3 Ways To Thicken Jell-o That Will Not Set

Why would you want to thicken Jell-O that will not set?

Jell-O is a gelatin-based dessert as a low-calorie treat. It’s more preferred and consumed by the juveniles rather than the middle-age. 

In fact, making Jell-O-O is quite simple but messing it up is also easy to encounter, especially when you add additional ingredients like fruit to the recipe. 

Just imagine that you are planning to make Jell-O for your family as a cool and tasty dessert or for your baby on his or her birthday, or just to treat yourself after a tiring day, but the most frustrating thing happens: it won’t firm or stay molding and you cannot cut it. 

Can you thicken Jell-O that will not set?

Don’t worry, if your Jell-O will not set, you can salvage it by some following steps and tips. 

However, if somehow, it cannot be fixed, I’m afraid that you will have to start the process over again, but it won’t take much time so just don’t be disappointed and just willing to give it another shot.

Tips to thicken Jell-O that will not set

  • Never use fresh or frozen fruits since the enzyme contained in that kind of fruit will break down the gelatin and prevent it from setting properly
  • The average time to chill the Jell-O in the fridge is six hours but it will also depend of how much or what kind of gelatin you have, if you have a large amount or your Jell-O is poured into thick molds or Jell-O containing fruits and vegetables, you need to refrigerate it wrapped over night since covering the mixture with plastic wrap will prevent Jell-O from hardening and can set correctly
  • You can also fix the dish that is not setting by heating it or mix more bloomed gelatin while heating if needed
  • Actually, lukewarm water is more recommended rather than boiling water, but just ensure that your gelatin is dissolved totally before cold water is added, otherwise, it will not set properly

Things you’ll need

  • A fridge
  • A pan/ a bowl
  • Gelatin, canned fruit and vegetables
  • Water
  • Some ingredients and seasoning such as salt, vinegar, lemon juice,…
  • Plastic wrap

How to thicken Jell-O that will not set

  1. Dissolve gelatin completely in boiling water before adding cold water 
  2. Place the Jell-O in the refrigerator and allow it to set for at least six hours (cover the Jell-O pan/ bowl with plastic wrap if you’re leaving it to set overnight)
  3. Remove all fruits that can prevent the Jell-O from setting (fruits such as guava, figs, ginger, papaya, pineapple and kiwi all contain an enzyme which breaks down the gelatin and prevents it from setting properly)
  4. Pick out fruits and vegetables from the Jell-O until it has begun to thicken (chill it for an additional four hours in the fridge after removing the fruits)
  5. Add 1.5 parts of salt, vinegar and other wet ingredients when preparing two parts of Jell-O

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