How to Cook Filet Mignon in Oven – You’ll Love It!

Ah, I know filet mignon is a 90’s dish, but it is still our favorite. Yes, it is available in restaurants, but you might want to save yourself from buying that overpriced, stuffy steak meat. Try cooking at home, it’s effortless, but you might want to do it just correct, considering the steep price tag. In this article we will learn on how to cook filet mignon in an oven.

There’s no denying that filet mignon is one of the most famous steak cuts worldwide.

If you decide on cooking filet mignon at home, a question might arise in your mind that how to cook filet mignon in the oven without actually drying it out?

Well, it is as simple and straightforward as it sounds. And for a fact, the oven might be the best place for this steak cut or any other steak cut.

Read this article until the end to acknowledge super easy ways to work steak just the right way.

How should the filet mignon be like?

When it comes to steak, everyone likes it to be a bit juicy, salty, and tender from the inside and has a crispy silhouette.

But how would one define the perfect filet mignon? My definition of filet mignon is that it possesses a sweet and salty taste of brown butter and a certain rosemary aroma.

What variations in a skillet can be deployed?

When it comes to the skillet, one would want their choice to be just right. As the steak might stick to the skillet and cause you a delay in eating it, it is better to use a cast-iron skillet.

However, you can even use a stainless-steel pan, just make sure that whichever pan you’re using is oven-safe.

What temperature should I keep the oven on?

This is yet another critical step. The standard temperature used to preheat an oven is 230˚C or 450˚F.

However, this temperature might not work for every oven as each works on different voltages. Make sure to check your furnace before heating it.

Is an adequate sear essential for cooking steak?

A good sear is the most crucial step in cooking a sweet, juicy, and tender steak.

Searing gives the steak a delicate and salty crust, which is the critical ingredient in achieving your desired filet mignon!

This crust is achievable by heating the crust for a good 5 minutes until the oil starts smoking. Be patient, this period is undoubtedly long to wait for your delicious, succulent, and soft steak, but it’s worth the time.

Should I go for oil or butter?

The answer is BOTH! Start with adding vegetable oil or any other oil you typically use. Then, after you’ve flipped the steak, add butter and berate it till it melts.

You must be thinking, why would one add oil and butter when both do the same work? In this case, oil is used for the primary purpose, to soften it and lend it moisture.

However, butter is used after changing the sides; that is to keep it moist and make it crispy because, as it is said, that butter makes everything better!

What is the need to bake it in the oven?

You only need to cook the filet mignon in the pan on the hearth till it forms a crispy crust. You cook it anymore on the hearth, and it will burn in quite a bad way.

To avoid this mess, we use an oven for cooking steak, for it gives the right flavor, texture, and tenderness.

Ps: if you’re worried that oven will dry your filet mignon out, then you’re wrong for, the oven is the best medium to cook any steak.

When do I know it is done?

After taking it off the stove, place it in the oven for a minimum of seven minutes to obtain the medium-rare filet mignon.

Watch it being made and rising and all that juice dripping from it into the pan, and its aroma filling the kitchen already and make yourself ready for an amazingly delicious treat.

After 7-8 minutes, bring it out and check if its correctly done. It must have a brownish-black to be cooked appropriately. If it does have such a color, then you’re good to have a feast!

Are there any additional servings to it?

Not necessarily, it does not require any unique flavorings or seasonings. However, there are quite some of them to use if you are a fan of condiments.

Onion and garlic are the first seasonings that come to one mind. Though they are easy to get, however, they might have a bit of a robust flavor. One more choice you have is to sprinkle some brown butter having the taste of herbs.

Basil is yet another good option to use with steak. Black pepper can also be used, but be warned that it has a pungent flavor and might not emulsify with the steak so well.

I prefer using thyme with steak as it goes well with it and is frequently used as a beef herb. Yellow mustard powder can also work well.


Steak is delicious for obvious reasons. Centuries ago, it was people’s favorite dish and still is.

Now, who doesn’t love that fantastic beefy aroma, the juicy, tender slice of the steak, the crispy outside of the steak? And it tastes even better when cooked with your own hands. So why not make some yourself?

Yes, eating at the restaurant is a good option; however, the level of excitement and happiness while eating something you cooked yourself is incomparable to any other thing.

The next time you decide on making yourself some filet mignon, don’t fret; for now, you know exactly how to cook a filet mignon in the oven.

This article will undoubtedly of great help when you step into your kitchen to prepare a delicious steak.

FUN FACT: Limiting your poking and touching the filet mignon can make it even more delicious, for it won’t pierce the filet mignon and cause a loss of a fantastic flavor and juice.

Have a good day ahead!

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