How You Can Microwave Nutella and Make Fondue!

When I was in high school, my French class did a yearly food tasting. We would all bring in different foods that were popular in France. One year, our French teacher brought in a chocolate spread and had us spread it on bread.

I remember my first bite. It was nutty, sweet, and delicious! Yum! It was my first time trying Nutella. Nutella is originally from Italy. It was very popular in France and other parts of Europe before it became a global hit across the world. Now, Nutella is a staple in every household. People also make cakes, cookies, and other foods with Nutella. It has become a popular recipe ingredient.

Some people are starting to wonder how can you microwave Nutella? Easily! Just place it in a bowl and throw it in the microwave! But why are people wanting to microwave it? Could this delicious spread be better? Let’s find out more about this delicious spread first.

Nutella History

As I mentioned before, Nutella originated in Italy. It’s origins go back to the year 1946, where it was invented by Pietro Ferrero as a solution to the cocoa shortage supply they were having. It was actually a loaf made out of sugar, hazelnuts, and cocoa. It didn’t transform into a spread until 1951. However, it wasn’t until 1964 that Ferrero’s son reinvented the recipe into the delicious spread we know as Nutella. In 1965, Germany was introduced to Nutella where it was very popular. Then in 1966, France discovered its deliciousness! France loved Nutella, and soon Australia was introduced to Nutella. As the years went by and social media became more popular, the world started hearing more and more about this delicious chocolatey spread. In no time, the entire world was eating Nutella with their breakfast.

Nutella in Dessert Recipes

Nutella is now a popular ingredient in many recipes. I made a chocolate cake with Nutella icing for my sister’s birthday once. It was spectacular! There are countless recipes for cupcakes and cookies using Nutella.

There is something about chocolate and hazelnuts that tastes so good in desserts. One of my favorite Nutella desserts is chocolate-covered strawberries! You literally only need strawberries and a jar a Nutella and you are good to go. I usually place some Nutella in a bowl and start dipping strawberries into the yummy spread.

If you haven’t had Nutella-covered strawberries, you need to try it! Nutella is made of mostly oil, hazelnuts, sugar, and cocoa. This makes it perfect to be cooked into other recipes! You can fold it into the cookie dough to make Nutella flavored cookies.

You can make delicious Nutella recipes in the microwave too! This why people want to know how can you microwave Nutella? Because they know there are easy and fast Nutella microwave recipes!

For example, you can make an easy microwaved Nutella mug brownie! All you need is a microwavable mug, an egg, and some Nutella! You simply add one egg and a ¼ cup of Nutella into your mug and mix it well. Then, you add 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour and mix it well until you have a batter. Then place the mug in the microwave and microwave it for about 45 seconds to a minute.

Don’t overcook it! You will know when it is done when the top of the mug looks firm and done! Top it with some ice cream for the most delicious and easy treat!

How to Make Nutella Dipping Sauce – Nutella Fondue

Once you know the limitless abilities of what you can do with Nutella, the world is your oyster. This is one reason you need to learn how you can microwave Nutella!

Once you realize you can melt Nutella down to a dippable substance, you can have Nutella fondue parties! All you need to do is place a cup of Nutella in a microwavable bowl. Then place a cup of heavy whipping cream in a separate bowl and microwave the cream on high for about 50 seconds.

Afterward, mix the cream with the Nutella with a whisk until it’s blended well. Then, let it cool in the fridge for about an hour. It is normal for it to thicken in the fridge. Once you are ready to serve it, you can pop the bowl in the microwave and microwave it on low for 40-60 seconds or until warm. Now you can dip fruit, cookies, marshmallows, and all kinds of foods in this delicious Nutella fondue!

Nutella may also need to be microwaved if it gets hardened. If you’re an avid Nutella eater like I am, you will learn that over time the Nutella can harden in the jar. This makes it difficult to spread, which can totally ruin your toast.

What can you do? You can solve this problem with your microwave. All you need to do is scoop the Nutella out of the jar and place it on a microwavable bowl. Place it in the microwave and microwave it on low for about 15 seconds.

Then you want to stir the Nutella and microwave for another 15 seconds if you want it softer. Once the Nutella is spreadable again, you can indulge in your Nutella heaven!

Nutella is What is for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

How can you microwave Nutella? You can mix it with cream for a delicious fondue. Everyone loves fondue! Mixing it with flour for a yummy microwaved brownie, or you can make Nutella mug cakes also!

There are so many possibilities! If you’re Nutella has hardened, you can warm some up in the microwave to soften it up. Now you know why anyone would want to microwave Nutella and the benefits of warming this delicious spread.

Don’t have to limit your Nutella to breakfast. You can enjoy Nutella cookies for dessert with your lunch! You can make a Nutella brownie and many other desserts for after dinner. This spread has made its way across the globe. It has inspired people to be creative with ways on how to use it. It is delicious and satisfying in so many ways.

Nutella will continue to bring joy to many adults and children all over the world.

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