How to Cook Eggs Over Easy. Make a Foolproof Over Easy Eggs.

How to cook eggs over easy? Oh! It’s super easy. Just break an egg in a medium heated pan. Don’t pay attention to egg yolk, whole or broken, it doesn’t matter. Wait until the egg edges are brown. Flip. Wait for few more seconds and the egg is ready.

Wait. I don’t mean that kind of fried egg. You need more than that. You need patience, diligence, and accuracy to cook eggs over easy.

Egg over easy has a firm white and a runny yolk. That means you have to flip the egg with the delicate yolk. One misstep and you ruin it.  Wait a little longer and what you will get is egg over hard. Worst case, a regular fried egg with brown, crispy, and chewy edges.

Pull yourself together because I’m gonna teach you how to cooks eggs over easy. A foolproof way to achieve the goal. Plus two bonus techniques. Over easy eggs without flipping and a perfect sunny side up. 

Isn’t it exciting?

Things You Should Know  Before Making Eggs Over Easy

Get the best eggs, the freshest egg possible. Reject any eggs beyond the expiry date. Unrefrigerated eggs only last for up to 10 days.

Do the egg test. Anything that slightly float in water bath is suspicious. And all that stays on top are rotten eggs.

If what you’ve got has no expiry tag, just rely on this simple egg test. Make sure every egg you break passes.

Use a nonstick pan. Egg when heated, will form a bond to metal. It needs a special pan. I recommend either ceramic or Teflon.

But a well seasoned skillet will do fine. Have the habit of seasoning your skillet regularly.

To season a cast iron or carbon steel skillet:

  1. Clean thoroughly and dry.
  2. Set over a medium heat stove then apply a thin coat of flaxseed oil.
  3. Increase the heat to bring the oil to its smoking point.
  4. Repeat the process several times until the skillet surface is completely black.
  5. Don’t rush. You may need to do it up to 11 times to get a nice coat.

Get a trusty stove. The heat it gives should be accurately low when you set it to low. If it randomly changes on its own, do a check-up or hire someone to do it for you. If still fails, time to get a replacement.

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Fool Proof Over Easy Eggs

Only a slight difference exists between egg over easy and egg over medium. You shouldn’t do other things while cooking. Else, you’re likely to have an egg over medium or an egg over well. Or the worst, a regular fried egg with brown, chewy, and crispy sides. 

Follow these steps to make a foolproof over easy eggs.

  1. Set the pan over a low heat and add a tablespoon of oil. Any oil of your choice is fine, olive oil, palm oil, and even butter.
  2. Gently crack open the egg into the pan.  Then heat up slowly until all the white is firm while the yolk is still runny. Sprinkle with salt and black pepper if desired.
  3. Keep on watch. When the bubbles start rising near the edges, lift the pan for a bit. The pan is hot and will continue cooking the egg.
  4. Jiggle the pan to see if the underneath has set. If the egg moves smoothly,  flip it over with the help of spatula or with the stylistic pan-flip. This trick requires a bit of practice. Don’t be ashamed if you break the yolk and mess up the stove. People make mistakes and so you need practice to make a foolproof over easy eggs.
  5. Let it cook for about a minute. Jiggle again to test. Transfer to a small plate and serve.

How to Make Over Easy Eggs Without Flipping

Practice makes perfect but you don’t have enough time to practice. Your visitor is waiting, and he wants an egg over easy.  Relax, you can learn how to make over easy eggs without flipping!

  1. Get a pan. Make sure it has a cover because you’ll be using it later.
  2. Place the pan over low heat and drizzle with olive oil.
  3. Tap the egg and open into the pan.
  4. Let it heat up until the white is firm. Then season with salt and black pepper.
  5. Cook the top without flipping. Get a tablespoon of water and pour near the egg edge.
  6. Cover. The heat will build up inside, causing the top to gelatinize.
  7. Upon seeing a thin layer of white covering the yolk, remove from heat and serve at once.

Flipping the eggs is fun to watch. Practice again next time.

How to Cook Egg, Sunny Side Up

Don’t flip and don’t let the white coagulate over the yolk. That’s how to cook egg, sunny side up style. Here are more details for you to follow.

  1. Again, get a pan. Without a cover is fine.
  2. Set the pan on a low heat stove. Put some oil then add the egg without breaking the yolk.
  3. Let the white set but the yolk should remain runny. It should be bright, shining brightly like the sun.
  4. Jiggle the pan to ensure nothing is sticking.
  5. Lift the sunny side up with spatula to drain excess oil.
  6. Then transfer to a plate and serve.

With sunny side up method available, you don’t need to teach yourself how to cook eggs over easy.  Also, you don’t have to play pan-flipping tricks.


I fulfilled my promise. I taught you how to cook eggs over easy. The foolproof way to cook it and the eggs over easy without flipping.  You don’t have to worry about flipping if you can’t get it right. Cover the pan and there you have it. 

The perfect technique to make sunny side up is a nice bonus. A sunny side up that shines brightly like the sun.

Yet, only slight differences exist among sunny side up, over easy, over medium, and over hard. I need to remind you a few more things before you get started.  

Get a dependable stove. Or, make what you have dependable. It’s vital for cooking eggs over easy. If the heat suddenly goes up on its own, your eggs over easy are done for. Get a nonstick pan. Either Teflon or ceramic pan without scratches is fine. Egg sticking to metal while frying is a fact so a layer of protection must stand in between. If what you have is a cast iron or carbon steel pan, season it well and get cooking.

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