How to Cook Sunny Side Up Eggs – A Simple Guideline to Follow when Cooking Sunny

This guide reviews the best methods on how to cook sunny side up eggs.

Do you want to have a perfect start-up of the day? Then, have perfectly cooked sunny side up eggs with buttered toast. You will never regret. You can accompany sunny side up eggs not only with your morning toast, but also as a filling for your burgers, on your avocado toast, on top of your baking dishes and with rice to get some extra protein.  

Even though sunny side up eggs are prepared in almost all households regularly, many people don’t exactly know how to cook sunny side up eggs perfectly with a runny yolk and a nice brown colour fried border. If not cooked properly, you may end up with a rubbery, raw and greasy sunny side up egg. Having said that, cooking perfect sunny side up eggs is not very difficult. You just need eggs, olive oil and a non-stick skillet.

Tips for Making Perfect Sunny Side Up Eggs

  • Choosing a good non-toxic, non-stick pan with a lid is the most important factor you must consider when making sunny side up eggs. You can’t get a perfect outcome if your eggs stick to the pan. Cleaning is also difficult when cooking becomes messy. You don’t need much oil to cook eggs when using a non-stick pan. Covering the pan with a lid is also a crucial step that ensures perfect cooking of eggs. If you don’t have a non-stick pan, you can use a perfectly seasoned cast-iron skillet to make sunny side up eggs. But, here you should use more oil than when cooking in a non-stick pan in order to prevent eggs from sticking to the skillet. You should also make sure that oil is hot before adding the eggs.
  • When making the sunny side up eggs, crack the eggs into separate containers without cracking it directly to the pan. This prevents the yolk from breaking and getting mixed with the whites. Also when adding to individual containers, you can check whether the egg is spoilt or not before adding it to the pan or the skillet.
  • Eggs should be kept over low heat to ensure its perfect cooking. This will prevent egg bottoms from burning before the egg whites are cooked. Too much heat will also toughen the white part of the egg. Cooking over low heat ensures the even cooking of the eggs.
  • The pan should be kept covered until the egg whites are perfectly cooked. But for a perfect sunny side up egg, egg yolk should be runny. If you cover the pan using a glass lid, you can watch over the eggs.
  • When transferring the cooked sunny side up eggs to a plate, use a spatula. This would help you to carefully place the egg on the plate without breaking the yolk and also protect your pan from scratching.

How to Make Perfect Sunny Side Up Eggs

To make perfect sunny side up eggs, you only need a non-stick pan, a cast-iron skillet, a spatula, olive oil or canola oil, two large eggs and salt and pepper to season. First, add some oil to the pan and heat it over low heat for about five minutes. Then, crack two eggs to two separate small bowls carefully without damaging the yolk. Next, add one egg to one side of the pan and add the other egg to the other side of the pan slowly. After that, cover it with a glass lid and cook until the egg whites are perfectly cooked and the yolk is still runny. Finally, transfer the well-cooked egg to a plate, season it with a pinch of salt and pepper and enjoy.

How to Make Sunny Side Up Eggs without Oil

If you want to cook oil-free sunny side up eggs, this is how you should do it. First, heat a non-stick pan on medium heat. Add one tablespoon of water and let it boil. Crack your egg into a separate bowl and then transfer it carefully to the pan with the boiling water. Cover and cook it for around two minutes until the water starts to foam and egg whites are perfectly cooked. Now you have a healthy sunny side up eggs with perfectly cooked whites and a runny yolk.

What to Serve with Sunny Side Up Eggs

Sunny side up eggs is a perfect accompaniment that goes with any dish. Sunny side up eggs can be eaten not only for breakfast, but also for lunch and dinner. The golden yolk is a succulent sauce for any kind of toast, potato and pasta dish. Here are some great serving ideas for sunny side up eggs.

Sausage Patties with Fried Eggs

Sliced sausages cooked in unsalted butter accompanied with sunny side up eggs is a delicious idea for your family breakfast.

Classic Breakfast Toast with Sunny Side Up Eggs

Mayonnaise-spread bread toast topped with fried bacon, tomatoes and sunny side up eggs and seasoned with salt and pepper can give an enhanced taste to your classic breakfast toast.

Kimchi Fried Rice Topped with Sunny Side Up Eggs

Spicy and tangy flavoured Korean kimchi fried rice topped with a sunny side up eggs cooked in sesame oil is perfect for your lunch.


Even though everybody fries eggs regularly, many people don’t know how to cook sunny side up eggs properly. For a perfect sunny side up egg, egg whites should be properly cooked whereas the yolk should be still runny. The well-fried brown coloured edge of the sunny side up egg enhances the appearance as well as the taste of the egg. Cooking sunny side up egg is simple. But, you have to follow certain tips when cooking it. You should use a non-stick pan. The egg should be cooked over low heat. When cooking, the pan should be covered with a lid. A spatula must be used to transfer the egg safely to a plate. This article clearly explains how to cook a perfect sunny side up egg, tips to follow when cooking the egg and what to serve with sunny side up eggs.

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