How to defrost frozen shrimp

How to defrost frozen shrimp?

Shrimps are getting popular as seafood in various cuisines of the world. People who love seafood, better know the taste of shrimps. Along with fishes shrimps, are sold in the leading stores and fish markets. Fishers used to catch shrimps from the sea in the early days. A new industry came up to meet the demand for shrimps. This industry includes huge shrimps forms all over the world. Shrimps size may vary from two cm to twenty-five centimeters. Big shrimps have high demand in the market. The fishermen call the bigger shrimps as prawns in the market. When you buy shrimps from the market, you should be very careful, as most of the shrimps are frosted and then defrosted when to sell in the market.  

The quality of defrosted shrimps depends upon the method of how shrimps were frosted. You might not get the same quality of shrimps if frosted for a long time.

Here are some methods to get the knowledge of how to defrost frozen shrimps?

 Using cold water for defrosting

For this method, you need two tablespoons of salt and four cups of water.

Put the salt in the water and stir it so that salt mix in water thoroughly. You should consider the amount of water to be enough to submerge the shrimps completely. If water is less, you can add more water to maintain the level. Now take out the frozen shrimps from the packet and soak in this salt mixed water for twenty minutes. The water will melt the ice crystals present on shrimps and salt will defuse inside the shrimps and make them juicy and tender. Salt also adds flavor to shrimps. You can put shrimps in saltish water and prepare your other foodstuff till it comes to room temperature within twenty to twenty-five minutes.  These shrimps are now salty, so you should consider this factor when you add salt to your food.

Using polybags for defrosting

For this method, you need a polybag, large enough to accommodate the frozen shrimps. Make some holes in the polybag. Now take out shrimps from its packet and shift into this polybag with holes. Put this polybag in a bowl filled with water for about 25 minutes. It would be best if you submerged the polybag properly in the water bowl. This method works great. The water touches the shrimps through holes without shrimps to sink in water. The ice crystals will melt in water in just 20 mints. And leave the shrimps ready to use for cooking.

Using running water for defrosting

For this method, you need some holy container or sieve. Take out shrimps from the packet and put in the colander. Place the bowl under the tap and open the valve. Keep running water from shrimps. Move shrimps up and down so that water evenly melt the ice crystals on shrimps. In a few minutes, shrimps will come at room temperature. It is an excellent method to defrost the shrimps, but it wastes a lot of water. Again you have to consider the heat of the running water. It should be cold and at room temperature. Hot or warm water may cause the shrimps to cook unevenly.

Using refrigerator for defrosting

In this method, you use the refrigerator to defrost the shrimps. Take the shrimps out of the packet and put them in an airtight jar. Put this jar in the fridge overnight. In eight hours, you can appropriately defrost the shrimps. This refrigerator method is used commercially in big hotels and restaurants. With this method, you get the deforested shrimps the same in status as before frosting: no water addition or salt intervention. This method is suitable for you if you have plenty of time to prepare your food, at least eight hours before your mealtime. If you plan for this method, then you should put shrimps precisely eight hours before your mealtime.

You may ask why should we use the cold water> why not the warm or hot water, which can melt the ice crystal quickly and easily? The answer is, shrimps are very delicate seafood and can cook quickly with low heat. While defrosting, if you use hot water, the hot water will cook it outside while leaving its inner side frosted.  While cold water preserves the status of shrimps by protecting the outer layer and defrost both inner and outer sides evenly.  

how to defrost shrimp in the microwave

with older models of the microwave, you can not defrost the shrimps. The good news is that you can use the latest models microwave to defrost the shrimps quickly and safely. In almost all models of every company, there is a defrost option available. Using this defrost option, you can defrost any meal, cooked or uncooked. Usually, you find three options in defrost function. One for poultry, second for meat, and third for fish. For defrosting in the microwave, Take the shrimps out of the packet and put it in the microwave. Choose the fish option from the menu and start the microwave. Usually, it takes 5 to 8 minutes to defrost thoroughly.


Shrimps are very delicate seafood. You find it in the frozen form, usually in the market. Before buying, you should consider the date of packing. Long periods mean deficient freshness quality after defrosting. We mention many methods to educate you about how to defrost frozen shrimps? You can use salt and water method. Running water is another option. The polybag method is also safe for defrosting. Using a refrigerator is the best option, but it takes a long time to defrost. Lastly, we told you about the defrosting shrimps in the microwave. The microwave is the best option for defrosting the shrimps. You don’t have to put shrimps off from the packet. Just put the shrimp’s package inside the microwave and turn it on using the defrost option for fish. You will get defrosted shrimps with the same quality and taste within eight minutes.

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