How to cook chicken breast in an instant pot

How to cook chicken breast in an instant pot? Breast chicken with potatoes has stunning n flavor

The chicken industry is the world’s most significant sector. This industry connects Millions of people. Billions of people are getting their foodstuff from this chicken industry. Chicken is the most popular poultry product all over the world. People say that if you remove chicken and potatoes from the world, the world will forget the taste of eatings. Chicken is the most used foodstuff in the world. From burgers to sizzling foods, you need chicken to add in your food recipes. Chicken is low in cholesterol and fats; that’s is why it is healthier than any other red meat. Chicken is also famous as white meat. Chicken breast is the soft meat of the chicken. Full of white meat. It is the best part, and you can use it in almost every dish or fast food. You can cook chicken breasts in many different ways. Here we will discuss how to cook chicken breast in an instant pot?

Instant pot boneless chicken breast recipe

chicken breast is the most tender meat of the chicken. You can find it with bones or boneless too. You can prepare your lunch or dinner with chicken breast for about thirty minutes. You can have this fast cooking with chicken breasts.

Instant pot chicken breast frozen

 you Can use the fresh chicken or even the frozen chicken to prepare in an instant pot. For frozen chicken, put it on room temperature for ten minutes. Or defrost it microwave oven for fast cooking.

the ingredients  this recipe are:

two chicken breasts. One tablespoon garlic powder. One teaspoon of paprika powder. Salt and black pepper to taste. I tablespoon of olive oil.

Put the chicken breasts in a bowl. Mix the spices and rub spices on breast pieces for even coating. Add two tablespoons of olive oil in the instant pot. When oil gets hot, then put the chicken breast in the pan. Use the saute mood of the instant pot to saute the breast pieces. Now take out chicken from the instant pot. For cooking now, place the trivet inside the instant pot. Put the chicken above the trivet and set the instant pot for manual heating for five minutes. After five minutes, let the instant pot to release the pressure completely. Your chicken breast is now ready to serve. Rest for five minutes and its ready to serve. You can make gravy of this chicken to present. You need two cups of water and one tablespoon of cornstarch for making the gravy. Boil the water in the instant pot. Add the cornstarch and heat for four minutes till you get the thickened mixture. Now take this liquid in the bowl and serve as the gravy with chicken breast.

You can save your chicken breast leftover in the refrigerator for a week. You will get instant help for lunch and dinners. You can use chicken with almost every other foodstuff. 

Instant pot shredded chicken breast

there are many ways to serve the cooked chicken breast to your family. You can present the whole chicken breast. Make slices of chicken breast to offer. The other way is to shred the chicken breast. You can use this shredded chicken breast in burgers, salads, and soups as well. 

The ingredients you will need for shredded chicken breast are:

Three pounds of chicken breasts

One cup pineapple juice

One tablespoon ground garlic

Two tablespoons of ordinary salt

Put all ingredients in the instant pot. Close the lid to seal the container. Adjust the timer according to the size of the chicken breast. For more significant pieces, you should set the timer long like eight-minute. For smaller pieces, you should set the timer short, like five minutes. You do not need the poultry button on the instant pot. You will use the high temperature only. When the timer stops, you should wait for five minutes to release the pressure naturally.  in a hurry, you can release the pot pressure of instant pot by putting the instant pot under tap water. You will get the pressure release instantly. Now drain half of the liquid from the pan. Now use a hand mixer to shred the cooked breast pieces inside the container. A hand mixer will work well for shredding the chicken breast. Now your shredded chicken breast is ready. You can serve these shredded chicken in burgers or shwarma bread.

Instant pot chicken breast and potatoes

You can use the instant pot for cooking chicken breast as well as for baking potatoes.

The ingredients for this recipe are:

Four  chicken breasts

Two  pounds of potatoes

Three  tablespoons of olive oil

One and a half  teaspoons of salt

 A half  teaspoon of  pepper powder

One  teaspoon of ground garlic

One  teaspoon of  thyme

A half teaspoon of  basil seeds

A half  teaspoon of  oregano

One cup of chicken broth

Three  tablespoons of cheese

mix all the ingredients into the instant pot. Set the timer to five minutes. When the timer stops, carefully lope the lid by releasing the pressure naturally. Now take out the chicken and put the potato in the pot and close the lid. Heat the pan for fifteen minutes. Potatoes are ready to be served with chicken breast.


In this article, we discussed the chicken breast. Its popularity and its uses in cooking.  You can use various methods for cooking chicken breasts. You can cook it as n pieces fro servings. You can make gravy to serve it as curry. Chicken is renowned worldwide so that you can cook chicken breast with any vegetable or grain. We told you about the instant pot setting for cooking chicken breast. You now have adequate knowledge about how to cook chicken breasts in an instant pot. You can use it as whole chicken breast serving, or you can shred it to serve in burgers or salads or soups. 

Pick the one recipe and enjoy the healthy food!!

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