How to thicken a smoothie

5 Tips on How to Thicken a Smoothie Quickly

In recent years, more and more individuals have become a lot more health-conscious especially when it comes to what they consume. As a result, smoothies have become a popular source of nutrients for many health enthusiasts today.

Instead of having a bowl of sugary cereal for breakfast smoothies are a great way to give you that extra boost in the morning. Having a smoothie a day can definitely help pave the way to your fitness journey. Providing a variety of nutritional benefits, smoothies can definitely make a change in your overall well-being.

Healthier Lifestyle with Smoothies

Before getting into how to concoct the perfect breakfast smoothie, here are a couple of ways smoothies can help you lead a healthier lifestyle:

Smoothies Help You Slim Down

One of the most popular ways to lessen the food you consume a day is by drinking smoothies as a meal replacement. Packed with a bunch of nutrients, smoothies are great and low-calorie meal alternative for those who want to lose the excess body weight.

The fruits and berries in the smoothie contain enzymes that help dissolve body fat and also help clear up circulatory systems.

Keeps You Full Throughout the Day

Individuals who desire to lose weight have the habit to skip their morning meals and end up munching on random snacks in between meals.

To avoid consuming more than you should, packed with excellent fruits and flavors, smoothies are a great alternative snack because it can help keep you full for longer periods of time.

Help with Your Digestion

Green smoothies are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals that help aid in digestion. The green leafy vegetables contain a wholesome amount of fiber that is great at keeping your stomach clean and strong.

Strengthens Your Immunity

Smoothies can help your body fight against pathogens and diseases that threaten to affect your health.

By having smoothies made of ingredients which include healthy nutrients like beta-carotene can help you put up a good fight and boost your immune system.

Improves Your Skin

A lot of ingredients in smoothies like mango, oranges, and pumpkin are known to be highly beneficial for the skin and complexing. Adding smoothies to your daily diet will not only benefit you internally but also externally.

Helps Boost Brain Power

Adding vegetables to your breakfast smoothie can help boost your brainpower and memory. Smoothies containing ingredients like coconuts which are rich in omega-3 acids can help sharpen your mental alertness and overall concentration will have a positive effect on your day-to-day life.

How to Thicken a Smoothie

When it comes to smoothies, the creamier the better. Here are a couple of different ways on how to thicken a smoothie:

Use Frozen Fruit

One of the easiest ways to thicken your morning smoothie is by freezing some fruit the night before. By freezing some fruit like mangoes, bananas, and strawberries you will end up with a thick and creamy smoothie.

Freezing your fruit is also a great hack to preserve your fruits for longer, helping you lessen your food waste as well as save on money.

Freeze some of the liquid

If you use a liquid base like soy milk or coconut water for your smoothies and always end up with a runny consistency. Similar to using frozen fruit, you will have to prep your frozen liquid the night before.

Using an ice cube tray pour in your preferred liquid base leave it in the freezer overnight. The next day, just simply add in a few ice cubes and end up with a thicker smoothie.

Lessen the amount of liquid added

To thicken your smoothie, lessen the amount of liquid added in the blender. To make sure that the mixture still smoothens well in the blender, gradually add in the liquid little by little to make sure that it keeps the right consistency. Otherwise, you can end up adding way too much liquid and end up with a runny consistency.

Add in some raw oats

Looking for a way to thicken your smoothie in just a matter of seconds? Just add some raw oats! By simply tossing in some raw oats you’ll instantly thicken your smoothie in just a matter of seconds—you don’t even have to cook them!

This method is one of the easiest and quickest ways to thicken a smoothie because you don’t have to do any preparations the day before.

Add in a spoonful of chia seeds

Another quick way thicken your smoothing is by adding a spoonful of chia seeds to your smoothie. Aside from making your smoothie thicker, chia seeds contain healthy fats that definitely add nutritional value to the smoothie.

Although adding in chia seeds is a fast way to thicken the smoothie it does take a few minutes for the chia to absorb the liquid from the smoothie and expand to a jelly-like texture.

Enjoy Making Your Smoothies Thicker and Tastier

Depending on the ingredients you have at home or the amount of time you have, there are several effective ways on how to thicken a smoothie.

By adding smoothies to your everyday diet, you will be able to gain all the nutrients and other long-term benefits it has to offer. So, if you’re looking for an effective way to boost your immune system or to help you in your weight loss journey, smoothies are a great addition to your diet!

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