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The Best Egg Substitutes for Vegan Baking

Transitioning to a vegan diet is one of the healthiest paths one can take when it comes to an individual’s overall well-being. In fact, there are a lot of scientifically-based health benefits one can gain with a vegan lifestyle.

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of veganism and some tips on finding vegan substitutes for non-vegan ingredients. If you’re thinking about being more conscious about what you eat, this is the perfect read for you! 

Before getting into vegan baking, it’s important to learn more about the vegan diet and the benefits it can bring to your life.

With a Vegan Diet, Your Nutrient Intake is Much Richer

By taking out animal products from your diet, you will be getting rid of certain nutrients out of your everyday diet. Luckily, there are vegan alternatives to the non-vegan food resources that you have just omitted. These food replacements include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, and peas.

Compared to a regular non-vegan meal, the proportions for a regular vegan meal are a lot larger. As a result, you will be consuming a higher amount of nutrients with a whole-food vegan diet. In fact, a study has found that vegan diets tend to have a higher amount of antioxidants and fibers along as well as minerals like vitamins A, C and E, potassium, folate and magnesium.

A Vegan Diet Can Help You Shed Off the Excess Weight

Vegan diets are essentially lower in calories as compared to non-vegan diets. As a result, many plant-based individuals are often thinner with lower BMIs as compared to non-vegans.

In fact, in a study’s findings, having a vegan diet helped participants lose about 4.2 kilograms more than the participants who had a controlled non-vegan diet. It was also found that individuals on a vegan diet with no calorie restrictions lost more weight than those who implemented a calorie-restricted non-vegan diet.

To conclude, vegan diets have proven to possess a natural tendency to reduce the amount of calories you consume without having to take any necessary restrictions. Meaning to say, by just following a vegan diet you will effortlessly shed off the extra weight without needing to follow a restricted diet.

A Vegan Diet Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Following a vegan diet can help benefit individuals with type 2 diabetes or have problems with their kidney functions. Studies have found that individuals living the vegan lifestyle often have lower blood sugar levels and higher insulin sensitivity—lowering the risk of having type 2 diabetes by 50-78%.

Reports from the American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association have found that vegan diets lower blood sugar levels in diabetics more than the other non-vegan diets.

By incorporating a vegan-diet into your life, you will be adding nutrients to your well-being that can help lower the risk of having diabetes.

Vegan Egg Substitute for Baking

Just like substituting certain nutrients that you have gotten rid of from your non-vegan diet, there are also vegan substitutes when it comes to baking. Here are the top best vegan substitutes you should definitely try out when baking.

Flax Seeds

When combined with water, ground flaxseed turns into a gelatinous consistency that is very similar to eggwhites. To substitute a large egg, take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed and mix with 3 tablespoons of water. Mix well and let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes until it turns into egg white-like consistency.

Chia Seeds

Similar to flaxseeds, chia seed turns into a gelatinous substance when mixed with water. Using the same ratio as the flaxseed—1 tbsp of chia seeds to 3 tbsp of water—mix the two ingredients together and let it sit till it takes to form. Depending on how much the recipe calls, this ratio is equivalent to one to two eggs.

Silken Tofu

Silken tofu is a great wait to keep baked goods moist. For your baking mix, puree the silken tofu and then add to the mixture.


Similar to the silken tofu, bananas can add moisture to your baking mix, however it won’t help to leaven. Before using this ingredient to your baking recipe, take into account the banana’s strong flavor and sweet taste. To compromise for the sweet taste, you can lessen the amount of sugar you add to your baking mix.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you need your baking mix to rise in the oven, mixing baking soda and vinegar will give you the results you need. Once combined, your baking mix will start to bubble up and increase in volume. The end result will be light and fluffy baked goods.

To replace an egg, use a tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of white vinegar.

While following a vegan diet may seem like a struggle at times, especially when you’re looking for alternatives to non-vegan ingredients that you have grown up eating, you can always find food alternatives that can offer the same amount of nutrients—or even more!

By leading a vegan lifestyle you’ll begin a journey of really educating yourself on what you consume and how it affects your body. Even Though it isn’t the most convenient diet to pursue, the amount of health benefits and nutritional value a vegan lifestyle can do to your life is definitely worth it.

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