

3. Last but still on sides for Thanksgiving list – the Macaroni Side Dish

Can we live any occasion without macaroni and pasta? We cannot. Macaroni dishes are a must for every occasion.

To add this easy and delicious dish to your dinner table, you have to put in pretty less effort but receive just too much praise. You can rest your note pad for this recipe as there is not much to note. This recipe doesn’t come with a lustful of ingredients and steps.

Just 3 main ingredients and equal simple steps.

Add a half cup of milk in a saucepan and slide it over the stove to get started with this stovetop recipe. Make sure to heat it a little less than it starts to boil. Meanwhile, take the other half cup milk and add in a spoonful of flour to it. Whisk it well to make sure there are no lumps back.

Once the milk is all heated and you are done mixing, add the milk to the saucepan and whisk well till it takes up a thick luscious consistency.

On the other hand, you must have 4 cups of boiled pasta already to churn in with this milky sauce. Combine both and toss in well, add a handful of grated cheese and fold gently till all the cheese is well melted and combined.

Sprinkle salt, black pepper, and mustard to your taste. Don’t forget garnishing with cilantro, oregano, and olives. Dish it out well and serve it right hot.


With this article, you have to worry no more about your sides for Thanksgiving Day. You can prepare all these dishes with utter ease and quick.They are nutritious, healthy, and mind-blowing in taste. All you need to do is dish them out pretty well, beautiful crockery, eye-catching and color-contrasting garnishing with tastemakers will all make it worthwhile.

Thanksgiving Day is an occasion to enjoy with your family, friends, and all relatives. It is not meant to keep worrying about the dishes to make, or keeping you standing for long times in front of the stove cooking meal. You need to enjoy this day and leave the worries of the sides for Thanksgiving Day to us.

Lastly, try these simple recipes for turkey in my blog here. If you are not sure how to defrost a turkey, read this post and learn how. And if you have guests who are vegan, surprise them with these delicious sides on Thanksgiving Day!

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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