How You Can Pan-Fry or Microwave Luncheon Meat!

Lunchtime is usually a pretty fast meal. You don’t think too much of it. In this article we teach you on how you can pan-fry or microwave your Luncheon meat.

Most people are microwaving leftovers or eating sandwiches for lunch. Sandwiches are easy. They are one of the easiest meals you can fix. You just need meat and bread, and you’re good to go! Unless you’re like me; then you need meat, bread, and mayonnaise. I can’t have any sandwich without mayonnaise. We all have our go-to sandwich technique and toppings.

There are all kinds of meats you can put in your sandwich. Popular meats are turkey, ham, tuna, and luncheon meat. Luncheon meat can be sliced and put in your sandwich cold or sliced and fried in a pan. You can enjoy it hot or cold. If you like it hot, you may be wondering can you microwave luncheon meat? Absolutely!

Lunch Meats vs. Luncheon Meats

Before we get into microwaving luncheon meat, let’s discuss luncheon and lunch meats. The words lunch meats and luncheon meats get tossed around together all the time. Some people consider luncheon and lunch meat the same thing, and technically it is. I consider luncheon meat and lunch meats to have a slight difference. When I think of luncheon meat, I think about Spam. It is that processed and compacted meat in a loaf that is canned. There are all kinds of luncheon meat; pork, chicken, beef, and/or a combination of them. You can slice it, pan fry it, and serve it with a side; or you can slice it and put it in a sandwich. Either way, it is a super convenient and delicious canned meat.

Then there are lunch meats. Those, to me, are deli meats. I am talking about your slices of turkey, ham, bologna, salami, and a bunch of other ones. These are slabs of meat too in a loaf that gets sliced and placed on a sandwich. Technically, they are the same thing; but luncheon meat always makes me think canned not deli. Do you consider them the same? Either way, luncheon or lunch meat is meat that gets sliced and placed on a sandwich for your enjoyment. I prefer the lunch meats freshly sliced from the deli most of the time; but once in a blue moon, I am in the mood for what I consider the most popular luncheon meat in the world. Spam.

How to Cook Spam to Perfection

I feel like Spam is totally underrated. I mean, let’s face it. There is almost no nutritional value to Spam, In fact, it mostly has fat, calories, sodium, and an ungodly amount of preservatives. Healthy, right? It doesn’t even have that much protein, and it’s meat! But spam is processed meat like hotdogs or bacon; even though we know it’s unhealthy, we eat it anyway. Seriously though, it tastes delicious! Spam doesn’t really require cooking, but heating it up makes it better. You should try it!

With all the nutrition I mentioned Spam has, I bet you’re dying to know how to make it. Right? Well, don’t worry because cooking Spam is easy! Technically, you don’t need to cook it. You can take it out of the can, slice it, and place it on your sandwich or on a plate and just eat it. But most Spam lovers know that heated Spam is just better. I prefer pan-frying it. You literally heat a pan to medium heat with a little oil and butter, just enough to coat the pan. Then once heated, you throw the sliced spam on there and cook each side for about 2 minutes. That’s it! Easy peasy! This meat is popular for a reason.

How to Make and Microwave Luncheon Meats like Spam

I know what you’re dying to know at this point. Can you microwave luncheon meat, like Spam? Yes, and it is very easy. You simply slice the spam and place the slices on a microwave-safe plate in a single layer, not stacked.

How thick you slice the spam is up to you. Microwave it on high for 45 seconds to a minute. How long it takes to cook will depend on the thickness of the slices and the power of your microwave. You’ll know it’s done when it’s as hot as you want it.

Enjoy! You can also make your own luncheon meat! That is right! It is very simple.

All you need is about 3 lbs of ground pork, ½ teaspoon of pink curing salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 ½ tablespoon of potato starch, ½ tablespoon of kosher salt, and ½ cup of cold water. You can add other seasonings like garlic, onion powder, or chili powder if you’d like. It is really up to you any flavoring you’d like to add. The first step is to preheat the oven to 250°F. Combine all the ingredients in a food processor, and blend it until it is a pink slimy dough.

Then place that in a loaf pan and cover it with aluminum foil. Then, you place that loaf pan into a larger pan and fill the larger pan with water. Once the water reaches halfway up the loaf pan, place it in the oven and let it bake for 4 hours. Then place a heavy object on top of the aluminum-covered loaf to put weight on it to compress it even more into the pan. Let is sit for 1 hour, and then it’ll be ready to slice and enjoy!

Spam is What’s For Lunch!

In the busy world, we live in today, it is popular to be able to make quick meals. Lunchmeat and luncheon meats are convenient. They have been eaten for years across the world, and people will continue to eat these meats for years to come.

They are easy to fix and can be eaten hot or cold. You can always heat up your deli meat if you want a warm sandwich, but can you microwave luncheon meat? Now you know you can! Whether it is Spam or any other brand of canned meatiness, you can easily heat it up for a quick meal.

There are tons of recipes for luncheon meat. It can be thrown in salads, casseroles, or just eaten as the main course with sides! There are endless possibilities for luncheon meat. Whether you microwave it or pan-fry it, it is one of the most convenient and enjoyable meals. The next time you’re unsure what to have for lunch, grab yourself some luncheon meat.

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